Love is the Most Important Currency

February is the month when everyone focuses on love and expressing it to those you love. Who can escape thinking about it with all the red or pink hearts exploding into view in all retail establishments, or the plush cuddly animals, chocolate covered delicacies or bouquets of roses lavishly displayed on every corner. It’s good to be reminded to express our love to those we do love, but love isn’t something that comes once a year due to the major advertising campaigns urging you to purchase hearts, flowers or chocolates for someone special.

Currency, according to Webster, is a medium of exchange passed from hand to hand. Passing anything from hand to hand involves a flow of energetic exchange. Love and any expression of love is a flow of energy just as any type of currency exchange involves the flow of energy. 

We are the sum of our actions. No matter what beautiful words you speak, it is your behavior (actions/energy) that speak the loudest and tell what you truly are. Love isn’t something that you give here and there or feel once in a while; it is to be your way of life. There are only two emotional energetic vibrations in this world: ones based in love and those based in fear. Fear vibrations are energetic pathways of negativity and always produce negative results while love is a positive energetic pathway that yields positive outcomes.

I love the phrase “If you give love you gather love.” Nothing is truer than this concept, that what you hand out energetically is what is handed back to you – currency. To me it’s a no brainer that this is the only way to live – from a core of love. And by the way, love is your essence, what you were created from; it’s who you really are and have been from your birth and before! So doesn’t it make sense to live in a space of love all the time, not just on February 14th?

However, it is wonderful to take a moment to acknowledge our love for those we love, but making it a habit of living through love shares love with everyone whom we come into daily contact as an everyday practice. Granted, there are different levels of love for different people in our lives, but if the currency you hand out is always love, then that is what is handed back to you. Again, it seems to be a no brainer that you would always want to be receiving loving and positive experiences, therefore making it necessary to give love out first. Everyone and everything in the universe is energetically connected in every way, so what we feel and do is carried throughout the universe and is always what in the end, comes right back at us.

You’ve undoubtedly heard the concept of Pay-It-Forward. A movie was even made using this title and the concept of sharing an act of kindness which in turn leads to another act of kindness is the plot of this movie. Paying it forward, or handing out a currency, creates an amazing ripple effect that creates positive expressions if it begins with love.

What are some other expressions of love from which we can lay a foundation of love on which to build our life? Acceptance of every person as a masterpiece and worthy of receiving love is one expression. Allowing another individual to be who they are even if we don’t agree with what they choose, is acceptance. Appreciating others and seeing their value even if they are mean and hurtful is an expression of love. Everyone has worthiness although with some individuals it may be difficult to see! But in appreciating even one thing about them it allows you to rise above their negative energy, thus allowing you to shine from a space of love.

Gratitude for life itself and everyone who crosses your path is a most empowering expression of love. In fact, it is the most powerful tool for living an empowered life. Forgiving another who has hurt you or caused you pain expresses love in a most noble way, for in forgiving them you free yourself from their hold over you and allow your energy to be focused in a positive place that better serves you. Lack of forgiveness keeps you small and bound up as a victim…not where most individuals want to remain if they think about it. Healing can only take place with love, so healing any relationship issue always requires forgiveness.

Understanding, compassion and respecting others raises you up into the higher vibration where love abides. Humility, strength and courage are also found in the flow of high vibrations.  There are many other expressions of love – anything positive that helps others and produces positive outcomes. Even great health requires love to heal since all physical conditions first began as emotional, mental and/or spiritual blocks of negativity.

Do you love yourself and who you are right now? This is where you must start, for it is impossible to love anyone else without first loving yourself – you cannot give what you do not have! You may want to change some things about yourself, but first you must accept and love you just as you are. Once you’ve done that, you are in a position for transformation if you so desire.

So as we focus on love this month, ponder the things I’ve shared, then commit to creating a life filled with love all the time by placing love at the core of everything you do and say – being the love. That’s what makes life wonderful and extraordinary, and what makes you a magnet for attracting love and the good things is brings to you!


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