Let There Be Light

As I’m writing this article right now, the skies are dark and dreary, full of gray clouds and at times, raindrops.  Oftentimes, on days such as this, one feels rather “down,” perhaps lazy or sleepy, or even depressed and less productive. Of course those feelings are what you choose for yourself, and are not created from the clouds, darkness or rain. There is scientific evidence that our hormones and neurotransmitters react differently to light versus darkness, or sunny versus rainy days, yet it has also been proven that how you see a circumstance is what brings you the outcome you experience in your life.

But you know what always happens. Eventually, whether it be hours or days later, the clouds and darkness go away and the sun shines bright once again, bringing in the light!

Let’s talk about your life right now. Do you experience dark days, maybe more days than you wish?  Or do you experience parts of every day that feel dreary and full of gray clouds? Of course the worst case scenario is that every day feels cloudy and dismal, no matter which way you look.

We all experience times of dreariness, in which our life-sky feels clouded with obstacles, challenges and darkness. No one can live through this life without times like these. But the whole story is how you respond to them. If you move your eyes back to the first paragraph, I mentioned that the feelings you feel on a cloudy, dark day are by your choice; the same is true for your life.

No one wants to go through challenges or those dark days, yet most often they have come your way because there is something you must learn and the situation is exactly perfect for you at that time. I know, that’s hard to get your mind around, but think back to circumstances that felt dismal, challenging or impossible to figure out what to do. What happened? They resolved, and in hindsight you can probably see why those situations appeared in your life. In fact, most of the time there were gifts in the situation along with blessings that you wouldn’t have experienced had it not occurred in your life.

Remember the experiment that Dr. Emoto talked about in his book “The Hidden Messages in Water,” where words were placed on the bottom of a bottle of water and different results occurred according to the word used? When the word love was placed under the bottle of water and frozen, the crystals formed beautiful, clear images that resembled snowflakes…each one perfect and unique. But when the word hate was placed under another bottle of water and frozen, the resulting crystals were misshapen, cloudy, jagged and quite ugly. He demonstrated the power of words even when not uttered. How could that be? Because the feeling or intent was present when the person wrote the word that was placed on the bottom of the bottle.

To me that is amazing, and is a very clear demonstration of just how powerful you and I are.  No matter what shows up in your life and feels cloudy or dark, the light will shine again. But what if instead of enduring that dismal, dreary feeling until the light appears you could simply focus your powerful mind on the light anyhow? Granted, it’s not always easy to do, but if the simple word placed on the bottom of a bottle of water can render such a different result, wouldn’t it make sense to do the same thing in your life experience? So the key here is to focus on love and all its expressions rather than anything negative. Focus on the feeling of love rather than the feeling of struggle, challenge, hopelessness or darkness.

Of course you’ve heard this information over and over again, but has it registered within you? It’s easy to hear the words and even say the words, but it’s the belief that renders credence through your behavior which tells the true story.

The power of your mind is incredible and every thought counts. We humans have been so conditioned to think on the negative side of things or expect the worst that we do it habitually without thinking. So the real challenge is to retrain your mind with loving, healthy thoughts rather than the fear-based thoughts most of us have been conditioned to think.

So even if you are going through tough times right now, or life feels hard or dismal, focus on the light you want to appear and watch what happens. Although you may need to practice patience as the light is coming to you, just know it will come if you truly believe it, because whatever you focus on is where your power ultimately flows!




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