Launching Your Dreams

Here we are once again with a new year, a new beginning, with an opportunity to literally create our dreams.  Some people talk about New Years Resolutions as the new year begins, but so often these dissipate within a few short weeks or months, the resolution fizzles and never becomes a reality.

A dream may have more chance of survival because it is usually something that you truly desire, perhaps something you’ve wanted for a long time. Yet more often than not, an individual loses sight of that dream if time passes without the dream materializing; the individual gives up on that dream, believing it is an impossible dream. I know, I’ve been here in the past and I bet you have too. We become doubters and lack patience!

Human nature is to want something fast, no wait time. Striving for something in the long term is not an easy experience for many people, so dreams for the future often get cast aside for something that is happening now, sort of like settling for what’s in front of you. But most individuals, who have successfully accomplished their dreams, will tell you that it took patience, perseverance, commitment and time to create their dreams, with many bumps along their path.

We are at a time in history when things are rapidly changing, sometimes in ways we don’t like. We made it through the end of the world prediction on December 21st according to what some believed the Mayan calendar indicated, and now we are being hurled onto the path of big change. As the Mayan calendar indicated, the world has to change because what has gone before isn’t working and has now ended, which means our lives must change as well. Change isn’t something to be feared, rather it should be welcomed.

Change happens whether we like it or not. The universe is constantly changing and movement is always part of life due to the energetic vibrations that are constantly in motion. The wonderful thing is that we get to choose whether we want to use the energy vibrations in forward movement, or if we prefer to remain in the same place as we were. Funny thing however, is that even if you choose to stay the same, things around you will change and force a change in you and your life. That is the dynamics of energy.

Since it is a new year with new opportunities waiting on the horizon, why not create your dreams right now? What is it you really want in your life? What would your ideal life look like? What changes do you need to make? What dream have you tucked away, doubting it could ever manifest for you? You know you have put various dreams on the back burner, perhaps so far back there you hardly recognize them anymore or have forgotten them completely. Or perhaps you have a new dream that has recently come into your thoughts. You have no idea how to make it reality, but you would really like to accomplish this dream.

So how do you create your dreams, keep them alive in your mind and heart, and then realize them as reality?

The first step is to consciously decide what it is you want to create – your dream(s). Make them very descriptive and detailed. Write the dreams down on paper for that makes them more realistic when your dreams.

Secondly, create the feeling as if those dreams are already reality. A dream is a thought or desire, but when you add the feelings (emotions) to those thoughts, they can then become reality. It is the feeling that brings any dream to life! Feel what it would be like living in your dream.

Next, let the details of creating the dreams go. Forget trying to force them into reality and simply place the desire out there. This is the hard part since our human nature is to ‘make things happen’. I’ve tried it both ways – trying to make things happen and then letting go of that trying part – and the only way it works easily and beneficially is when you let go and let God. This means going on with your life and waiting patiently for doors to open that take you toward your dreams. And as the doors open and ideas or opportunities come to you, proceed with excitement and ease.

Finally, stay positive and keep your belief in your dream strong. If you allow doubt to creep in, which it is a pro at sneaking in, you will slow down or even block your dream from occurring. Read over what you wrote initially and keep the feeling alive in your heart and mind. Never forget the words patience and perseverance, for it will take both of these qualities to keep your belief strong as you wait for your dream to unfold. Never give up! Most people quit just before the dream manifests when they have tired of waiting, but our timing and God’s timing can be quite different.

Think about where you are in your life right now. What changes do you need to make or would simply like to make? Do you have lost dreams you need to rekindle, or has a new dream entered your mind and you really want to experience it? With a new year beginning, there is no time more perfect than now to launch your dreams and begin to create the life you dare to imagine. Step onto the launch pad. It is waiting for you and your dreams! Launch them today!

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  • Tonya says

    I’ve read it dozens of times, from several different sources, but this is the first time that I’ve really heard it and easily digested it. Thank you for the warm and gentle explanation.

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