Ancient Greek Oinchoe Vase Museum Replica Reproduction

Ancient Greek Oinochoe Vase Museum Replica Reproduction

About our Greek Vases: Our vases are NOT fastly made kitsch replicas, nor are they cheaply made of substitute materials such as resin. We stick to the materials and methods used by ancient Greeks and use only top quality ceramics and paints. Every piece is a stunning work of art, an amazing replica of an actual historic vessel from a museum or other collection created between 2,800-2,000 years ago. Every piece is individually hand thrown terracotta, hand-shaped, and hand-painted in exquisite detail in Greece and signed by a professional master reproduction artist which masters the art of the ancient Greek pottery. The whole process is made by hand (like in ancient times) using only top quality row materials. We respectfully preserve the sensitivity and the dignity of ancient pieces while guaranteeing the quality and the curacy of all the pieces we reproduce. This is why our ceramics are preferred selection of the "Hellenic Handcrafted Creations" Collection. We offer the following types of ancient Greek vases and plates: Geometrical, Corinthian, Black figure vases, Red figure vases, White ground vases, and other. We have many vases in our collection "Greek Vases Museum Replicas" This vase is No. 124 in the collection. The bottom is signed with "Museum Copy Corinthian Period SSOBL, 'Oinochoe', Union of Greek Ceramists, No 124. It is beautifully done with intricate designs and colors.
Original price was $84.95. Closed my store so am selling stock at very reduced prices.

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Ancient Greek Oinchoe Vase Museum Replica Reproduction