• Past Life Regression

    In a quiet setting the facilitator will guide you back in time to experience again another life (or lives). The facilitator will ask you questions and you will share what you see, feel and experienced previously. The purpose of this session is to allow you to access past experiences that perhaps need to be released, or patterns you need to let go of in this life. You may also see strengths you didn’t know you had and things you need to accomplish in this life. A very uplifting and often rewarding experience! At the conclusion, the facilitator will discuss the session to make sure you understand all that was shared. Session lasts an hour or slightly more.

    Session: $100 – 1 hour or more

    Price $95.00
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  • Life Coaching

    Everyone needs a coach sometime in their life. When you’re in the middle of the game of life it’s not possible to observe all the players and all the plays.

    Intuitive, insightful, supportive and observant, with a passion for helping individuals, Carolyn guides you into seeing the bigger picture so that you gain a new perspective as she makes you look at all areas of your life. Her experience of over 35 years is extensive. How can she help you?

    • Health restoration
    • Finding your purpose
    • Regaining spiritual connection
    • Empowerment
    • Life Direction

    Initial session is 90 minutes for $95.00

    Follow-up session for 60 minutes is $65.00

    Follow-up session for 30 minutes is $35.00

    Packages: 4 60 minute follow-up sessions for $235.00
    7 follow-up sessions for $395.00

    “Thank you once again for a wonderful phone coaching session. I love your new eBook on Adrenal Fatigue and always learn something new from you. Your knowledge and caring mean so much and I always feel so positive and hopeful after our session. Guiding me through this healing process is really appreciated and I’m very thankful the Angels brought us together!” …Sue, Phoenix, AZ

    Price $95.00
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  • Wedding Officiate

    Getting Married? Rev. Dr. Carolyn Porter can officiate for your Special Day!

    She can help you:

    • plan your wedding ceremony
    • create your perfect vows to say to each other
    • officiate your ceremony

    Wedding Ceremony: $250 (includes helping to create the perfect vows for you)

    Rehearsal: $100

    Travel expenses not included beyond a 10 mile radius.

    Price from $100.00
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  • Angel Card Reading

    A wonderful way to connect with the angels and receive their guidance using Angel Tarot or Oracle Cards!

    Angels are wonderful teammates that can help you with guidance for your life. They delight in helping you, so this is a no brainer way to communicate with them. They will share insights for your life to help you in whatever area you need help through first the cards, then the messages they also share with me. It is an uplifting experience and will help to bring more joy into your life as you learn the truths they share.

    Angels are God’s messengers so love to share messages with you. They stand ready waiting for your invitation to assist you. They are only truth because they are simply light and love – that’s all they know!

    Why not book a session today and discover the truths that can benefit your life or receive answers to the questions on your mind?

    60 minute reading: $95
    30 minute reading: $50
    15 minute reading: $25

    Price $50.00
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  • Know Your Destiny Report

    Discover what is in store for your life according to when you were born, using astrology, numerology and the cards of life. You cannot change your influences, but you do have the power of free will to operate your life from a high positive  energy or low negative energy. And knowing what influences your life helps you to make better choices for creating the life you can imagine. This report includes what is in store for this year from your last birthday to the next. There are 6 segments of 52 days, and each one has variable influences that can alert you to what can happen. You will receive a written report of the year, (from the day you purchase this through one year) plus information that influences your entire life. This also includes a 30 minute phone or in person explanation session with Dr. Carolyn. Here’s what one client said about the Know Your Destiny Report:

    “Carolyn, I was amazed at the information provided in the Know Your Destiny Report which revealed a lot of what has been going on in my life the past 6 months and where I believe I will be headed personally and professionally over the next 18 months.  All of the shifts and changes that I have been experiencing were aligned and on target with what the report has revealed. This report has helped me to gain further perspective on all aspects of my life including those “bumps in the road” that we all sometimes encounter.  I am destined for a future of doing what I love to do and achieving dreams and living a life full of joy, happiness, abundance and love. Thumbs up to the Know Your Destiny Report!  I would encourage more people to invest in this very insightful report. Thank you, Kandi”
    “OMG, thank you so much Carolyn, this is wonderful and so enlightening. I can’t stop crying. Thank you, thank you.” M.S.

    Price $50.00
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