• Life Skills Certified Trainer Program

    I am excited to announce this new program through Where Miracles Happen Healing Center by Dr. Carolyn Porter. This program is designed for those who wish to train individuals to become certified coaches and/or speakers. It is a comprehensive program which gives you the tools and information needed to facilitate your own trainings. These tools were gathered from research, coaching and speaking experiences, both my Life Skills Speaking Training and Life Skills Coaching Training, plus information gleaned from other professionals.

    It is a 3-day intensive program presented at Where Miracles Happen in Cumming, GA and is limited to 6 participants in each training. The tuition is $499.00 with a $100 deposit required to hold your seat. (The deposit is part of the total cost of $499) The deposit is not refundable but can be transferred to another training within one year if needed. Look for early registration discount on particular training dates.

    You must be a certified coach to take this trainer program and have been or are actively coaching. Although best if you graduated from my coaching program, it is not required, but in that case an interview will be required.

    Some of the things you will learn in this training:
    – How to speak easily and dynamically in front of an audience
    – How to present a training with certification for coaching and speaking
    – How to develop and create your manual for your training
    – What is important for your trainees to learn in order to be effective coaches or speakers
    – What legalities are necessary to do this
    – Marketing guides
    – The ins and outs that go along with any trainer program

    This will be a completely interactive training with every trainee experiencing speaking and presenting in front of the class as well as creating educational information that he/she will share with the class. Certification for this training will be given upon completion.

    Next training: February 26-28, 2016. Tuition: $499.00. Pay in full by Feb 15th, only $444.00 $100 deposit required to hold seat. Deposit is part of total tuition. It is transferable for one year but not refundable.


    Price $444.00
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  • Angelic and Spiritual Awareness Intensive

    There are two Intensives possible in which we will delve into how to become more spiritually aware and how to connect with Angels, using their power and love along with Spirit and the Universal Energy to enhance and improve your life. The Intensive will be fine-tuned to what each person desires for their life.

    Intensive A – 5 hours – in person or over phone – $159.00

    Intensive B – 3 hours – in person or over phone – $129.00

    Here are some things that can be included in the Intensive:
    -An Angelic reading
    -An Angelic card reading
    -Learning how to perform 1 & 2
    – How to use Guardians and Archangels
    – Using the powerful Violet Flame Angels
    – Chakra clearing
    – Using healing energy
    – Clearing out old programs – your old story
    – How to begin creating your new life
    – Learning how to heal relationships – the art of forgiveness
    – Tools for spiritual awareness
    – Understanding how to receive messages and guidance
    – How to open your heart to unconditional love

    Price $159.00
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  • Life Skills Speaking Training

    Wish you could be a Dynamic Speaker or a Better Communicator?

    Here’s your chance! Become a Certified Speaker with this 2-day Training.

    Carolyn Porter, D. Div. is a Speaker, Author, Trainer, and Wholeness Coach whose passion in life is to help you see you are more than you have ever imagined you could possibly be!

    You will learn:

    • How to break through fear
    • To communicate better with everyone in your life
    • How to prepare & facilitate a presentation
    • How to develop rapport with your audiance
    • About the awareness state in speaking
    • What makes a great presenter
    • What the audience looks for in a presentation
    • Proper body dynamics that help to impact your message
    • Empowering beliefs of master communicators
    • The “magic” of speaking
    • How to promote and market your presentation

    Tuition: $350.00 (Includes complete training Manual)

    ”Thank You! It was a wonderful experience. This speaking program was good stuff, well worth the time and money.” —J. Gora, TV Producer

    Price $350.00
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  • Angel Love Practitioner Training

    Have you dreamed of channeling the angelic realm and using the guidance to enlighten yourself and others?

    Become a Certified Angel Love Practitioner with this training—ALP. You will experience how to:

    • Recognize the presence of angels
    • Connect with the angels
    • Work with Divine energy for healing
    • Hear the messages from the angels
    • Channel, journal, work with a pendulum

    In addition you will experience:

    • Interactive readings, channeling, regression with other trainees
    • Marketing tips to create your business
    • Certification as an ALP upon completion of the training
    • Listing on Carolyn’s website as a certified practitioner
    • Demo angel sessions, channeling, past life regression
    • Step out and allow the angels to show you what is possible!

    Tuition: $555 (Includes complete training manual and angel pendulum)
    Non-refundable deposit of $150.00 required to hold your seat. Transaction fees not refunded.
    (Deposit is transferable to the next training if unable to attend)


    Note: ALP Indicates Certified Angel Love Practitioner

    “Rev. Dr. Carolyn Porter’s training was a wonderful experience providing me with positive insight and the necessary tools to assist me into tapping into my inner gifts of communicating with the Angels. The training helped me to overcome all doubts & fears of my ability. I would highly recommend this training to all that have interest in communicating with the Angels.”
    Kandi Mullen, ALP, Reiki Master, Life Coach, Atlanta, GA

    ”I love coming to Carolyn’s center, Where Miracles Happen, to further my education. It’s a perfect environment to learn!” —Nancy E. Livingston, ALP, Reiki Master, IET Practitioner, Fort Lauderdale, FL

    “This training was an absolute miracle in itself. It will always be a part of my services. A weekend to remember!” –Simone Jennings

    “The training was very spiritual and I felt more in tune. I love how we covered many different avenues of connecting with the angels.” –Sunny Gilmore

    Next Training: TBA – Can be presented one-on-one in person or via phone

    Special Offer: $333.00 for this training
    (Call 770-354-9285 for the special offer)

    Price $333.00
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  • Life Skills Coaching Training

    Have you been yearning to make an empowering difference in people’s lives?

    Then join what many say is one of the fastest growing professions in the country and become a Life Coach.

    Become a Certified Life Coach with this 3-Day Training and learn:

    • How to guide a person out of “stuckness”
    • The importance of validating your client
    • How asking questions is key to unlock your client
    • The importance of surrender first, action second
    • Helping your client discover their life plan with vision
    • How to implement budgeting, debt pay-off, time management
    • The fundamentals of Value Based Living
      Day I – Learning the tools for easy connection with clients; receive marketing tips; demo of a
      coaching session
      Day II – Perform sessions as both coach & client using question format for finding purpose, new
      direction, spiritual growth
      Day III – Perform sessions on relationship issues & forgiveness; receive certification document

    Tuition: $485.00 (Includes complete training manual) See below for special discount offers.
    $100.00 non-refundable deposit required to hold your seat. Transaction fees not refunded.
    (Deposit can be transferred to another training)

    Next training TBA Tuition will be $319.00   $100 required to hold your seat – limited to 6 trainees. 10 am -5 pm daily


    NEW! One-on-one individualized coaching training in person, via phone or Skype. I assume different roles so trainee does not coach the teacher. Same training, 11-12 hours of training, certification, all for $299.00! Call for more information or to schedule. Payment due at scheduling time. $100 deposit is part of the $299 which is not refundable for a cancellation, but scheduled dates can be changed if necessary. See testimonials for this one-on-one training below. (below other tributes)

    For special offers and discounted pricing contact us at info@wheremiracleshappen.com or 770-354-9285 to make payment at the special price.

    ”This training is an absolute miracle in itself. It will always be a part of my services. A weekend to
    remember.” —Simone Jennings

    “This training far exceeded my already high expectations. Dr. Porter is a wise soul.” – Brad Dixon

    “Dr. Porter was helpful, encouraging, energetic and very informative. I definitely got my money’s worth!” –Jennifer Veal

    “This training truly met my expectations. I did not want to come, sit down and be lectured to receive an outline and leave. What I did get was a well thought out curriculum, interaction, demonstrations and meeting like minded wonderful people and loving spirits. I am so appreciative and grateful for the experience this training was and not just for learning how to coach and help others, but a life skill that I can use the tools for my own personal life.”  –Sharon Reid

    “The training was very informative, provided an excellent structure system for life coaching and was a lot of fun!” –Moneesha Smith

    “This training provided me with the necessary tools to feel more confident about helping others in finding their life purpose. You did a fantastic job covering all the aspects of coaching!” –Maritza Morelli

    “I learned so much. The training not only helped me prepare for coaching, it helped me with some areas of my life.” –Ronnie Cox

    “A lot of good, useful information that will expand my skills of communicating with people. And it helped me learn something more about myself.” –DruEllen Smith

    “I had wanted to take the training from Carolyn Porter for some time, but since I live in Canada it was impossible for me to go to her. I was excited to learn she was offering it one-on-one over the phone, making it possible for me to take. I wondered if something might get lost using the phone for the training, but I discovered it was possibly even better this was since I had her undivided attention and it was fine-tuned for me. I first took the Coach training and since it went so well I took the Angel Practitioner Training a month later. Carolyn’s courses are refreshingly filled with what you need to know along with a does of understanding, support and encouragement to help you; she was wonderfully inspiring. She helps you see you have the ability to do this work so you can quit doubting yourself. I went from feeling very stuck to feeling very empowered and excited to take my next step”…Danielle Pearson, Alberta, Canada

    “Dr. Carolyn Porter’s Life Skills Coaching Training is top notch. Now that I’ve added this quality training to me coaching toolkit, I’m better prepared to empower others to live their best lives. I was unable to take the in-person training and was delighted that the phone option worked out so well. I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to enter the coaching profession.”   Karen Mode Lightfield, Maineville, Ohio

    Price $319.00
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