If You Change Your Conversation, You Can Change Your Life!

As humans, we have been conditioned and programmed from a place of lack (negative): not enough, can’t have, don’t deserve, not possible and don’t qualify. So we create a life with limits that is often the opposite of what we want because we simply follow what we’ve been taught. Thus we’ve created habits or patterns of thought that keep us away from our true desires and dreams because our thoughts are not coming from a place of abundance. We therefore find ourselves unable to manifest the abundance (positive) of anything on a continuing basis, regarding things like money, health, prosperity, happiness, peace, or any desire.
I’m going to share a quote from Mahatma Gandhi which states how the process works so you can understand how to change it, and thus change your life.

Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your WORDS.
Keep your words positive because your words become your BEHAVIOR.
Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your HABITS.
Keep your habits positive because your habits become your VALUES.
Keep your values positive because your values become your DESTINY.

So lets talk about how you can change your life by changing your conversation.
As human beings, we are programmed with the beliefs of our parents or caregivers, teachers, clergy, friends, employers, etc. Although most beliefs and patterns come from our parents as a child, we have many other teachers along the way. We accept the beliefs as “right” because these people love and care about us and usually want the best for us, so it’s natural we believe the teachings as truth. However, if you dissect our present world and the direction it is going, it is not in a place of caring, peace, happiness, prosperity, but is in a place of unrest, terror, financial duress, stress of all kinds, and certainly many health challenges. And as humans we buy into this mindset quite easily, then wonder why our life isn’t going the way we want it to go regardless of the world’s chaos.

So often as I work with clients, I notice their words, and very often – more times than not – their words that were first their thoughts, are coming from negativity. You know the laws of the universe – that you cannot expect a positive result if your thoughts and feelings are negative because the vibration of negativity can only attract more of the same. Take the picture often used to emphasize this point, that of the glass being either half full or half empty. Most people, with their first thought, see it half empty, even if they quickly change it to half full once they realize what they did. Of course that’s a good thing if they can become aware of the need to change their thought because that’s the first step in the process – the need to see things differently and change your thoughts.

So the first step is becoming aware of your thoughts – are they positive or negative? Amazingly – and we all do this – we are often not aware we are thinking and speaking in a negative pattern because it was taught to us as the way to work. Let’s share some examples so you understand what I’m talking about.

First, get the word try out of your vocabulary. You are either doing it or not; there is no try. When you say “Okay, I’ll give this a try,” you’re saying it with hesitation. You are actually sharing there’s a possibility you cannot do it, so you’ve already put yourself in a place of doubt, which is negative. Instead say something like this (which means you have to think it first), “Okay, I will give this my best” or something similar. This makes it a positive response in which you are actually stating you are doing it.

Take someone who is having health or financial issues. Many people will share all their woes with you continuously as soon as you connect with them in some way, which shows they are focusing on what they feel isn’t good in their life. Instead, it would be wise if that person refrained from telling the world all their problems (after all, everyone has problems) and shared some things that are good in their life. If asked how things are, they could respond with something like this “This isn’t my best day but I’m moving forward.” And that person needs to focus on the one or two good things that day so they can raise their vibration to a higher level where more good things can reach them. When you focus on what’s wrong every day, you become a victim, and victims are in a place of smallness that can never bring the positive results they hope for.

Look again at the quote from Mahatma Gandhi. Every thought becomes a word, which becomes your behavior(how you act), which in turn becomes your values(how you see life), and that becomes your destiny(the experiences you create in your life). So you can see the importance of what your thoughts are and how much influence they have on what your life is right now.

I believe we’ve established that your thoughts are where you have to begin if you want your life to show up differently. But here’s the catch: You will need to look deeply into your heart and soul to uncover the beliefs and patterns that were ingrained into you when you came into this earth, because they may be buried so deep you do not realize how they are influencing your thoughts and creating what shows up in your life. Look for the core concepts that frame your thinking – where your mind first travels as some thought or experience appears in your life.

It all begins with your self-talk – the conversations you have with yourself. Some call it mind chatter, and for most of us it is constantly active and giving us ideas of how to think, feel and behave. So that’s where you begin – becoming aware of your self-talk and how you interact in your own conversations. For example, when you think about money, what comes to your mind first? Is it wishing for more or frustrated because there’s not quite enough to pay your expenses or perhaps buy something you want to purchase? Are you a little panicked because you owe a bunch to creditors and don’t see how to pay the debt, and it shows up in physical ailments like insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue or even anger?

Here’s a possibility for changing the outcome to financial freedom. Actually picture money coming into your bank account and begin being thankful for its arrival long before there’s any evidence of its appearance. Even if you still have doubts it will come, you are focusing on your desire, and the mere fact of being grateful for it upfront changes your vibration to a positive one. Over time, you can actually shift your entire thinking to “Yes, I can have this and then be open to receive it.”

It behooves you to begin thinking about your words and your self-talk. If you really pay attention I can pretty much guarantee most of these conversations will have negative origins. Pick any aspect of your life and focus on what your thoughts are when you first think of that situation. Was it a negative thought that brought the concept of lack or deficiency of some kind, or was it a positive thought of overflowing and abundant something?

The power to change your life through the conscious effort of your thinking is in your mind – you have complete control over the process of your thoughts. It will undoubtedly take some conscious effort to become aware of where your thoughts go before you can grasp what needs to be changed in order to create a different scenario in your life. However, you can do it if you truly wish to create a better, more loving life. Change your conversations and you can absolutely change your life!

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