Miracle Wrap Heat Pack Purple

Miracle Wrap Heat Packs are a lifesaver for many people since moist heat is the most beneficial for those body aches and pains. Simply wrap around a mug of water and place in microwave for 3 minutes and heat. Remove and place on body where achy or painful. Can also be frozen is desired. Each wrap is divided into 3 sections and filled with hypoallergenic white rice. Each wrap measures approximately 6.5" wide by 20" long. This one is a purple cotton fabric.

* Soothing
* Moist heat
* Hypoallergenic
* Can be reused for years
* Simple to use
Two can fit in one flat rate padded envelope for same shipping price of $6.80.

Price $22.95 Sale Price $12.95
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Miracle Wrap Heat Pack Purple