Scary Thoughts

Every one of you reading this have had scary thoughts multiple times in your life, whether that includes actual fright, worry, irritation, intense anger or even life-threatening situations of great fear. Moments of fear and its expressions occur for each one of us in various ways, perhaps every day for some individuals, and often of their own choosing. It’s hard to escape those moments of feeling afraid when circumstances arise in which we feel out of control and the situation is unfavorable to our life.

Scary thoughts are simply thoughts founded in fear, all negative of course, and can only bring more negative results in that same energy vibration. We’ve been trained well throughout the years with constant fear programming from every angle imaginable, so it’s no wonder we’ve succumbed to living life with scary thoughts and choices based in fear. Of course there are circumstances where feeling scared is warranted short-term.

It’s as if we’ve been placed in a lane and told to run the race of life with the directions given for the race. But can we win this race? Not if we want peace, joy, happiness, abundance and all the expressions of love.

Anger is one of the heavy’s when it comes to fear-based living. So many individuals live their life in constant anger and agitation as an underlying current moving with them daily. It’s not a fun way to live and certainly is not healthy, yet their programming tells them it’s the right way. Although very destructive, I believe worry is another top of the line fear-based scary way to live, and anger and worry go hand in hand. So let’s talk about worry.

Worry creeps into our lives repeatedly and is really sneaky. Many individuals don’t even realize they are worrying as they try to figure out what choices to make or what they want in their life; it’s just their natural state. I understand this well as I’ve been a worrier over my life, and guess what – it never brought me any answers or any good results! In fact, worry has never resolved any situation in the course of history! So why do it?
Worry is simply the by-product of not being in control of something in our life, which then makes us feel afraid for something in the future. Worry means we’ve lost touch with faith and trust and are trying to wing it on our own. Yet every time you can actually let go of a problem and quit pouring energy into it, the problem resolves on its own, often in a way you didn’t imagine. How is this possible?

When you completely let go of trying to figure something out your way and let that energy go, you free yourself from the worry and free the universe to bring you what you want. I know you’ve heard this many, many times, but somehow people do not listen and continue to try to force things into what they want – the work it out themselves habit! We’ve all been there, more times than we can count most likely, but all that manipulation, effort and worry didn’t solve the issue.
You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression – Let go and let God. It’s really the answer – to totally let go of the reins, including those scared feelings of not having control of the situation, and slide over into the passenger’s seat. Not easy for most people, but it’s the only way to release the worry and scared feelings you are having.

I don’t know about you but I consider myself a pro at worry, even though I know better. So it takes a conscious effort for most individuals to release the worry and replace it with focusing on the outcomes you desire. I personally have found that focusing on gratitude is the most powerful way to shift my worry because I am focusing on an expression of love that can only bring positive outcomes. The same can be true for you.

So every time you catch yourself worrying – how can I ever get this job done, or how can I pay my bills this month, or when will I ever see the results I want in my work effort, or will this relationship issue ever get resolved, or how can this situation ever be resolved favorably – immediately see in your mind the end result you wish to experience, then let it go. When you truly let it go, it means you go about your day, enjoying it, and leaving the issue you want resolved to God and the universe to work out. You’ll enjoy your day more for sure, and you won’t feel so drained since your energy is focused on something positive – what you desire.

A friend gave me a plaque some years ago with this inscription on it: Good morning. This is God. I will be handling all your problems (worries) today and I will not need your help. So have a good day. I love you! That inscription says it all!!! If only we could heed those words all the time, what a different life we would experience. Funny thing though, worry is a choice we make!

You’ve been given a brain to use, so when solutions appear, grab onto them. I have been amazed time and again how the solution suddenly appears in a way I never thought of, a true surprise, once I totally let go of trying to figure it out. And it’s always worked to my benefit, resolving whatever difficulty had shown up.
So if you can let go of your problems and worries, not only can you enjoy your day, but you will no longer have use for scary thoughts! Just like Elsa says in the movie Frozen: Let it go!

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