God Bless America!

Politics has never been my “thing” until now, but there is a lot at stake in our lives at this junction in American history so it was time for me, and perhaps many of you, to sit up and take notice. Our wonderful country is in a historic mire of economic devastation, terrorist invasions, political correctness, with our constitutional rights and freedoms so often on the line. According to many polls in both parties, two thirds of you reading this article believe our country is going in the wrong direction. I believe, as many others agree, that we are at a pivotal point in the history of our country – whether we want it to continue as it is, or make serious changes that both take us back to our constitutional roots as well as herald in new ways of thinking and acting.

Many individuals don’t take time to think deeply about what is going on in our country or the world for that matter. Maybe it doesn’t seem relevant since the disasters have been happening in other places, so it seems unreal to you. Maybe you are one of the fortunate individuals whose income has grown over the last few years so economic concerns don’t cross your mind. But for many of you, disastrous experiences have appeared in your lives and may be continuing to appear for you.

Our country has been a great country with so many freedoms and opportunities – why so many people from other countries want to live here. But slowly, our country is getting lost and becoming something we don’t recognize. I see Facebook posts all the time that reference things like “Aren’t you glad you grew up when we were able to do this?” The technical age has transformed everything from just a decade or so ago, and while this offers many fabulous opportunities, communication possibilities and connections around the globe, it also has heralded in an era of separateness and division by the very nature of the advanced technologies, not to mention the easy accessibility for terrorist interactions that have led to devastating circumstances.

As things began spiraling downward in 2009 in real estate, jobs, income and a host of other areas, I was forced to close my healing center and remove the overhead. Many other businesses preceded and followed me with the same scenario, and sadly, many of these scenarios continue to this day. I do believe everything is in divine order and there are always very definite reasons for any experience, but I also believe that there are times when things happen in our lives due to the choices of people in higher places who have power over us in some way. That being said, nothing is a chance happening, so the experience may be a lesson for you, but also for many others who are directly or indirectly involved in that experience.

Where are you in your life right now? Are you prospering? Has your income increased or decreased or just plateaued? Do you have a job? Is it the job you want? Have you had to downsize your style of living or has it remained as you wish it to be? What is your fear level? Have you changed how you operate your life due to your fears? If a parent, what are your hopes for your children or grandchildren’s futures?

Personally, I believe all the greatness of America stills lies within us. But I also know that great, powerful civilizations have come and gone in the past, and I feel sure you share my feeling of wanting our wonderful America to continue and be all that it once was and can be again. The greatness depends on many things, but it most assuredly depends on the choices its people make and the leaders they choose to run our country.

As we prepare for the election of a new president in November, it is vital to ask yourself many questions before you make your choice at the voter booth. You need to go beyond feelings and party affiliation, and search deeply for answers to your personal questions. While considering who you believe can run the country the best and who can best save the freedoms that our country was founded upon, you need to ask yourselves who will allow us to pursue our dreams? Who will allow us to continue freely on our spiritual path? Who will do their best to destroy the terrorists that are coming closer and closer to your back door? Who can best provide the kind of life you want to live in regard to your income, job opportunities and lifestyle? Who will best put YOU first as a most important person, an American, no matter your culture, religion, job or status?

I believe, along with so many others, that this election will define our country from now on, it’s that important. I feel sure you want our country to be blessed, but I also feel that it can only be blessed if it adheres to truth, honesty, decency, while basing the operation of our country on principles that hold people accountable for their actions, and that their actions focus on what is for the highest good of we, the people. God Bless America!

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