Let freedom ring! We’ve heard this spoken and sung over and over, but right now the cries for freedom are being proclaimed more than ever. The very foundation of our country has been rocked, twisted and bruised; change is eminent and our spirits seek freedom.

This period in history has erupted with much chaos and uncertainty, to the point of feeling as if everything is being turned upside down — a time of revolution. Just look around you and you can see an acceleration of violence, corruption, dishonesty, devastation from natural and man-made disasters, people clamoring for safety, survival, peace and simply being heard. It seems this is necessary so we can get back into knowing what is truly important as well as who we are. One thing we know irrevocably is we want freedom — its value is beyond measure!

Our soul craves freedom — it is our natural state of being. We were born with the greatest freedom of all — the freedom of choice. Freedom is simply the ability to move or act without hindrance or restraint; it means being able to choose an action freely; it allows one to be exempt from the control of another. Freedom is a gift and a privilege. We in the USA are so blessed, yet often it escapes our consciousness. However, recent happenings are making us aware once again of how precious our freedom is and how much we want to keep it!

Although the main emphasis right now is to maintain our freedom to live where we want, as we want, be safe, earn and keep our money and material possessions, have many options available, and have a government working with and for us, our freedom goes beyond all of this. We are being forced into a depth inside of us that perhaps we haven’t been to before, in order for us to remember what is truly important and the realness of life. When challenges appear in people’s lives they tend to look deeper for answers and search for the meaning of life. I feel we are in that space right now and that it will rise to the foreground with greater zeal over the next months as things are flipped upside down in people’s lives, our country, and throughout the world.

Our spirit wants to be heard and is coming forth now to enlighten us with insights for a new future. Although the forecast is dismal by many people, I believe we are being told to look deep inside of us to pull out all kinds of things that lay hidden within us — our potential. You’ve probably heard this phrase: “When times get tough, the tough get going”. We’re here folks – times are definitely tough for many. Yet in spite of all that is going on around you, you are resourceful, and within you are a multitude of possibilities just waiting for you to grab and bring them forth.

It’s time to regroup and re-evaluate your life. What do you want your life to look like? What is really important to you? What freedoms do you enjoy that you want to keep? What can you do to change your life for the better right now? How can you help your country remain free? How can you assist and support those in distress? Tune into your spirit for that is where your truth is, and where all answers are found.

As things are shaken and tossed around in life, I have learned how to have a deep peace because I know that everything will be fine, in every aspect of my life, if I continue to focus on my desires and persevere. You can do the same. The phrase “All is well” is always in my mind and I suggest you make this your daily mantra. When fear based thoughts creep into your consciousness, simply toss them out the window and replace with the thought that all is well. I believe that the upheaval in our country and the world right now is a necessary happening to bring individuals back to the basic, simple, pure and real.

What does freedom mean to you? Have you ever thought about it, really? Most of us take it for granted and assume it will always be there because that’s what we’ve probably known throughout our life. Do you remember when you wanted the freedom of your own car, or wanted to be out on your own away from mom and dad? Did you ever want freedom from school studies or from an unhappy relationship? And when that freedom came it was glorious, right?

I’m a no shoes person so the minute I walk into my house my shoes get kicked off. To me they are confining, yet necessary much of the time. I also love wide open spaces and cannot stand the confinement of small places like airplane seats, tiny cars or tightly filled elevators. Perhaps it’s due to being born under the Aquarius sign. This plays out over and over in my life. My spirit reminds me often of this and pushes me out of my box into something more adventurous and open. Individuals often enjoy being comfortable, but that’s a sign of stagnation and time for movement. My spirit doesn’t seem to like me comfortable. Is your spirit trying to push you out of the comfort zone right now?

We’re in the middle of a time when we’re being guided to move, to step out of that comfortable space and step into a new creative adventure. This frees us from the place where we are right now — the chaos, sameness, frustration, materialism and perhaps devastation that has overtaken many of our lives. When we take that first step, then another, not only are we stepping into freedom, but we are able to see the opportunities. In every difficulty there is an opportunity, if you can see it. Although we don’t always have control over our circumstances and environment, we do have control over our mind, heart and spirit – our choices.

So choose today to let your spirit soar free, beyond the dimension of your imagination into amazing possibilities of creativity and resourcefulness. Know that everything is truly possible if you keep that belief freely flowing through you every day. Stoke your spirit into revolutionary new frontiers of freedom, growth, expansion and creativity so that true value is revealed and a new life, community, country and world can begin anew. Don’t you think it’s time?

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