Health Coaching

When illness appeared in Carolyn’s life, little did she know that it would take some years for her body to heal. Furthermore, she had no idea that her health challenge would propel her into so many new arenas as she stepped through the obstacle and overcame it. The journey of healing opened doors that would not have been opened any other way, thus allowing her new awareness of a more complete knowing what vibrant health truly is in all dimensions.
Carolyn is co-owner of All About Health store in Woodstock, GA, where she began her research and quest for knowledgeable answers for herself and her customers. This journey took her into public speaking, life and health coaching, and on a road to empowering individuals to take control of their own health instead of allowing others to control them. It requires work in all dimensions: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Countless people have benefited from her knowledge and guidance. All of these steps prepared her to open Where Miracles Happen Healing Center.

Dr. Porter offers quality health coaching for those wanting simple answers to improve their health. How can she help you? With:

  • Better dietary plans that coincide with your body
  • Adrenal burnout repair and balancing hormonal issues
  • Simple ways to cleanse and detoxify without stressing you body
  • Energy healing to enhance your healing process
  • Reducing the stressors in your life
  • Responding positively to your stressors
  • Muscle testing to better know if a product or suggestion is good for you or not

She’ll only offer you suggestions from her own research and that of health practitioners worldwide. Realize that everything is your choice, and your choice only.

Sessions: $95 Initial session - 90 minutes
$65 - 60 minute follow-up
$35 - 30 minute follow-up
$235 - package of 4 - 60 minute sessions
$395 - package of 7 - 60 minute sessions




Price $95.00
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Health Coaching