Energy Card: Pain Tens Relief Card

The Pain-TENS Relief Card is intended to bring relief to many and various types of pain. It contains the energetics of the Pain Patch and includes more specific pain relief frequencies: Headaches. Trauma. Acute Injury. Migraines. Muscle Pain. Back Pain. Nerve Pain. Fibromyalgia. Tendinitis. Bursitis, etc. etc.

Always be aware that Pain is the way our body lets us know something is wrong, see the true story in Sheila's Tips.

The Pain Tens Relief has been one of our most popular Patches, but it can be very expensive for those in continuous pain to achieve relief. This Card is intended to help those suffering on going pain. Always be aware that Pain is the way our body gets our attention, to tell us there is something wrong, so in cases of intense and ongoing pain always consult with your Doctor!

These amazing innovative new Energy Cards have been designed and programmed with a new advanced technology! They do not need to be close to the body as the energy will extend about three feet. The Card does not need to be used 24/7, use as needed. The card does not get depleted with use, and will last about three years. When not in use keep the Cards in the anti-static protection bag they came in.

The Patches and Cards work well together and both can be used at the same time, but we still do not advise mixing more than three different types of therapy at the same time. It is better to prioritize. It is preferable to use one Card at a time but you can alternate different cards throughout the day or at night. I will add to this information as I get more feedback. They do not need to be used 24/7, use when needed.

There are certain Patches that are very compatible to a specific Card and that Patch can be stuck on the Multi-Wave Oscillator pattern on the Cardfront, they will work together and the Card will strengthen the patch. For instance the Arthritis Patch would work really well on the Pain Card as it would strengthen the Patch and the Card could be used as needed. This is something I will write about as time allows. Note: We do not recommend adding a Detox Patch to any Card!

The Cards can hold many more specific frequencies than the Patches. The energy it contains may be shared with others. The body will only take in what it needs so anyone close to the Card may benefit if their body resonates with, and needs the frequency it contains, if not their body will ignore it!

The Cards may be attached to inner or outer clothing, worn around the neck, placed in a pocket or purse; they may be attached to belt loops. They can be placed on a nearby desk or side table. These cards are truly amazing and I appreciate all feedback!

Do not keep the Card in the same pocket or purse as your cell phone unless it is in the protective anti-static bag. Do not store near your electronic equipment.

Sheila’s Tips: Important Story Re the Pain Cards - As I mentioned pain is the way our body tells us something is wrong. I gave these Cards out to be tested by people I see regularly, and I learned an important lesson!

I gave two cards to my Janitor because she had a father who was bedridden and always in pain, especially if he moved, she said his face always showed the pain. He had to have a blanket support bar to keep the bed clothes off his legs. She suffered with painful bursitis in her shoulder.

She put the Pain Card under the bar by her father's legs and within an hour the pain was much relieved and he actually slept with a smile on his face. But - after a week the pain came back - I could not understand why until my Janitor told me her pain came back in about a week too!

There was my clue! I asked if she had started to use that arm to clean windows and scrub; she said, "Yes - because it didn't hurt anymore"! I asked had her Father been so free of pain that he started to move and want to get out of bed and she said "Yes"!

Make sure your patients are aware that Pain is a warning from the body, so do not immediately start doing things that the pain stopped you from doing. Slowly start using the limb for short periods of time and give the body time to slowly get used to being used again.

Cards will last at least three years if not kept in the proximity of cell phones, or computers, or other electronic devices for long periods of time. Powerful equipment such as those used in hospitals could very quickly corrupt the frequencies. The same can happen with energy patches, but they will be changed every three days so it is not quite as important!

When not in use keep the Cards in the anti-static protection bag they came in.

All content is for informational and educational purposes only. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any product or content contained herein are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

6 packets can be included for same shipping cost.

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Energy Card: Pain Tens Relief Card