The Healing Codes system is actually a 3,000 year old system. King Solomon, known today for his wisdom and understanding of human nature, said that a person should guard their heart above everything else, because from it flows all the issues of life. Dr Alex Loyd, developer of this system, believes that the heart is the seat of our spirit, our conscience, and our unconscious and subconscious mind.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a Stanford biologist, may have been the first person to identify these spiritual heart issues from a scientific perspective. His work shows that over 90% of what affects our thoughts, feelings and actions can be attributed to unconscious memories stored in our bodies. Southwestern Medical School calls them cellular memories. These memories contain wrong beliefs about ourselves, others, life and God, and these wrong beliefs create physiological stress. With enough stress over enough time, something physical is often the first thing to give, and health problems often result. Dr. Lipton goes on to say that if you can heal the wrong beliefs, even genetic illness and disease can heal.

It is appropriate for anyone with a physical issue to see a doctor. It is also appropriate to look for the cause of the physical issue and heal the cause. The Healing Codes address the spiritual issues that underlie physical and emotional issues, and in doing so they remove the stress that is the cause of most illness and disease. The Healing Codes are a system of spiritual healing.

If you do The Healing Codes as described in the manual, your own immune system will be enabled to heal you as it is intended to do, while your physiological stress level decreases. This statement is based on the extensive results reported to Dr. Loyd by those who have put The Healing Codes to work for them. Dr. Loyd’s wife suffered from depression for many years and nothing medical or alternative healed her, but after these codes came to Dr. Loyd from God, and she used them, she was finally able to heal completely in just a short time. Another doctor, Dr. Ben Johnson, was healed of his Lou Gehrig’s disease, a disease that is considered incurable.

In order for The Healing Codes system to work for you, however, you must apply it. The responsibility for doing so is yours alone. If someone gave you a gift of millions of dollars, but you never went to the bank to claim your money, you would never benefit from this gift. Please use this gift of The Healing Codes.

The Healing Codes only treat the destructive pictures of the heart and are intended to be used only as directed. Sporadic or non-committal use of Codes may slow the picture-healing process. No one is advised to discontinue or avoid medical or psychological consultations. The Healing Codes theory and practice are based on experiences.

Dr. Ben Johnson believes that we are now beginning to comprehend and use energy in ways that were only imagined in the past, and which are returning us to a greater understanding of our bio-energetic nature. The Healing Codes has made a bold leap into the realm of spiritual energy healing. It has avoided the mysticism that usually surrounds such therapies. It is philosophically and scientifically sound. It is as old as creation and as new as the latest physics. And as Dr. Ben says, “Not to mention that it works. I’m living proof of it!” – Dr Ben was healed completely of his Lou Gehrig’s disease in three months by using The Healing Codes system, and has remained free of this disease since March, 2004, even though there is no known cure for this disease!

Disclaimer: The Healing Codes techniques are self-help techniques used for balancing bio-energetic systems, relaxation, and stress reduction, but are not intended as a substitute for medical care. Consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to your health. The FDA has not evaluated this information and no curative claims are made.