Angel Sessions

You lay on a massage table, cradled by a soft pillow and covered with a cloth or blanket (if desired). The lighting is dim, soft music is playing and a candle is burning to create a sense of calm and peace. A tape recorder is prepared if you wish for the session to be taped; you receive the tape at the end of the session to take home with you. Everything that comes through (your personal messages from the angels) during a session is kept totally confidential and is never shared with anyone.

Once you give permission for me to work on you we begin. Angels are called in to bring the messages necessary for you at this time. I begin by touching your feet and focus on bringing divine energy into you. Within minutes you will begin to feel warmth, tingling, heaviness or similar feelings of the energy. Over the session, as I work on different areas of your body, you will feel the energy traveling through you like a current. There is no pain or discomfort in any way. You become very subdued, quiet, calm and relaxed.

Messages begin coming in to me from the angelic realm and I will softly communicate them to you. You can talk, ask questions, or reply to my questions. By the end of the session you will gain insights into yourself and your life.

”Carolyn’s gift and connection with the angels really helped to guide and uplift me on every level. The session was very moving and I really felt connected with my spirit. Carolyn’s messages were also “spot on” and I found the guidance helped me to move forward in the right direction. I am definitely a few steps further along my path and the clarity that Carolyn has given has brought much joy.” —Janice O., Infant Massage Facilitator

Sessions: $100 per hour

Price $99.00
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Angel Sessions