• The Path of Empowerment

    This study course provides the tools to understand and become an empowered being. Living in the state of empowerment allows you to be totally and irrevocably free – free to be who you are meant to be and live through your own truth. You will find thirteen tools shared in this course with opportunities to expand at the conclusion of each lesson. As you incorporate each of these tools in your life, you will experience a major transformation that gives you confidence, inner peace, and the permission to follow your dreams. The foundation of your life will be built on love rather than fear-based thinking, and the energy of love always gives rise to empowered living. Won’t you join me in living empowered?

    Dr. Carolyn Porter has done it again!  She has continued to walk the Path of her Sacred Service of empowerment for all.  Her latest gem, ‘The Path of Empowerment’ – A Study Course for Learning and Understanding Thirteen Tools of Becoming Empowered, does just that.  It is a step-by-step chronicle of how one comes into his/her own personal power.  Dr. Porter shares her gift of clear writing as the logical process flows very easily.  The study course asserts the truth by celebrating the great power that lives within each human being.  It is time for all of us to live in the fullness of who we are and share our own great gifts with the world.  Dr. Porter’s course is a great way for all of us to integrate our personal power and to abide in that exalted space. —Ji, PA

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