Unleashing the Power of Your Thoughts

Recently I had the opportunity to speak to a group about this topic and have been guided to share some of these thoughts with you – the one reading this now. The topic is of great importance since most people do not realize fully or even at all how much power they have over their lives.

You were born with incredible power, and that power is the power of choice. With this power you get to make any choice you wish, but you also will receive the result of that choice. Some people refer to this as karma, some cause and effect, and some say you reap what you sew. All are correct because they all represent how energy vibrations work.

You are 99.9999 % energy, which means the form you see in the mirror – your body – is less that even ½ percent. When you think about it that is quite incredible, isn’t it? While living on this planet everything we see seems to be very real and in much form, yet beyond that form is the composition of the real thing – mainly energy. Energy is continually moving and picking up more of the same like energy, and whatever energy it picks up continues to gain momentum and size, like a snowball rolling down a snowy hill. It may have been small enough for you to hold in your hand at the onset, but at the bottom of the hill you cannot lift it due to the accumulation of more snow, and it certainly will not fit into your hand.

Every thought you think is loaded with energy, but once you add emotions (feelings) to it, it becomes real. Emotions are simply energy in motion, and those feelings you feel about your thought are what creates your reality because those feelings collect more of the same vibrations as they travel around the universe.

There are two vibrational levels of energy, either positive or negative. A negative vibration sent out from your thought and feeling cannot – a scientific fact – ever create a positive outcome. Think of a boomerang. You toss it up into the air but in no time at all it comes right back to you. The same is true with your energy: negative thoughts and feelings produce negative outcomes while positive thoughts and feelings produce positive life experiences. All negativity is fear- based and all positivity is love-based. That means you have only two emotions in this world, ones that express from love or those that express from fear. And the amazing thing is that the universe supports whatever energy you send out by giving you back life experiences that validate that energy.

As a life coach, I very often ask my client during our first session this question, ‘What does your ideal life look like?” To my amazement, most individuals reply that they have no idea. So I’m wondering how they ever expect to receive the desires of their heart if they don’t know what they are! Thus I am asking you right now, “What would you like your life to be like?” You may not realize it, but you actually have been given the opportunity to create it as you want it to be through your personal inborn power of the freedom of choice, but of course you have to know what it is you want so you can choose it.

Perhaps you want your finances to change for the better, or maybe you’re wishing for a soulmate relationship. Are you dreaming of a particular job/career but think it impossible to obtain? Could your health stand improvement or do you dream of moving into a beautiful home that you also believe is impossible for you? You can have these things if you really want them, but here’s where it gets difficult for humans. The Key: You have to become what it is you want!

So here’s how it works. It’s quite simple in concept, just difficult to complete unless you “get it!” So let’s discuss how this really can work for you.

Finances: Perhaps you are living above your means so downsizing a bit is required. That means you will make changes so that you are no longer living by default, in other words, you have chosen to become the cause rather than the effect of your choices. But along with this choice, you must step into a prosperity consciousness instead of lingering in a scarcity consciousness. What does this mean? It means recognizing you are already abundant (which you are) and saying “Thank you” to God for all you already have. It also means focusing on the truly important things like your spouse/partner, family, job you already have, roof over your head, food to eat, etc. Once you shift into recognizing the blessings of abundance already in place in your life, you shift your energy vibrations from the lower vibrations of scarcity into the higher vibrations of prosperity so that you can create more of it!

So as you shift your energy into a prosperity consciousness, you are becoming what you want. Get it?

Soulmate Relationship: Once again, if you want to attract a soulmate into your life (something so many of my clients tell me they dream of), you must become what you want! How do you do this? Make a list of what you want in a soulmate. Read the list and see what things you don’t do well or don’t do at all. Then begin working on those until you master them, otherwise you will attract someone where you presently are instead of what you desire.

Here’s an example from my life. Over a decade ago I wrote down my list and knew that out of 19 qualities there were 4 that needed work. I had put on my list for a man who had a great sense of humor and enjoyed life. But I wasn’t doing that and certainly wasn’t laughing very much, so I began working on enjoying life alone. I actually learned to do this and enjoyed even being by myself, and amazingly, opened to a new sense of humor. It took some time – over two years – but my soulmate showed up! So you see, I had to become what I was asking for in order to attract him to me. That’s the secret and is the only way to truly attract your heart’s desire. And one thing needed along the way is lots of patience – something many of us need to work on!

What it takes to allow this process to unfold in your life is faith – faith in the unknown. As humans, we usually want to control everything and make it happen on our time schedule and according to our plans, but that’s not how God or the universe works. And oftentimes a person doesn’t see any way a dream can manifest into reality so gives up on the dream. Let me share a story of a client of mine. I’m going to call her Maria.

Maria came to me very depressed, tired of her corporate job and wanting something new in her life. As we talked I asked her what she really wanted in her life – what her ideal life would look like. She smiled and shared she really wanted to own a ranch and horse farm, but went on to say there was no way because she didn’t have much money and had no way to make it happen. She also wanted to be married and have a couple children, but no one special was in her life. So I asked her if she was willing to place an intention for that dream out to the universe, and she agreed. Then I suggested that before her next session, she call various ranches or horse farms in the area and see if she could volunteer on a weekend – no pay – just to learn about a horse farm. (She had ridden horses as a child and always loved them). She agreed to call.

Next week she came in all excited because she found one ranch which was happy to have a volunteer, and even though she’d be doing the jobs most people didn’t want to do, she was open to begin. Months went by and she did so well the ranch hands trained her for other jobs, and she was well liked due to her happy nature; she was also being paid for her work then. Because she was doing something she loved, she was happy even keeping her regular job for now.

Maria had noticed a nice young man who came to the ranch from time to time. Apparently he had noticed her too because one day he asked her out for a date. They dated, fell in love, and eventually got married. And guess what he owned – a ranch with many horses!!! So although she had no resources to ever purchase a horse farm or ranch according to her belief, her solution came when she placed the intention for this dream to manifest and left it up to God to work out the details. (This is called – Let go and let God) She also took a step toward that dream when she volunteered to help at that ranch, showing God and the universe she really wanted that dream!

So never discount your power and the potential of creating your dreams into reality. Everything is possible if you let go of trying to force it into happening. One thing you might want to do is create your dream box. (Some call it a God Box or a Manifestation Box) Write down each of your desires and place in the box. Read them over anytime you want. As they come true, remove and throw away. You can add new ones whenever or take out ones that you no longer want. Place your box where you can see it every day – the visual makes it more of a reality – because it reminds you to focus on your dream.

So believe in the power you were born with, the incredible power of choice that enables you to make wonderful choices for your life if you truly want them. Your thoughts must align with the feelings of that dream so that you become what you want to attract. Anytime you find yourself doubting yourself or your power, especially when you cannot see anything that resembles that dream appearing yet in your life, bring your focus back to what you want and shift back to that higher vibration. This is truly how you use the power of your thoughts and feelings to create the reality of your life. And don’t forget that patience is definitely a virtue and most assuredly you will need to cultivate as you wait for God’s timing!


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    Thank you! This message was right on time. Now comes the fun part; picturing, feeling, manifesting my ideal life!

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