Adrenal Fatigue Revised

Adrenal fatigue is a REAL problem affecting thousands of people around the world. In fact, it is believed that at least 80% of our population experiences this disorder during their lifetime. According to many health professionals, it is the root cause of all illnesses!

In this eBook I share a multitude of facts and a wealth of information to help you assess whether or not this applies to you, and if so, what to do about it. I lived this journey of adrenal fatigue for many years and had to find my own answers to heal. Now I am sharing them with you. And since so much new material has emerged in the last few months, it was paramount that I update my previous eBook on this topic. This eBook almost triples the length of the last eBook, so you can see there is a great deal more to know concerning this  debilitating and often life-threatening illness. It is very difficult to find answers in traditional medicine because doctors don't acknowledge this as a problem and know little about it, and even holistic professionals lack sufficient knowledge on this illness, but since I lived it and have researched extensively, I have answers to help you heal your adrenal fatigue.

You will learn what causes adrenal fatigue, all the various aspects - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual -  that need consideration in order to heal, what protocols can help you, and how to change your life so you can become and remain healthy. In this eBook you will find Real answers for a Real problem! A Real bargain for only $4.95!

122 pages

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Adrenal Fatigue Revised