Would You Like to Easily Avoid Serious Diseases Like Cancer?

Probably one of the most dreaded diagnoses to hear is the word cancer coming from your doctor’s mouth. Immediately a cloud of fear begins hovering over you as your thoughts may even turn to the possibility of eminent death from this often life-threatening disease. It is understandable that anyone would be terrified to hear the word cancer attached to them, and fear would be a natural reaction.

But what if you could actually remove the possibility of ever developing cancer or other similar serious diseases? Most people would jump at the chance to do that, especially if it’s easy to implement as I suggested in my title above. But first, let’s talk about why people develop cancer or many other serious and often life-threatening diseases, before we address a solution.

Cancerous cells are found in people’s bodies during their lifetime. But where the problem occurs is when the environment in a person’s body is conducive to allowing the cancer to grow and proliferate. What is it that causes cancer cells to live in the first place, then grow and multiply?

In 1931, Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg received the Nobel Prize for his work on the “Real Cause of Cancer.” He discovered this in 1923 when he was the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (now Max Planack Institute) for cell physiology in Berlin, Germany. In his work “The Metabolism of Tumours,” he demonstrated that all forms of cancer are characterized by two basic conditions: acidosis and hypoxia (lack of oxygen). He stated that lack of oxygen and acidosis are two sides of the same coin: where you have one, you have the other.

He further stated this: “Cancerous tissues are acidic whereas healthy tissues are alkaline.” He also said that “all normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen – a rule without exception. Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.”

This was discovered many decades ago, so why does cancer continue to be on the rise with so many diagnoses and deaths every year? And why are we finding such a surge in other serious and life-threatening diseases?

The answer is simple really – people are too acidic and lack enough oxygen. This is referred to as acidosis. An acidic environment within your body allows bacteria, viruses and disease to grow, for an acidic environment is needed for them to implant in your body. However, when your body is alkaline, they are unable to grow and are snuffed out without any effort on your part. This references your body’s pH – the norm being between 6.8 and 7.2. Most people are way below the normal mark, an indicator of their acidity.

What causes this? Diet, sedentary lifestyles, and stress are the contributors. People primarily ingest food and drink according to what looks and feels good to them, not what is actually good for them. They are often misled by the media and advertising, for these marketers know how to reach people’s emotional side and con them into thinking something is good to be consumed because of the feelings they invoke in the consumer. (Advertisers know how to use color, flavor, staging and emotions to “suck” you in) It’s all about profits, not your health. Processed foods loaded with chemicals; high fructose found in just about everything packaged and processed; harmful ingredients in most products including supplements; synthetic hormones, steroids and antibiotics added to meat, poultry and dairy products; even the water that runs through your pipes for drinking and bathing; the high stress in your life; and the dehydration prevalent in the majority of society are all contributors to keeping you acidic and low on oxygen, allowing you to become prime targets for developing a disease like cancer.

You might tell me that you drink lots of liquid every day, always fulfilling the quantity of 6-8 glasses per day as often stated as necessary for good health. Yet your health is far from where you want it to be I can imagine, and you may be afraid of what may appear on the horizon in years to come, especially as you age. So is it water you drink, or simply liquids? Here may be one problem. If you drink coffee, teas, fruit juice, sodas, alcohol or sports drinks, you are consuming liquids for sure, but they are actually causing dehydration in your body due to the sugar, fructose, chemicals, caffeine and toxic ingredients found in every one of the mentioned beverages. In addition, tap water and even bottled water are loaded with chemicals that do not hydrate you as your body needs. (Many bottled water companies, it has been proven, simply bottle tap water with the chemical taste removed without removing all the chemicals, then charge you plenty while misleading you into thinking you are drinking pure, healthy water) In addition, they are devoid of minerals and antioxidants, both of which are necessary for repairing and healing your body.

What composes your diet? Do you consume regular grocery store meat, packaged products like cookies, chips, pre-prepared meals, snack foods, deli meats and cheese, fast food, ice cream, pastries, etc? All of these are acidic – every one of them, and some more so than others. Everything you consume is acidic with the exception of vegetables, most fruits and raw almonds. Perhaps now you can see why cancer is booming everywhere. If the majority of your diet is acidic as well as your beverages, and you experience stress on a daily basis, well, how can you ever escape cancer and other diseases?

It is pretty impossible according to statistics as we know them, but many holistic professionals, who understand the importance and necessity of keeping your body alkaline rather than acidic, have provided many protocols to help your body achieve and maintain the proper alkaline pH. Although there are many excellent protocols out there like ingesting green drinks, vitamins, herbs and making your diet 75% vegetables and fruit with much of it raw, and although they may work if followed meticulously to help you become alkaline and even heal an illness, these steps can be extensive, time-consuming, expensive and possibly difficult. My goal has always been to find the simplest, easiest and purest means to be healthy that is possible while preventing disease and disorders in my body, and helping those who are on a similar path and seeking information for great health.

So although it is vital to address the food you consume and your stress level, I want to focus on one area that warrants your attention, and that is water. Did you know your body is composed of over 70% water? And did you further know that your brain is composed of over 90% water? This means that the majority of your body is made up of water and requires water daily to refill what it eliminates through perspiration and urination. It doesn’t require coffee, tea, soda, fruit juice, alcohol or sports drinks; it needs water.

You probably own a car. When you notice your gas gage nearing empty, like most of us you head to the gas station to fill up your tank. You could opt to fill it up with oil, even though you know it needs gas to run efficiently, but most likely you realize that oil would cause all kinds of problems and probably wouldn’t get you to where you needed to go, not to mention seriously messing up your car. So why do you think your body’s water tank wants anything other than water to refill what is required every day? And how can you expect it to run efficiently and get you where you want to go if you fill it with anything other than water?

But maybe you’re not convinced yet about the importance of water and being hydrated. You may say that water has no taste and you don’t like it – it’s boring and bland. You may even still believe that other beverages, which contain some water, have to be okay and count for liquid consumption to equal the 6-8 glasses often stated as the required daily intake. So let’s talk a minute about the effects of dehydration, which is always part of not enough water as well as not enough quality water.

Here are some of the issues that arise when you are dehydrated: fatigue, constipation, digestive problems, weight gain, autoimmune diseases like MS, premature aging, dry skin and hair, acne, foggy thinking, acid reflux, breathing difficulties, kidney problems, and much more.  I imagine one or two of these issues have been part of your life at some point, perhaps even now. But dehydration is only part of the problem. And how does this relate to our topic of avoiding cancer?

Drinking quality water has perks for sure. It can help in the eradication of the above mentioned disorders since drinking enough water helps to flush out toxins from the body. But we were discussing previously about acidosis and how an acidic internal environment in your body can allow cancer and other diseases to grow and take over your body. What if you could do one thing every day that would hydrate your body and provide an alkaline environment so that cancer could not grow in your body?

As I mentioned earlier, I believe vibrant health can be achieved with simplicity, ease and purity, and that has always been my goal. A few years ago I became acquainted with the Bemer 3000, a microcirculation device that provides a patented pulsing of the geomagnetic field of the earth required to exist on this planet, which allows your immune system to be activated for healing. The pulsed energy opens the capillaries so that your blood can flow and carry the much needed oxygen to your cells. It has helped many people heal as it has helped me with certain issues, but I knew there was something more needed for vibrant health. I continued to be drawn to investigate water as I know how essential it is to health. You probably know that you can live several weeks without food, but only a few days without water, which sure says how important water is for your body and health.

Recently alkaline water was again brought to my attention and the importance of using it for balancing your body’s pH. Although there is presently no one thing anyone can do to live a perfect, healthy life with a one-size-fits-all solution, most health experts and many mainstream doctors now agree that the best place to begin is by drinking alkaline water. Remember, you are over 70% water, so doesn’t it make sense to begin with the area of largest impact for quicker health improvement?

So what can alkaline ionized water do for you?

1- It is Super Hydrating. If your body is fighting to stay alkaline and you drink acidic water and beverages, the body will be unable to benefit from it. It will simply flush through the system, taking many alkaline minerals with it. But when using alkaline water, you are drinking mineral-rich water that the body craves, and you remain hydrated. Acidic water sits in the stomach and feels heavy as it sloshes around, whereas alkaline water is absorbed quickly and is routed to all cells, running through your skin as it should. This is real hydration!

2- It is Full of Antioxidants. Most people know that antioxidants destroy free radicals – your enemy. Just like a nail oxidizes and rusts, so does oxidation in your body cause aging. A free radical is a positively-charged hydrogen ion running amuck in your body, whereas ionized alkaline water provides negative-charged ions, the good guys. With alkaline water you feel younger, have more energy and sleep well waking refreshed.

3- It is great for pH Balancing. Most Americans have a difficult time following an alkaline diet with their fast-paced, busy lives. Personal taste will also cause most people to eat acidic food. By using alkaline water, it’s easy to neutralize the acidity in your body just by drinking the clean, smooth, pure water. Additionally, it is loaded with minerals, and it is known most people are deficient in minerals, yet minerals are what alkalinize the body.

Using alkaline water helps your body return to the normal pH range necessary for health because it provides all the minerals, trace minerals and antioxidants necessary for repairing and maintaining your health. When you first begin drinking this water, you may detox some as the acidity leaves your body. The symptoms should be mild and short-lived, and then you will begin noticing improvements like clearer thinking, more energy, better quality sleep, elimination of painful joints and better digestion. This is a sign that your body is returning to its natural alkaline state, thus restoring what we often refer to as homeostasis. (optimal, balanced health)

I had been on a healthy path for many years but felt there was still something I needed to pay attention to. We are continually bombarded with toxins of many varieties in our daily lives, so it is a constant process of releasing toxins and restoring harmony.

I’ve never thought great health is something obtained by taking handfuls of vitamins and herbs, although they are good at times for a specific concern for a limited time, and can do much good. Some may be good on a daily basis for overall health maintenance for a long period of time. However, I personally want to achieve vibrant health with simple, basic means, things that are most natural to our created nature. Of course it is vital to make wiser dietary choices and reduce your stress as we mentioned earlier.

So what are the benefits of being hydrated and alkaline? Cancer eliminated. More energy. Clearer thinking. Your skin can look younger, plumper, and retain its elasticity when it is hydrated properly; alkaline water can remove the toxins to clear your skin. You will be able to lose weight easier, have better elimination, eradicate joint pain and acid reflux, improve digestion, remove toxic build-up anywhere in your body, and improve or eliminate a host of other imbalances and disorders that you could experience. To me it’s a no-brainer as the easiest, simplest and most basic way to ensure our health now and for the future, and a definite solution for preventing cancer or other debilitating and life-threatening illnesses.

Sure, we are all going to die one day, but why not live fully and healthy until you do? And what price is there for great health? For most people it’s at the top of their list, for truthfully, what else matters if you don’t have your health? Sure, you can be wealthy, have a lot of material possessions, be blessed with a wonderful spouse, have a successful career, but can you really enjoy these things if your health is poor? You and I both know the answer.

So if I’ve convinced you that drinking mineral-rich alkaline water is of great benefit for you and you want to learn more about it, what next? One of the problems is to know which system of water is the best quality and will bring you the best results for the best price. There are multiple systems available, but all are not equal. I am committed to researching facts about various ones and trying the water of different systems. When I have gathered factual information that I feel will be of benefit to you in making your own choice, I will share it with you. In Japan and Korea, where many people live beyond 100 years old with less disease than we experience, 1 out of 6 families have a water ionizer in their home. Russia and India use minerals added to their water and likewise often live past 100 years free from so much disease. It seems the USA needs to catch up with what many other countries know is beneficial to their health.

Weigh the cost of using this alkaline water and even the Bemer 3000 against years of purchasing and taking bottles of supplements, visiting doctors and taking medication, feeling poorly with the risk of developing a serious disease, and the solution is very simple and easy! Watch for my researched findings about different alkaline water solutions before the end of 2011!

I invite you to visit www.wheremiracleshappen.com for more information on the Bemer 3000, and other information such as articles and products to help you experience vibrant health!

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