Star Struck

About fifteen years ago, a friend and I decided it was time to get away from families, friends and work for a few days and go to the beach. We traveled to Seagrove, FL, where I did some book-signings in various bookstores as part of the vacation. (Yes, I realize that was sort of work, but more like fun when promoting and selling my books) School had begun for most kids so the beach was much more quiet with only a few people milling around. So we decided we’d lie in the sand on our backs and view the night sky. But we weren’t prepared for what we saw.

In the darkness of the night sky, the vast array of twinkling stars lit up that sky like we had never seen before. Neither of us could speak as we laid there, taking this wonderment in. For a moment, I actually couldn’t breathe it was so magnificent. It was difficult to grasp the vastness of the sky and I couldn’t begin to comprehend how many stars were twinkling down at us. Nothing blocked our view; everything was wide open with no obstructions as we find in the cities where we lived.

We saw the Milky Way and other constellations, and even saw a shooting star speed across the sky. But most amazing to me was the way I was feeling. I knew at that moment I was one with the universe and its energy that I so often spoke about to many different audiences. It was a real moment, not just something I talked about as knowledge I had learned; I was experiencing it!

As I experienced the knowing of being part of our magnificent universe and its energy, I realized all those stars were beacons of light. Since I knew I was part of that universal energy, it meant I am also light. That realization embraced me for the first time with an actual knowingness of my true self – composed of light and love. This was truly one of those epiphanies that we can experience from time to time in our lives. I was definitely star-struck!

Whether you’ve ever noticed the stars in a night sky before and felt what I felt, they are there shining brightly every night somewhere in this world, even if behind clouds. And whether you’ve ever thought about it previously, you are full of the same light that shines from the stars in the darkness of the night sky. You are a magnificent being who is one with universal energy that flows and moves throughout our universe every moment of every day, and you have the capability of shining your light for all to see.

So often individuals get caught up in all their earthly experiences of maintaining their life here in this world that they forget they are actually filled with the same light that shines from the stars to light the way for those who find themselves in darkness. With all the obstructions in our living environment, it’s even difficult to understand the vastness and miraculous beauty of a star-filled nighttime sky.

So how do you shine your light for others to see? Light is a positive as is love, so anything that speaks of love is also of light. Expressing love and light can take many forms: kindness, compassion, appreciation, acceptance, understanding, caring, forgiveness, supporting, encouraging, listening, and much more. These expressions can be something very small – like a smile or a kind word – or something much bigger – as in helping out a family in financial need or being there for someone struggling with challenges. But even that simple smile or kind word, that took no effort on your part, may be the one thing that brightened that person’s day and put their mindset in a much better place.

Even if you cannot view a wide-open sky as I did at the beach that night, take a few minutes to view a night sky and think about how related and connected you are to those beautiful shining stars above. Then take a few more minutes to absorb the realization that you are full of that same light that shines from those stars, and can now share your light with the world. It’s really a beautiful thing to understand, but sometimes we need a visual to remind us of our incredible light and our mission here on earth to share it.

So why not be a star and shine your light, for that is what you are meant to do in this life!

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