Calcite – Pink, Orange

Calcite is a powerful cleanser - can clean negative energies from environment and within body. It can speed up growth and development. It is linked to higher consciousness and opens higher awareness for psychic abilities, channeling and out-of-body experiences. It combats laziness, calms the mind, stimulates insights and helps change ideas into action. It also alleviates emotional stress and replaces it with serenity; it cleans and reenergizes the chakras.

Pink Calcite: heart stone in contact with angelic realm; stone of forgiveness; aids self-worth; heals nervous conditions; lifts anxiety and tension; dissolves resistance

Orange Calcite: cleansing stone; energizes; balances emotions; removes fears and depression; heals gallbladder, reproductive system & intestinal disorders

Pink piece - regularly 9.00, now 6.00 - 2.5" x 1.5"
Orange piece - regularly 8.00, now 5.00 - 2" x 1.5"

Price from $6.00
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Calcite – Pink, Orange