• pH Hydrion Papers

    Hydrion Papers for testing your pH levels through urine. Color coded chart included so you know where your level is. This is a single roll dispenser from Micro Essential Laboratory, Inc. in Brooklyn, New York. Directions for use are on box and more included inside unopened box. Chart ranges from 5.5-8.0. Regular retail price is $10.00. NEW and unopened.

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  • Tranquinol

    Neurotransmitter Balance for Healthy Mood, Relaxation & Deep Restful Sleep
    Promotes restful REM sleep, supports high daytime energy levels, mental tranquility, calm mood and focus throughout the day.
    2 capsules contain:
    Sleep Pro Blend: Magnesium Gylcinate, L”Theanine, Valerian, Noni, Amylase, Maltase, Apple Cider Vinegar, Protease, Pepsin, Lipase, Lactase, Invertase, Cellulase
    Seditol: Blend of extracts from Magnolia bark and seed
    60 Vcaps

    Price $26.00
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  • DHEA

    USP Grade, Wild Yam-Derived DHEA
    Superior Adrenal & Hormone Support
    Each vegetable capsule – 25mg
    Other ingredients: stabilized rice bran, vegetable cellulose capsule
    Men – up to 4 caps per day; Women – up to 2 caps per day
    60 Vcaps

    Price $13.00
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