Life Skills Speaking Training

Wish you could be a Dynamic Speaker or a Better Communicator?

Here’s your chance! Become a Certified Speaker with this 2-day Training.

Carolyn Porter, D. Div. is a Speaker, Author, Trainer, and Wholeness Coach whose passion in life is to help you see you are more than you have ever imagined you could possibly be!

You will learn:

  • How to break through fear
  • To communicate better with everyone in your life
  • How to prepare & facilitate a presentation
  • How to develop rapport with your audiance
  • About the awareness state in speaking
  • What makes a great presenter
  • What the audience looks for in a presentation
  • Proper body dynamics that help to impact your message
  • Empowering beliefs of master communicators
  • The “magic” of speaking
  • How to promote and market your presentation

Tuition: $350.00 (Includes complete training Manual)

”Thank You! It was a wonderful experience. This speaking program was good stuff, well worth the time and money.” —J. Gora, TV Producer

Price $350.00
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Life Skills Speaking Training