The Aura Exploration Patch (AEP) is a small one inch round patch containing bio resonant energy to restore the body’s energy system. A patch contains a field of energy which is placed on the left side of the body. People with the same health problem will have the same energy patterns missing, or very depleted. The AEP system allows the body to bring back these energies to what is considered a normal level – the level found in healthy people. This is the concept of homeopathy expanded to 21st century products.

The AEP are non-transdermal and their primary goal is to introduce energy frequencies that are only beneficial for the body. They don’t program any energy into the patch that does not normally occur because this energy is supposed to be there, and the patches provide a delivery system of a pure energy field.

Each patch is a round patch with a multi-wave oscillator imprinted on it. Its roundness allows for a clockwise healthy energy flow. The multi-wave oscillator provides a tremendously efficient delivery of energetic frequencies. Patches are designed to be worn for 30-90 days with a few patches needed for longer time.

The sleeve that encases the patches is programmed with the same frequency of the patch. This acts as an energy card to be placed underneath food or drink for 45 seconds to complement the patch being worn. Energy card lasts around 30 days.

The pet tags are connected to the pet’s collar with full instructions included with each tag.

The patches, tags and cards are programmed in devices which block any EMR/EMF frequencies from entering the patches. This allows them to be very pure.

The Energy cards can be worn for a short period of time as needed or placed nearby – they do not need to be worn to be effective. different ones can be used during one day as the need arises.

Below is the list of Primary and Advanced Patches. For more information or to order, call 770-354-9285 or email Primary patches start at $29.95 for a 30-day supply and range up to $50.00 The new Energy cards are $70.00 per card, but remember, they will last for at least 3 years so are quite cost-effective!

If you desire more information about these energy products ad how they work, please feel free to contact met at 770-354-9285. I would be happy to help you grasp the benefits of these amazing products!


Anti-Aging – helps to raise hormone production, Hgh, DHEA
Athletic Training support
Bacteria/Colds – bacterial infections, strept, staph, pneumonia
Candida Plus – fungal infestations, candida, yeast, vaginal, nail and athletes foot
Circulation and Plaque – healthy arteries, dissolves plaques and calcifications slowly in arteries and teeth
Digestive Aid – any digestive problems
Energy and Alertness – physical and mental stamina, higher levels of concentration
Enzymes Data Base – perfect for diabetics, regulates hypoglycemia and blood sugars
Female Hormonal Balance – PMS, bloating, menstrual discomfort, libido, hot flashes
Fibroids – uterine
FLU Seasonal – rapid anti-viral – relives headaches, sore throat, body & joint pain
FLU – Non-seasonal – energetically addresses newer flu viruses – vomiting, diarrhea, aches and pains
Gluten Sensitivity
Health Plus – longevity, Hgh, pH balance, anti-oxidants, compliments all other patches
Incontinence Support
Joint Care – swollen joints, arthritis, pain in connective tissue, bone degeneration
Liver Brain Connection – chronic fatigue, EB virus, hepatitis, Fibromyalgia
Lyme Regimen – Lyme and Parkinson diseases
Male Energy Aid – improve semen, libido, stronger erections, prostate health
Memory Recall – short term and long term memory, helps ADD, ADHD and Alzheimer’s
Organ Cleanse – detoxifies environmental toxins, heavy metals and poisons
OL Extract – Herpes, Shingles
Pain-Tens Relief – headache, pain, trauma, migraine, etc. Place directly on pain area.
Parasite Elimination – parasites, worms, viruses, bacteria, fungus, amoebas
Scar Solution – Reduces scarring during or after surgery – old or new scars – breast implants
Seasonal Allergies – Seasonal and food allergies, even airborne
Skin and Hair Enhancement – Reduces wrinkles, improves skin tightness, healthy hair, psoriasis
Sleep Aid – relaxes and re-educates body in natural sleep rhythm
Stress/Anxiety Relief – increases coping skills for stress, anxiety and depression. Increases feelings of joy.
Viruses – energetically addresses hard to diagnose viral infections
Vision Clarity – cataracts, glaucoma, floaters, restores natural energy of eyes
Weight Loss Support – and aid to weight loss, 5 different fat burners, detoxifies organs, better lymphatic function, reduces appetite, reduces bloating

Advanced Patches:

Acne Relief – cleanses skin and targets bacteria
Adult Concentration and Focus – improves concentration and memory
Advanced Eye focus – increases flexibility of crystalline optical lens inside the eye
Advanced Stress Relief – very quick response for coping with stress, anxiety and depression
Anti-craving Support – relieves cravings for smoking, drinking, sugar containing products
Athletic Training Support – helps protect joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and reduces inflammation
Arthritis – addresses inflammation of joints
Asthma – helps reduce flare-ups and symptoms
Bronchitis – complimentary to all therapies for lungs’ and bronchial passages
Cellulite Reduction – contains 5 different fat burners, helps lymphatic function
Children’s concentration and focus – helps cope with the mental health challenges and stress in children
Dust and mold – addresses symptoms such as coughing, difficulty breathing, itching, eye redness, sneezing
Fractures and Sprains – Assists in healing of bone fractures and sprains, reduces edema
Good Night’s Sleep – retrains body to restore normal cycle. One patch lasts 7 nights
Hair Stimulation – encourages hair growth by stimulating hair follicles
Hashimoto’s Disease – addresses inflammation of thyroid gland
Hypertension – reduces the force of blood pressure against artery walls
Immune System Support – activates immune system
Kidney-Adrenal-Thyroid Support – supports these organs
Leptin ReceptorCompliments weight loss diet plans
Master Restoration – for the entire body, supports all therapies
Migraine – addresses symptoms of migraines
Multiple Sclerosis – energetically addresses balances and coordination
Muscle Repair – aids in healing of damage to muscles, tendons and ligaments
Mycoplasma – energetically treats many types of Mycoplasma
Neuropathy – designed to energetically address Neuropathy
Parkinson’s disease – intended to energetically slow down the progression and symptoms
Sciatica – address pain and inflammation
Scoliosis – address different types of Scoliosis

Pet Tags:

Allergies – relieves canine and feline allergic reactions
Arthritis Pet – addresses inflammation and pain
Bacterial Infection – restores and support against bacterial infections
Biofilm Tens – energetically eliminates bio-films
Brain Alert – addresses grey matter of pets suffering from brain disorders
Circulation and Plaque – energetically addresses circulation plus tartar and plaque on teeth
Detoxification – detoxes toxins such as mercury, lead, arsenic, formaldehyde and more
Diabetic Aid – helps pet function more efficiently
Digestion Relief – addresses gastronomical problems in pets like acid reflux and indigestion
Flea and Tick Protectors – protects from fleas and ticks
Fractures and Sprains – reduces inflammation and edema
Fungus/Candida – energetically addresses fungus and yeast infections
Health Support – a general wellness therapy
Incontinence – strengthens Sphincter Muscles
Joint Therapy – addresses swollen joints, painful connective tissue, sprains and injuries
Lyme Disease – addresses Lyme Disease
Obesity = multifaceted to detox organs, balance thyroid and help lymphatic system
Pain Relief – relieves pain, trauma and acute injury, inflammation, edema and bio-film
Parasite Infestation – eliminates parasite infection
Rejuvenation – addresses all major organs
Scar Inhibitor – reduces scar tissue formation from surgery
Stress and Anxiety – effective in any kind of stress related environment
Travel Sickness – relieves symptoms
Vision Aid – addresses a wide array eye problems – retinal inadequacies, glaucoma and cataracts

Metaphysical Patches:

Aura: Spiritual Connection – contains highest frequency of crown chakra, helps you “tune-in”
Aura: Balance – balances auric fields
Aura: Blockage and Tear – helps repair tears and remove blocks
– addresses gonads, adrenals and spinal column – governs survival, power, motivation and pleasure
Chakra 2: Sacral – addresses spleen, kidneys, bladder and governs sexuality, work, motivation , creativity and joy
Chakra 3: Solar Plexus – addresses adrenals, pancreas, liver, stomach, nervous system and bladder – governs thoughts, opinions and judgments
Chakra 4: Heart – addresses heart, thymus and circulatory system – governs love, compassion, unconditional acceptance
Chakra 5: Throat – addresses thyroid and lungs – governs communication, expression of thoughts and feelings
Chakra 6: Brow – addresses pituitary gland – governs ESP, individual consciousness
Chakra 7: Crown – addresses pineal gland – connects to God or Higher Intelligence
Blended Chakras: Base and Sacral – balances physical and creative energy
Blended Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart and Sacral – calming energy and self-expression
Blended Chakras: Throat, brow and crown – self-expression, power and intuition
Emotions Desirable: Confidence – heals insecurities, promotes charisma, motivation and enthusiasm
Emotions Desirable: Inner Peace – promotes feelings of happiness, inner peace, love and vitality
Emotions desirable: Joy – promotes cheerfulness, joy , love and a sense of humor
Emotions Desirable: Love – love self and others
Emotions Desirable: Motivation – mental alertness, concentration and will power
Emotions Desirable: Spirit/Mind – fulfillness, spirit/mind connection, love
Emotions Desirable: Will Power – will power, constructive ideas, mental alertness
Emotions Healing: Anger – releases anger, bitterness, fear, malice and suspicion
Emotions Healing: Anxiety/Worry – nervous tension and worry
Emotions Healing: Depression – relieves despair, mental exhaustion, fear, sadness, melancholy and self-pity
Emotions Healing: Forgiveness – love self and others
Emotions Healing: Grief – grief, guilt, longing to die, unrequited love

New Energy Cards-Last for 3 years or more-do not have to be worn on body

Focus Concentration Memory Card
Anti-Aging Card
Allergy Relief Card
Digestion Gluten Celiac Card
Weight Loss Support – Combination Card
Pains Tens Relief Card
Health Support Card
Vision Focus Eye card
Stress Tension Anxiety Card
Bedtime Rejuvenation Seals
Cell Phone Seals – protects body from harmful radiation and heat emissions
Bio Toxic Energy Protection – E-smog
Bio Energy Enhancer – provides energy when body is depleted

Please feel free to call for more information or a consultation concerning the AEP Patches.