Discovering a New Dimension of Health: Bemer

The search for vibrant health has long been a quest for many individuals. I imagine that you, like me, find your head still swimming with the information out there and the dilemma of what will work and what won’t. But one thing is for sure, our world is fast becoming more and more toxic with the overload of toxic chemicals and drugs that pollute our drinking water, the soil, the oceans, the air we breathe and the foods we eat, along with ever-increasing high stress levels, and it’s up to us to protect and educate ourselves if we want to live a healthy life. Although health isn’t everything, without health you have nothing!

In the 1960’s a brilliant German physicist, Dr. Wolf A. Kafka, began to study the effects of electromagnetic fields and impulses on the human body. In 1998, he, along with other German researchers, discovered that only a certain bio-electromagnetic impulse was able to restore microcirculation. It was an unexpected discovery but they saw it work with their own eyes. Thus the Bemer was born!

NASA used this technology on every space craft because life outside of the earth’s magnetic field is impossible for us to live in. Modern technology exposes us to many electromagnetic waves that contribute to many disorders and are detrimental to our health. People who sit in front of computers and TV’s are exposed to currents which cause ‘electronic fog’ and lead to chronic fatigue, pain, as well as microcirculation and degeneration issues.

For decades the drug industry has monopolized our health system; drugs were quick and easy and at times seemed successful. However, drugs have not been the panacea for healing our planet as first thought. We have more epidemic diseases and disorders than ever: Cancer, Lupus, Depression, Cardiovascular Disease, Gastritis, Ulcerative Colitis and much more, and all of these are continuously rising in number. We take drugs for an illness that then requires more drugs to overcome the side effects of those drugs! Toxicity filtrates our environment, diet and bodies, building up to the point that our body cannot heal.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the USA. Doctors have been trying to find a cure for this problem for the last few decades. They have been able to temporarily treat individuals and perhaps preserve their life for some time, but they have not been able to treat microcirculation issues. Microcirculation (capillaries — smallest blood vessels in your body) is where the action is – exchange of nutrients and toxins and the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. If your cells cannot receive the nutrients and vitamins it needs, you are starving your cells and wasting your money buying your supplements. This leads to toxic acidity, cell death, tissue death and organ failure. Organ failure is the real cause of death. Once the microcirculation has trouble, everything in your body will go downhill. Doctors cannot successfully heal microcirculation issues with conventional treatments because there are no chemical receptors in the capillary walls and no nerve innervations either. This simply means that no drugs or even chiropractic adjustments can help the capillaries regain normal function.

But what can restore normal function is the Bemer 3000. Bemer stands for Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation, and is the most effective way to support your body’s performance. We know that disorders only have a chance if your body is too weak to heal itself. People don’t always take care of their body as they should due to environmental issues, poor diet and lack of exercise, and the proof lies in the alarming rise in chronic disease over the last few decades. Although we cannot instantly change the bad effects of these, we can add electromagnetic energy to keep our bodies functioning optimally.

The Bemer 3000 system allows energy within the body to be activated from the outside in order to strengthen the body’s own capacity to heal itself. Once energy is activated, health can be enhanced and well-being improved. Benefits include improvement of microcirculation, strengthening of immune system, increased performance, combating of stress, anti-aging, rapid injury recovery, improved mobility, bone stimulation, reduction of inflammation and many other benefits. Electromagnetic energy is known as the oldest form of energy in the universe since its beginning. Nature has made this form of energy a principle of running our organism. Only the original, patented Bemer signal has the proven MORE factor to boost activation, and the energy signal is unsurpassed since 1998. Furthermore, the Bemer is considered the future of medicine!

Isn’t it time you stepped into the future by taking charge of your health now so your body can heal? Remember this one important fact: It’s all up to you — it’s your choice!

To learn more about the Bemer we invite you to visit or, or to call Carolyn at 770-354-9285. The Bemer Center is located at Where Miracles Happen Healing Center, 4815 Trailing Fox Dr, Cumming GA 30040.

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