How to Really Create Unlimited Abundance: Wealth Without Limits!

Most of you, if not all of you reading this right now, would dearly love to create unlimited abundance in your life. Given the state of our economy and the economic situation around the globe, it is an understandable desire. Many of you have tried manifesting the abundance you seek, but it eludes you. I realize we’ve discussed attracting abundance many times before, but as new information arrives to me, I feel you will appreciate it if I share it with you.

In some recent webinars I learned of a different understanding for manifesting and attracting abundance that made a great deal of sense. In fact, it feels like the answer for why so many individuals try everything to manifest abundance and cannot figure out why it isn’t appearing in their life. So if manifesting abundance and more money into your life is important to you, I invite you to read on.

It is impossible to create abundance in your life if your core beliefs and cellular memories keep operating from a lack mindset. You’ve heard experts say that you cannot create a solution to a problem if you remain in the same frequency from which the problem originated. It really doesn’t take rocket science to understand this principle. Let me give you an example for better clarity.

Let’s talk about ice. Ice is frozen at 32 degrees. You have a piece of ice but you wish to change its form and make it liquid. As long as you keep the temperature at 32 degrees, nothing will change. The ice will remain frozen no matter how much you wish it to change form. In order to create what you desire – ice that melts – you must raise the temperature (vibration). The same is true for you. In order to change the vibration into one of abundance, you have to raise your frequency to a higher level in order to change the form and create what you want. Without changing the core, more of the same will materialize.

Did you realize that most manifestation techniques can actually make things worse? Here’s why this is so. When you actively pursue manifesting abundance or more money into your life, in essence you are saying that you are lacking something. If you feel you need to manifest more, it means there is not enough. You might actually manage to manifest some abundance, but often it fades quickly away. In other words, it’s difficult to keep it flowing consistently. So why is this?

The key is simple, but so hard for many individuals to actually believe. The key is that you must operate from a place of already having it, because you do already have it. The problem is that you cannot see it so doubt it is there. Here’s another example to help you understand this point.

You have a radio sitting on your table. The music you love to listen to is already playing on that radio, but since it is on another station, you cannot hear your music. However, if you turn the dial to the correct frequency, you will be able to hear your music. The music is already playing and there for you, but until you change the dial to tune into the proper frequency, you cannot hear your music. Of course you must first connect the radio to its source of power. And this is exactly what happens when trying to manifest abundance.

All of the vibrations of abundance are already playing in your life even though you cannot see them, but until you connect to those vibrations, abundance cannot reach you. The minute you ask for abundance, or anything for that matter, that energy begins coming to you, but if your frequencies are in a lower vibration, the higher vibration of abundance gets bogged down and cannot get to you.

Basically it means you must become what it is you want to create. If you want abundance and prosperity, then you must believe totally that you already have it and live like you have all that you want. You cannot pretend with this – it must be genuine to work.

So what you need to do is ask yourself, “How can I wake up to what I already have and am?” The core of your abundance is aligning with your soul’s purpose. But what if you don’t know what your soul’s purpose is? Here are some tips to help you figure that out.

1- Ask yourself what is a burning desire within you? Or what truly inspires you? Whatever your answer is will probably give you a strong clue about what your purpose is meant to be, or at least what field of possibilities it is in.

2- Think about 3 people who inspire you. They can be alive now or on the other side. They could be someone you know or someone you’ve simply heard of and admire. And, you may only like one or two qualities about them and not like other things about them. Write down by each person the qualities you admire or what seems great about them. After you’ve written them down, read them over carefully, for they are clues for what your purpose encompasses. These qualities that you admire are you already!

Absorb the good feelings you feel as you think on these things. You’ve just had a narrow glimpse into what you have and could ever want. Then, as you live each day, remember those good feelings, especially whenever your mind goes into negative lack thinking. It’s a process, but well worth using endurance and perseverance to actualize.

You’ve heard the phrase many times – likes attract likes. In essence, this is what I’ve been discussing in this article. You have to be it to attract it – the universe knows completely what energy you are putting out and only responds to that genuine energy. You cannot fool the universal energy flow! So you can say all the affirmations you want or follow many processes to manifest abundance, but until you truly and completely believe inside your heart that you already are abundant and are simply tapping into what is already yours, you will not be able to fully utilize your inborn power of creating abundance.

Also understand that abundance has many facets. Although creating the flow of more money into your life may be your main desire at this time, abundance includes new opportunities, good and perhaps new relationships, enjoyment of life, helping others, living your purpose (thus enjoying life as you help others),  feeling wealthy because you know there is much wealth for you, and so forth. It’s been said that there is enough prosperity and money in this world for every living being to have at least one million dollars, so its time for you to realize this abundance is yours and begin living with the belief that it is right there for you. Your only task is to truly believe it and begin tapping into it by raising your vibration higher to a place of knowing your abundance is already present in your life, and simply tuning into it through your energy frequency.

Oftentimes, the simplest measures bring the greatest rewards, which can be why it is so hard to accept the simplicity of creating your desires. We’ve been conditioned that it takes hard work, lots of planning and even manipulating to achieve our desires, so simply raising our vibration to a higher plane seems much too simple in our world of motivated doers and achievers. But think back to my illustrations in this article about the ice and your music on the radio. It truly is that easy to accomplish your creation of abundance if you simply raise your frequency to a higher level and tune into what is already there for you.

Once again we see that your thoughts and beliefs always create your reality. The spiritual words you utter, the many books you read about manifestation, the practices you do from day to day, will not result in changing your outcomes until you change what’s inside of you and tune into what the truth is – that you already have all that you need if you simply adjust the dial and hear the music that was already playing, but was waiting for you to just tune in! So no matter what is going on in your life or the world around you, start living with the knowing that you are already wealthy and have the inborn power to connect to the riches that are yours, because this is your truth!

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