Beautiful bright to deep blue crystal with white and black. This stone unites logic with intuition, bringing information fro the higher mind to the physical level. It instils a drive for truth so you can stand up for your beliefs. It clears electromagnetic pollution - can be placed on computers. A useful stone for group work since it brings harmony between members. Eliminate mental confusion; calms the mind and allows new information to be received. Calms panic attacks, releasing core fears, phobias, guilt and wanting to control.

Physical: balances metabolism; cleanses lymphatic system; combats radiation and insomnia; lowers blood pressure and cools fevers.

Heart - regularly 5.00, now 3.00
Egg - regularly 8.00, now 5.00
Small ball - regularly 13.00, now 8.00 - 1.75" x 2"
Bar - regularly 14.00, now 9.00
Round - regularly 2.00, now 1.00


Price from $1.00
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