If You Just Believe

Here we are closing out a year and soon to welcome a brand new year in which everything is possible. But even if it’s later in the new year when you read this, every day is a new beginning. You are at this very moment creating your next moment and the one after that as well as creating the experiences of your life according to what you believe. There is a beautiful song entitled “If You Just Believe” and the lyrics say “believe in what your heart is saying, believe in what you feel inside, give your dreams the wings to fly, you have everything you need, if you just believe.”

What do you believe? Do you believe in yourself…that everything is possible…that you can have perfect health…that you can do anything you put your mind to do…that you deserve all good…that life is a wonderful adventure…that you are magnificent…that you are abundant in every way? People often say the words, but what is really in your heart, what do you truly believe?

You are a powerful co-creator who is capable of bringing anything into reality that your heart desires. I wonder if you really believe that. Most people don’t because they allow circumstances and other people to dictate what they do, say, think and believe. Yet it is the power within you that has the ability to create into reality any dream you can imagine.

You might be asking how this can happen, being that your life isn’t going the way you wish it would. Maybe your finances are less than desirable or you long for a wonderful partner, or perhaps your job is boring and going no where and you want to do something that feels good instead of just performing for a paycheck. Maybe you desire to feel good about yourself, be calm, regain your health, or simply be happy. Dear friends, all of this is possible if you just believe it.

The key is to put out to the universe (God, Angels, Higher Power) your intention (thought/prayer), not simply for material gain but for spiritual gain. Always state that intention from an inner space of love and know that once it is thought it has the potential to become a reality. The ONLY thing that can stop that intention from becoming your reality is you and your disbelief in it coming to fruition. And this is precisely what happens to many people – they say the words and know in their head of its possibility, but their heart doesn’t align with that belief and this negates the entire process. I know this well as I have repeatedly blocked the very thing I asked for so that it couldn’t reach me, at least not until I got out of the way. And I believe that at this very moment you are thinking back over all the things you asked for but never showed up, right?

More than likely you’d like to believe that all you desire can be yours but don’t know how to make it happen for you. So I’m going to help you by giving you the answer. Here’s how it works. You have a deep desire for something, let’s say for a wonderful partner in your life. You’ve been dreaming of this for months or even years but nothing. You’ve begged God, praying over and over for this person, and maybe you’ve been angry that God hasn’t brought you your desire. Maybe you’ve gone looking yourself believing God isn’t listening so decided you’d just take over and do it yourself. You might doubt this person will ever show up and you’re depressed as well as angry.

That’s how it works for many of you and the irony of it all is that you’re the reason your desire hasn’t shown up. Why? Because you’re attempting to do the work. You’re tired of waiting so stepped in to help the process along, or you continually focus on what isn’t there yet (lack), or perhaps it’s your anger that’s in the way. These behaviors are negative and are the very barrier that obstructs the receiving of your dream because you got in the way and blocked the energy flow with your actions.

The beauty and peace in receiving all your desires is in letting go of all details, all of them. You simply state that you desire a wonderful partner with whom to share your life. You tell God the qualities you desire in this person and then THANK GOD RIGHT THEN FOR SENDING THIS PERSON TO YOU, IN DIVINE TIMING! That’s the total, simple way to receive everything you desire. You ask for it from a place of love, you are grateful for the receipt of it before it shows up, and then you simply get out of the way so the universe can begin bringing it to you. And you plan none of the details yourself because if you attempt to do it you’ll mess it up. Sure, you might be able to manipulate some things to appear for you, but most of the time they don’t work out. It’s really this simple and I can tell you from personal experience that the most amazing things have knocked at my door in ways of which I could never have conceived. Remember, it comes in divine timing, so patience is a huge part of the process!

So whether this is almost a new year or simply a new day, think about what you really would like your life to look life. Dream big because no dream is too big to receive. (unless you believe it is too big!) As soon as you put the thought (intention) out there and get out of the way, the universe begins aligning with that energy to create this for you. Do you wish for a wonderful partner or an improved relationship with someone who’s in your life now? Do you wish for a job that fulfills you and allows you to be creative? Do you long to do something of value for others? Would you like to receive more income? Would health improvement be at the top of your list right now? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but pushed it aside? Are you stressed and lacking in energy and would love to enjoy life more?

There is no better time than this very moment to decide what your year or day should look like. Your thought right now is already in the works for creating your tomorrow. Some extraordinary miracles have shown up in my life and sometimes surprise me when they appear. Of course they shouldn’t surprise me because I intended for them to appear and created them, but we’re simply human at times, aren’t we! I wish for you the most wonderful year (or day) that you can imagine and create into reality. Start dreaming my friends, because you are at this moment creating your next moment!

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