Spiritual Life Coaching

Coaching became one of the fastest growing professions a few years ago and remains a viable, fulfilling and rewarding profession today. It rose to stardom as a profession when individuals realized that a trained professional, who wasn’t in the middle of their problematic situation, could better guide them to a solution as an observer.

Many coaches differentiate themselves as either a personal life coach or a business/corporate coach. In my work I realized that since businesses consist of individuals, it is necessary to “fix” the person before you can “fix” the business.

So what is a spiritual life coach? A coach is simply a guide who can help you see new ways of viewing your life, but a spiritual life coach addresses all aspects of the person — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Since we are multi-dimensional beings, it only makes sense that all areas be addressed because wholeness cannot occur without harmony in all dimensions. The most important aspect of spiritual life coaching is the heart connection.

Many coaches train in programs that focus on the mind: see your mistakes and learn from them, set new goals, and work hard to obtain your goals. But sometimes these people have emotional blocks that keep them stuck in old patterns and beliefs so that they don’t obtain their goals. Or even if they figure out a few blocks and feel they have released them, they are unable to move forward as they wish.

Through my years of personal study and my own experiences, along with working with clients, I came to understand how to really make lasting changes in a person’s life that has the potential to propel them forward and create an extraordinary life. It can only be accomplished in the heart because that is where love is. Fear-based thoughts do not produce positive outcomes because vibrations from thoughts can only return what was put forth, yet most of society operates through fear. My first objective as a spiritual life coach is to help an individual understand their essence is love and in order to create the life they truly want to live, they must go back to their base of love and become that love. When love is the foundation, positive change is inevitable because only love heals.

Since it is widely known that low self-worth runs rampant throughout our country and the world, understanding self-love has to be a base on which to build any future. Psychologists often state that low self-worth is the main reason people seek them out for help. So it becomes an absolute necessity that any individual who wants to make any change in their life needs to realize their Creator’s gift to them — the inborn power of choice, commonly referred to as free will. Equally important is the knowledge of your magnificence, not because you must do something to prove you are worthy, but just being who you are.

This is where it breaks down for most individuals due to programming to the contrary that says they must do something to be worthy. Simply accept your divine heritage and know you have the power to create the life of your choosing.

While it is important to use the mind to uncover past buried pain and hurt and then release it, to set new goals and work hard to achieve them, a person’s heart must be in alignment with their purpose or goals. I’ve found that service to others must be part of the equation, and although income is a vital and necessary exchange for service, money cannot be the focus, only the end result.

If you are stumbling around in your life, I invite you to contact one of our certified spiritual life coaches at Where Miracles Happen so you can receive the guidance you need which can enable you to create the life of your dreams. You can visit www.wheremiracleshappen.com for more information about our coaches.

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of becoming a spiritual life coach but haven’t taken the step yet to bring that dream into reality. Then let me acquaint you with the Life Skills Coaching Program, a three-day training with certification that teaches you how to become a dynamic coach who is able to touch into the hearts of their clients, the only place real change can happen. Our next training is July 24-26, 10 to 6 daily. You’ll be given the necessary tools for spiritually based coaching and perform multiple sessions as both coach and client. You’ll be ready to begin a new path as a coach once the training has been completed. If this speaks to your heart, then take the step into making your dream come true and call to register or for more information: 770-354-9285. People need your help!


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