Readings & Healing Sessions

Although everyone on this planet has the ability to tap into their own intuition, many are not open to experience this phenomena. Intuition is that inner knowing of truth and it is a gift of God. Those who open to their intuition can hear messages, sense things, or see images from the realm of spirit and then share this with those who wish to hear it. The messages that come through are always from love and are expressed as uplifting, healing, enlightening and positive. As the intuitive individual connects with the client’s energy, the messages and images from the realm of spirit come through about that client. It is a miraculous experience!

***Please select the practitioner and amount of time you would like for their service, then complete payment. An email will indicate your selection to us and we will contact you with additional information so you can set up your appointment.

"Hi Carolyn...Thanks so much for such a great reading! It was very soothing and uplifting as well as just plain practically helpful." ---Sarah

"You hit the nail on the head. I am most grateful for your healing energy and great angel messages - helped a lot." ---Justin

Session Rates

  • 15 Minutes = $25
  • 30 Minutes = $50
  • 60 Minutes = $95

Price from $25.00
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Readings & Healing Sessions