Something Old, Something New

2009 is fast closing in on us. It’s old and time to let it go for good. Perhaps it was a difficult year for you as it has been for many people. But the exciting thing is that in just days a whole new year will begin and it brings with it hope for a new and promising future.

Often individuals hang onto things of the past, remaining in hurt, pain and anger because of something they won’t let go of. This is sad because these past grievances and pains hold the person back from moving into exciting and happy days ahead. The only one who suffers is the one holding onto the negative feelings — the “victim”.

Perhaps it’s time for you to let go of something you’re holding onto. Or maybe it’s time to let go of a relationship that is holding you back. Are you stuck in beliefs that no longer serve your highest good? Are you resisting change and forward movement? Are you afraid to step up to the plate and do it? Until you let go of the old the new cannot enter your life!

As this year closes out, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could literally detach from all the damaging thoughts, beliefs, pain and hurt that have been hanging like a noose around your neck for some time, perhaps even years, and let them all go? You can! Ask God to help you release these unwanted weights and let them go. You could write down on a piece of paper all the unwanted negative experiences, behaviors and thoughts that come to your mind, or several pieces of paper for that matter, then burn that list as you release them. A great time to do this is New Year’s Eve as the year officially closes out. Burn them up and begin a new path in 2010 — get rid of the old and welcome the new!

Okay, so you let go of all those negative thoughts, beliefs, pain, behavior, and so forth, so now what? Put on your creative hat and let’s get creating. You must now replace the old with new. If you don’t replace what you released with something new and positive, the old patterns will slowly creep back into your life.

What is it you want your life to look like? Have you ever really thought about this? Perhaps you have thought about this many times but what you want to show up never or rarely does. You are a very powerful being, and every single thought you have, good or bad, creates. This means that if you think about the year past and any negative things that occurred for you, and worry they might reappear in 2010, then you will probably create them. It is imperative that you decide what you want to create and then focus on that alone, not anything from before. Every experience in your life is preceded by your own creative thought!

But as humans we have been programmed to do things a certain way and it becomes a habit, and we know habits are sometimes hard to break. However, it’s a perfect opportunity to begin breaking your negative habits and create new positive ones. One effort of releasing the old patterns will most likely not be sufficient. Being creatures of habit as I mentioned already, we often release something then take it right back. So at first it might seem a formidable task to release what you don’t want. Perseverance! Put that word at the top of your list of most used words because it will have to become ingrained as part of you. It will take repeated effort to change your patterns and habits and perseverance is what it takes to happen.

Here’s another list for you. On or close to New Year’s Day, sit down quietly with no interruptions and think about what you want 2010 to look like. Think about what you’d like to achieve, where you want to live and with whom, what your career should look like, how much income you want to create, and think about things like happiness, joy, peace, abundance, and fulfillment, and how it relates to what you want.

You see, the only way you can create your dreams is to sit quietly and create them. Then imagine what it would feel like to be living in that dream. The feelings bring it to life and are a significant aspect of the manifestation of any dream. Without the feelings it is only a daydream, but with feeling the dreams come alive and can manifest into reality.

Whatever you want you can create! So as you think about something old and something new, decide right now to let go of all the things that are standing in your way of becoming who you truly are meant to be. Step into the new, alive and free to live the life you have just imagined!

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