Energy Healing

Most of you have heard references to energy healing, but perhaps you don’t really know what it means. So let’s break it down for the purpose of easy understanding. Every living thing on this planet is composed of energy; it is what allows us to live. Energy is one’s internal power, its vitality, inner force, vibration or force of expression. We talk about solar energy and it references the power from the sun that enables a form of energy to flow for man to use. Electrical energy is a current of energy enabling us to power various devices for our pleasure if it is plugged into the electrical source. So basically we’re talking about a powerful force that gives life.

Healing on the other hand is simply making whole again and usually refers to broken health that needs to be restored. Although we might normally think of the physical body when we think about healing, our bodies have multiple dimensions that often need restoration too, that of the emotional, mental and spiritual realms.

Our healing can only be accomplished on the energetic level. We can ingest remedies to improve our physical health and we can learn new ways to think or feel that are positive and uplifting rather than negative and depleting, but the real healing occurs through the vibrations of our energy flow. That’s why so much has come to light recently about the power of our thoughts. If we are thinking negative thoughts that are based in fear, anger, worry, hurt, lack we can only receive back more of the same because energetic vibrations cannot change in mid stream. What goes out comes back the same. On the other side of the coin we also know that when we think positive thoughts of love, compassion, understanding, joy, abundance we create positive experiences in our lives. All of this occurs on our energetic level and is the only place where true healing can happen.

When we find ourselves in the throws of anger, judgment, criticism, worry, anxiety, we create blockages in the energy flow that runs through us. Stress is a major blockage. It might begin in our thoughts first because we are worried about finances. Then we feel anger about our situation and perhaps become mad and blame God for the messy situation in our life. The worry and anger join forces and cause internal stress so that relationship issues develop between our spouse or partner. The negative energy builds and if not released and resolved, will remain festering internally until it erupts in some form, perhaps a physical disorder or an explosive reaction. Whenever there are blockages in the emotional realm, they are sure to leave tracks in the physical realm. Physical disorders and disease are the result of blocks in the energy flow of our emotional, mental and/or spiritual realms.

The entire universe is made up of energy; there is a universal flow of energy at all times. Once energy has been created it can never be destroyed — it’s here forever. So it’s not just the earth that is composed of energy, but all the planets, the heavens, angels, and also God or Higher Power according to your beliefs. There is one basic energy from which all living things are formed, making all of us part of the other. But the real flow of energy comes from God, and it is that divine energy flow that pulsates through us as humans. If a person is open to receive that energy, he/she can become a catalyst of that energy and it can flow into them or through them into another being.

When a practitioner works with a client to help them in their healing process, they simply allow the energy to flow through them into specific areas to which they are guided, or perhaps the client has shared is a problem area. The divine healing energy flows into the body of the client, allowing for healing to occur. The client can usually feel the energy as warmth, vibrations, a current, tingling, or even heaviness. There have been miraculous healings take place using divine energy. But oftentimes it takes multiple sessions because blockages can have many layers or the client resists the process. It can also be that the client needs to release something negative that he/she hasn’t been willing to release to allow the energy to flow so healing can occur. One thing is sure, when divine healing energy pulses through an individual, there will be healing on some level, and the client will feel relaxed, energized and renewed..

There are many modalities that use healing energy: Reiki, QiGong, Healing Touch, Hands of Light, Angels, Pranic Healing, and many, many more. Although it can be an advantage to have some training in a particular modality, they all work to create healing. So it’s not the modality you use, but rather opening to the flow of it and using it for the good of yourself and others. Your heart must be aligned to the process and acquiring tools to use during a session is good, but the key if always to be open to receive and then to give it to your client. The practitioner is not the healer, the client is when they are open to receive the healing energy!

Energy healing is a powerful healing process that can bring amazing results in a very short time. It is awesome to utilize as an adjunct for other treatments to enhance their benefits, or by itself. The benefits to you are healing in your physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual realms, calmness, peacefulness, renewed energy and vitality, release of old stagnant energy, and empowerment as you take charge of your body and its healing process.

We invite you to take advantage of our many practitioner who do energy healing and experience for yourself the power and love of divine energy healing.

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