Living Joyously

I’m sure if asked whether you prefer living joyously or living unhappily, you’d choose living in joy. And it really is that simplistic – you choose it! So how is it that many of us live life unhappily, in a place of negativity much of the time, and miss out on all the joy of this life?

What does it mean to live joyously? It means to find great pleasure and delight in the experience of living. It means to express the feeling of enjoyment and be enthusiastic in all you do and say. This is happiness, an inner state by choice, and has nothing to do with what is going on in your life or around you.

If this is the desired way to live, why is it that so many people choose the opposite kind of life? I feel, after observing times in my own life and the lives of my clients, friends and family, that we, as humans, get so caught up in the drama around us, and have been conditioned from a negative place so much that we automatically focus on the negative aspects rather than seeing the joy. When is the last time you were enthusiastic over something? Most likely it was something temporary – a circumstance that brought a temporary “fix” of joy because something felt good.

That isn’t the kind of joy I’m referencing. Joyful living, or living enthusiastically, is an inner state of being that you choose every single day to feel and express because it is who you are.

As humans, we get so caught up in day to day living and all the ramifications of busyness, frustration, overwhelm, unpleasant confrontations, stress – all of which are negative influences on us. As we allow this into our lives we unplug from positive energy, separating us from the source of joy and happiness, and definitely disconnecting us from any type of enthusiasm.

You remember about energy, that whatever radiates out from you attracts more of the same – it’s a scientific fact. Energy is always moving and collecting more of the same energy, whether it is positive or negative, so if you begin each day with negative thoughts of dread, frustration or stress, you add more to that energy as the day progresses. Energy cannot ever be destroyed, but it can change form, and you have the power to do it!

Situations will arise that distress you and cast a shadow of negativity over you…this is what happens every day in your life. But the difference is in how you respond to that situation, and whether or not you allow it to get into your energy field and remain there. Here’s an example of how to respond negatively or positively.

You learn that the raise you expected was ridiculously low even though you had been told it would be much more. But your company could not come through as promised, and you simply have to accept it. You were counting on the much higher amount and feel you deserve it. So you have two choices. You can feel down and out, grumbling all day and complaining how unfair life is as you cast a heavy cloud of doom over you and the energy around you, probably ranting about all you give to this company and how this is not fair.

Or, you could simply accept the disappointment and realize that even the small raise is better than nothing, accepting the fact that the company at least made an effort to value your work with the small raise. You can be momentarily disappointed with the outcome, but quickly shift into a positive place of acceptance.

Neither response is right or wrong, but which one do you think will be better for you? You know which is best, even if it feels hard to accept at first. But most people grumble and complain and even get angry, allowing it to ruin their day. So in this case, the individual is allowing a circumstance that is beyond their control to influence whether they can be happy and in joy.

Real inner joy however, is never affected by any circumstance. This joy is due to a person’s attitude about life and themselves, and they realize the situation is an external circumstance that really has nothing to do with their inner state.

So how do you create a joyous life experience? One of the easiest and best ways to get into step with joy is through enthusiasm. It is a gateway to massive, positive energy. How can you be anything but joyous if enthusiasm oozes out of you? It is absolutely impossible to be negative or gloomy if you are joyful, the reason being that joy is the highest energy of all. It’s the magical sense that everything is possible, even when you cannot see how with your mind.  Joy comes forth by appreciating all the gifts of every now moment in your life, and focusing on all your many blessings throughout every day.

You choose to be enthusiastic. And you can be enthusiastic and joyous even when it seems everything around you is negative and your life is nothing like what you want it to be. Live and breathe enthusiasm, and if you aren’t feeling enthusiastic, ask God or your Higher Power how you can express it even though you aren’t feeling it at the moment. It is absolutely a feeling that you create from within you. And when you choose enthusiasm, you instantly align with positive energy, which automatically raises your vibration. This is your power, and with this power you are able to create your ideal, joyous life!

And remember, joy and enthusiasm are an inside job – your choice – and have nothing to do with anything going on in your life, no matter how negative those experiences may feel. So today, step into joyous living and see what a difference it will make in your everyday life experience. A joyful outlook frees you to experience the highest energy possible, the place where you can create into reality the best of the best – your dreams!





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    just what i needed to read!!!!came at the right time when i was grumbling about my low grades!!!!Worth it!!!!

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