Your Healthcare for the Future

If you’ve watched the news even once in recent weeks you’ve heard a great deal about a new healthcare bill that is said to “cure” our present flawed healthcare system. Perhaps you agree with most Americans that there needs to be changes in our present system in some ways, but taking away our freedom of choice for what we want in our own healthcare is not a democracy. We have the right as citizens of America, a country founded on the Constitution that gives us the freedom of choice, to decide what healthcare we wish to follow and how to provide for that service. What a sad state of affairs it would be if our government was allowed to choose if someone can receive a particular healthcare service, when and how much.

Beyond our freedom of choice presently provided by our Constitution is the freedom of choice our Creator gave us. We are born with that freedom and become empowered beings when we connect to our source and step into our own power. Even if an authority in our world removes our physical freedom or part of it, we can always keep our inborn freedom of choice. We can choose our thoughts and beliefs regardless of what anyone in our physical world forces us to do. We can make choices that raise us up or spiral us down, and become the victor instead of a victim.

There is nothing more important in this life than great health. Without it what do you really have? I have been on a mission for years to find the most effective, simplest, purest choices for vibrant health for myself and others. I battled illness and many physical disorders, always searching for answers. I didn’t receive help from the medical profession that brought me the results I wished to experience — good daily energy, anti-aging, flexibility and feeling good every day. Instead I received prescriptions for drugs to take away symptoms and suggestions for possible surgeries and procedures for relief. I tried some prescription drugs but found they were temporary and often gave me other unpleasant symptoms, and that didn’t feel good to me. I opted to bypass the suggested surgeries and procedures. Today, I thank God daily for my “gut” feeling that guided me into my choices because I have healed those disorders, not just covered them up with “band-aids” that would not have been a cure and may have caused other serious issues to arise. My goal continues to find a simple, easy, basic path to health even in the mature years, and then share my findings with all who wish to listen.

My thoughts, especially with the uncertainty of what will happen next in our country and our lives, are it is imperative that we become educated and responsible for our own health. We have the opportunity to become healthier than we’ve ever been before by making wiser choices, learning what’s good for us and what isn’t, and understanding some basic measures we can implement to restore and preserve our health. Although we will still want our healthcare system to work for us and have our best interests at heart, by making wiser informed choices we may be able to avoid the need for medical services, if not entirely, at least not as often. Although I strive for the most natural, simple, and pure way to heal anything, I do recognize that it may be necessary to use the medical profession at times.

In order to restore and preserve your health, it is critical that you pay attention to many aspects of health: diet, water, sunlight, sleep, exercise, toxicity, pH, and the magnetic field that is required to live on earth. You’ve probably read or heard much information about some or all of these things, and it could be you are confused due to various suggested protocols, all stating that program as the best one. But as I traveled my healing journey, I learned that the most important thing for me was to become educated and listen to my body so I could make the wisest choices for me. Having placed the intention for the simplest, best and easiest path to vibrant health to show up in my life, I wasn’t surprised when in popped the Bemer 3000!

I don’t become excited over technology like this normally, but this got my attention. Its main purpose is for microcirculation. Now microcirculation is referring to the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients into organs and cells where all the action is, and the release of toxic build-up that inhibits great health. Heart disease is the #1 killer in our country, and although doctors can create miracles in some people’s lives with procedures they implement, the one thing they, or any other health professional cannot do, is open the capillaries. What do the capillaries do? They are smaller than a hair strand yet provide life as they allow oxygen and nutrients to flow into cells so they can survive and thrive, and they release toxic waste so it can be eliminated. Death comes as a result of organ failure, and closed capillaries precipitate organ failure. In order to restore and maintain your health for many years so that you experience energy, vibrancy, a keen mind, and overall well-being, the Bemer could be your answer.

Just think about it a minute. You probably know of many supplements and programs to help people be healthy. Some people find benefits from them yet many do not. But no matter what you are doing, if the nutrients cannot reach the cells and organs and the toxins are stuck tight in those cells causing damage to your body, what good are they? I believe that we need some nutrients in our dietary regimen due to the pollutants, trans fats, preservatives, nutrient-depleted soil, chemicals and hormones found in our food choices, and the high amount of stress we experience in our daily lives, but in order to receive benefit from them they must enter the organs and cells to keep us healthy. The Bemer does that. It also stimulates bone growth, boosts the immune system, gives rapid recovery from injuries, enables better performance, combats stress, is anti-aging, and basically can benefit any organ or system in our body. Many people have given documented proof of this all over the world, and 60,000 hospitals in Europe have utilized the Bemer for over a decade with astounding success.

So now with the uncertainty of your healthcare for the future, it makes even more sense to do everything in your power to restore and preserve your health while focusing on preventing illness in the future. As a healthy individual, your use of the healthcare system could be minimal. We do desire a healthcare system that works for all citizens of our great country, but at the same time it is our responsibility to take care of our own health through education and wise choices. Perhaps the Bemer can help restore and preserve your health. To learn more give us a call at 404-319-3860, 770-663-3977 or visit or We want you to experience vibrant health for years to come!

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