The Five Steps to Vibrant Health

For many years I have been researching, studying and investigating what truly creates great health. My goal has been to achieve vibrant health and maintain that state until I take my last breath. I want to enjoy every moment of life and live it to the max, and vibrant health is certainly a top contributor for that experience.

Most individuals with whom I talk say they want this too, yet many make no attempt to find out what the constituents are for great health. After these individuals listen to what others tell them, and if you’ve paid attention to what’s being said in traditional or alternative healthcare, there are almost as many theories as there are people. For that very reason, I decided years ago that if I wanted to experience vibrant health throughout the remaining years of my life it would be up to me to search until I found answers. My journey took me through years of symptoms, the surfacing of illness that took five years to heal, a continuous battle with adrenal fatigue, until in recent months I uncovered information that for the first time makes complete sense.

Great health should be simple to experience, yet few do. Why? Preservatives; sugar; processed everything; trans fats; fast food; pesticide-laden produce and grains; chemicals in food, water, environment; overuse of prescription drugs; fillers in vitamins; rushed living; stress; sedentary lifestyle, stored anger, guilt, low self-worth and the list could go on for pages. Life has become complicated, busy, stressful and physical disorders continue to rise in record amounts. Many do not take the time to search for what is healthy or not, they simply listen to the mainstream advertising and follow the crowd. Following the crowd will not allow you to discover vibrant health.

After years of searching, and although emotional issues, beliefs and old patterns must be addressed, I believe these are the five physical steps to vibrant health. They are:

  1. Restore your body to an alkaline pH;
  2. Normalize hormone balance;
  3. Detoxify the body;
  4. Eliminate chronic infections;
  5. Rejuvenate all body systems.

Let’s examine each one of these steps.

A normal pH reading should be between 6.4 and 7.0. It should be the first urine specimen of the day taken after 5 am using the testing strips that are for this purpose. Lower than 6.4 indicates acidosis, a state of distress and dysregulation due to lack of sufficient minerals that are needed to carry out the thousands of basic cellular functions. Above 7.0 it becomes too alkaline. When acidic you are a prime target for manifesting disease because acidity lowers your immune response and you are wide open for illness to surface. Meat, sugar, processed foods, dairy, grains and breads are all acidic and produce an environment in which cancer can thrive. Basically, anything other than fresh vegetables and fruit are acidic – vegetables and fruit should be the largest part of your diet for you to be healthy. A minimum of 5-8 vegetables should be consumed every day plus a little fruit. But look at what’s on people’s plates and you’ll understand why so many people are acidic, and therefore an open target for ailments and disease to manifest.

To re-establish a more favorable pH, there are several things that can help. In addition to altering your diet and consuming more vegetables, especially the dark colored ones, it could be good to utilize a green drink, aloe powder, marine coral minerals and pure cod liver oil. Other options are also available to achieve favorable pH.

The second step is to normalize hormone balance. Hormones literally run your body, making them part of every function in your body. They are found in your pituitary gland, adrenals, thyroid and of course the sex glands, but the hormonal imbalance found in the adrenal glands has reached epidemic proportions, commonly known as adrenal fatigue.

The stressors that occur in life today have contributed to this major problem, and the stress has many faces: anxiety; finances; diet; toxic environment; overuse of prescription drugs; chemicals; pollution in food, water, home, workplace; structural misalignment, and then negative thinking and behavior. So responding differently to life’s stressors as well as changing your lifestyle habits are necessary to balance your hormones. Additionally, it is necessary to nourish the adrenals and all glands with nutrients that boost and balance the hormone production if you want to experience vibrant health.

Support is often necessary for multiple glands at the same time. Working with the adrenals is a good place to begin, then address the thyroid and sex hormones. Using plant precursors that enable your body to produce what it needs rather than give it the replacement hormone and risk shut down of production is best. A great deal of information can be found in my articles on adrenal fatigue at

Step three says it is necessary to detoxify the body. Too often health practitioners begin a detox process before a person is ready. If the adrenals are depleted for instance, detoxing can further deplete them due to their weakness. It is better to wait until hormonal balance has been restored so that the individual can handle it without burdening the body. The kidneys, intestines and liver are the main filter systems so they always need to be addressed in the detox protocol. It is important to proceed with heavy metal, lymphatic and deep cellular detoxification as well. Juicing vegetables in a juicer regularly — the green and dark colored ones particularly — can greatly assist in a body detox as can the FAR infrared sauna. Both of these go deep at the cellular level where hidden toxins reside and need to be released.

Step four eliminates chronic infections. Any infection undermines health, and if chronic it creates a never-ending cycle that lowers immune function. Candida and parasite infections are found in the colon, and infections can also be found in teeth, bones, sinuses, stomach and literally occur anywhere in the body. According to research done at U.C. Irvine and University of Pennsylvania, most chronic illness is really due to infection, and often it is hidden. Digestive enzymes are usually part of the healing program and frequently Betaine HCL is needed. It is known that as many people approach the age of 40 their enzymes have reduced due to improper diets and eating habits, but this enzyme imbalance can occur even in children. Digestion then becomes impaired. Add chronic infection with resulting lowered immune response and you can easily see why health declines. It stands to reason that locating and eliminating the chronic infection is imperative for health to return or be maintained.

It is vital to rejuvenate the body with restorative supplements and assistance for optimal health. Using high quality supplementation is a must. Make sure you read labels and do not use any product that has fillers and binders in it. Examples of these are magnesium stearate, calcium stearate or any stearate, names you cannot read, dyes, etc. In fact, your best choice is to have nothing added and the capsules should be vegetable cellulose rather than gelatin. Gelatin is animal derived and the vibrational energy of animals is lower than human vibrations. It makes better sense to use plants – a match vibrationally to humans to experience the highest level of health. Some of the following supplements are known to be valuable when restoring the body to vibrant health, but always remember that each person is unique and no protocol works for everyone. Try liquid B vitamins, greens, EFA’s, pure protein powder (whey or brown rice), minerals, immune boosters, digestive enzymes, vitamin C for repair and various hormone balancers may be needed like natural progesterone cream. Always go for organic!

Although there are many ideas and theories out in the world of alternative health, there is no one program that works for everyone. But the steps I’ve mentioned above have proved over and over to be important for restoring and revitalizing health. Various approaches may be used to support a particular program, but be wary of anything that doesn’t offer some results in short order. Since each of us is a unique individual, you may have to do some detective work to discover what is perfect for you. One thing I know for sure, taking wheelbarrows full of supplements is never the answer. When there is imbalance within your body, you cannot process large amounts of supplements, especially in the case of adrenal fatigue. Your program should supply a few necessary restorative supplements that nourish and strengthen your body. The less is best principle is usually the best route. Health is meant to be simple. To achieve vibrant health you will need to make lifestyle changes that enhance your health, and it most probably will mean leaving the crowd behind.

Remember that we are multi-dimensional beings and as Deepak Chopra references, the mental universe will leave tracks in the physical realm. Rest assured that any physical disorder or illness must include working on negative issues in the emotional realm for vibrant health to occur. I totally believe that vibrant health can be achieved when an individual believes it can be done and is willing to do the work to experience it!

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