Getting on Track with Your Health

It’s a new year with unlimited possibilities. Where are you with your health? Did you know that your body creates new cells continuously so that in a year’s time your cells are completely new? That means that you have the capability of becoming healthy within a year even if you aren’t healthy right now. What an exciting thought! And health doesn’t apply only to the physical body. I’m talking about your emotional body, mental body and spiritual body as well. But let’s talk about your physical body first since that is where you live.

Your physical body needs healthy food and nutrients to restore and maintain health, but often your choices could be feel-goods rather than healthy ones. Do you exercise regularly or are you always at the computer, driving somewhere or crashed in front of the TV? Your body requires regular movement in order for your blood to flow and bring needed oxygen to your cells. Exercise also allows you to sweat so toxins can be eliminated for better health. Your body needs lots of water to replace what you eliminate daily — ¬Ω oz per pound of body weight every single day. It only makes sense that taking in pure water rather than chemically-laden water supports a healthier body.

Your emotional body can take a beating, can’t it? People get so caught up in relationship issues such as feeling hurt, angry, frustrated, or wanting some things they don’t have, and they find themselves pushing hard to make something of themselves so they feel worthwhile. What happens then? They feel stressed, and stress leads to all kinds of unpleasant situations: digestive disorders, adrenal fatigue, depression, insomnia, addictions, and pill-popping to make the symptoms go away. Even though they’ve been told to relax and enjoy life, it seems to elude them. Does this fit you?

Then there’s the mental body. Sometimes you get these ideas in your head and stay stuck in that same mindset that doesn’t serve your highest good, hanging on for dear life. When something hasn’t worked for you, isn’t it time to shift gears and try another way? Expecting a different outcome when doing the same thing is insanity. Maybe you know there is something you need to do but you shrink from the possibility due to justifiable fear, in your mind that is. Perhaps you are beating yourself up with the notion that you can’t do it, so you don’t. But it is bothering you deep inside, making you restless and uncomfortable.

Does your spiritual body need some reconnection? Perhaps you have faith in God or a Higher Power and you know it all in your head, but you haven’t allowed it to slide into your heart. Or maybe you’re mad at God because of your life experiences that you don’t like. So instead of allowing God to work through you and do marvelous things, you back away blaming God for your problems, or believing God doesn’t care.

I understand everything I’ve mentioned above, for I have lived it all at some time in my life. I wasn’t making the wisest choices even if I thought they were good, but as I became aware of better ways to choose and I followed that awareness, my life improved magnificently. I learned I had to address all realms of existence if I wanted true change, and the same is true for you. Are you wondering how to do that?

There are many suggestions of how and many paths for healing in every dimension. As human beings we have the privilege of free will and are thus able to make the choices we want to make, and that is our truth. The big dilemma however, is to know which is the best choice to make. We call this discernment. But do understand all of our bodies must be healed for complete healing. Let’s address each one.

The physical body needs many things to be healthy: fresh, nutrient-rich food; plenty of water each day; deep, restful sleep; relaxation time; exercise; and lots of energy. Perhaps you need some nutritional guidance — Nutritional/Health Coaching, or maybe you’d like to know exactly where your weaknesses are and exactly what nutrients are needed for repair — QRA Testing. Relaxation could be a Massage or Reflexology Session, and exercise — how about Yoga & Tai Chi? Perhaps you wish to get rid of toxic build-up — Infrared Sauna or improve your circulation and healing potential — Bemer. It’s all up to you!

Your emotional body needs healing too. Do you need help to repair relationships, perhaps even the relationship with yourself, or are you stuck in life direction and simply need guidance — Life Coaching? If stress is plaguing you and you’re feeling hurt, unappreciated and unloved, and it’s showing up it in your physical body, it’s up to you to find ways to respond differently to life’s challenges or you may become ill — Life Coaching and Health Coaching. Or perhaps Reiki is for you, or Energy Healing, or an Angel Session.

The mental body can be difficult to change, but it can be done with perseverance. If old beliefs need shifting, try Life Coaching, Cellular Memory Release or Theta Healing. It’s hard to go it alone so allow yourself some support and guidance from those who have traveled this path of change already. Is addiction of some kind hovering over you like a heavy cloud or do you know something in your head but cannot seem to get it down to your heart? Then let us help you!

In order to heal it is necessary to connect with God or your higher power. Classes, Listening to the Angels and/or Beautiful Music, Meditation, Reading Spiritual Books, or Receiving Support (Coaching perhaps) from someone whom you trust and respect can enable you to be lifted up into a place of love and understanding of your magnificence as a masterpiece of God. It is then you understand your power to be who you want to be, do what you want to do, and create the life you are meant to live!

Take some inventory of your life right now. Where do you want to be this time next year in every aspect of your health and life? What needs to change for you? Where do you need to go for help to make those changes? Every one of the services mentioned above is available at Where Miracles Happen. Each practitioner has dedicated her/his life to serving you in ways that can help you. All of us need help from time to time and certainly need support and guidance, but you must first ask for it, then do it (action) to make it become reality.

So what do you need to improve in 2010? You are the only one who can decide; it must be your choice. I invite you now to re-assess where you are in your life and where you want to go, then make the decision to take that first step, then the second, and keep moving forward so that by this time next year your life will have become extraordinary in more ways than you can imagine, as you are living your dreams! Blessings to you on your wonderful journey!

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