Diabesity – Is This You?

I wonder if you realize that very soon 1 out of every 2 people – that’s every other person in the United States – will be in a state of diabesity? That means that many of you reading this article have the influence of diabesity in your life right now, so this is extremely vital information that needs to be understood and implemented if you want to become and remain truly healthy and free of disease. According to Dr. Mark Hyman, diabesity is the # 1 driver of all the main diseases currently prevalent in society because everything within us is connected.

Dr. Hyman goes on to say that nearly 1 in 10 Americans, 1 in 5 African Americans, and 1 in 4 Medicare patients have full blown diabetes! 1 in 3 Medicare dollars are spent on diabetes, and it is estimated that 1 in 3 children born today will have type 2 diabetes in their lifetime. 80% of the world’s diabetics are in poor countries and half of all diabetes, and almost all of pre-diabetics are not even diagnosed. These are mind-boggling statistics.

Traditional medicine departmentalizes disease so that one doctor treats one disease and another treats another disease. However, since everything is interconnected in our body, it is impossible to treat in that manner, and as I proceed through this article I will show you what I’m referencing.

First, let’s understand what diabesity actually is. It is simply this: out of balance blood sugar. And according to the statistics mentioned above, many of you reading this are experiencing this right now without even knowing it. And what does out of balance blood sugar do? It is the pre-condition in the process of developing diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, obesity, adrenal burnout, digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut, and most other diseases.

Diabetes is fast overtaking cancer for life-threatening diseases and is predicted to become the #2 cause of death in the near future, with heart disease still taking the #1 spot. Obesity has become a huge problem in our society as you probably already know, even with children, and the overweight issue creates many of the problematic health issues that appear in people’s lives, including diabetes. And what is contributing to this epidemic of obesity and diabetes? Sugar, high fructose corn syrup, too many grains, GM (genetically modified) grains, preservatives and chemicals found in all fast food or processed, packaged foods. (You can find more detailed information about this in my Toxic America e-Book at www.wheremiracleshappen.com)

The diet many years ago consisted primarily of a wide variety of vegetables, fruit, nuts, roots and meat; this was a diet of what nature provided. Diets today differ greatly from what our ancestors enjoyed with all the grains, preserved, packaged and sugar-laden resemblances promoted as healthy food, and are the prime cause of the diseases and obesity we are experiencing in our country today.

There are four myths Dr. Hyman discusses in his lectures that I want to share with you.

1. Many diseases are due to genetics.
2. Pre-diabetic is no big deal.
3. Lowering blood sugar with meds prevents heart attacks.
4. Type 2 Diabetes is not reversible.

According to many health professionals and holistic doctors: Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Loren Cordain, Dr. Lynda Frassetto, Jeff Primack to name just a few, disease is not related to genetics for the most part. It is primarily related to environmental aspects, both inside and outside your body. Dr. Hyman has helped people reverse type 2 diabetes in just a few weeks or less, plus getting off insulin over a short period of time. He says that our food genes tell our genes what to do, so it all depends on the food you put into your body whether or not you can heal a disease, plus the changes you must make in your environment.

A diagnosis of pre-diabetes is a big deal, for if you don’t make changes right then, you can easily step right into a full blown case of diabetes or another major health challenge like heart disease. As we mentioned earlier, this imbalance is the driver for any major disease, so of course a pre-diagnosis is a big deal – time to make big changes.

Here are some more facts that Dr. Hyman shares. “The majority of chronic disease is primarily a food borne illness. We ate ourselves into this problem and we have to eat ourselves out of it. High cholesterol is not a statin deficiency, and diabetes is not an Avandia deficiency. It is not doing the same things better. What we are doing is not really working. It is just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Statins increase the risk of diabetes by 48% in women. Avandia, the #1 blockbuster drug for diabetics killed nearly 200,000 from heart attacks since it was introduced on the market in 1999. So statins designed to prevent heart attacks cause diabetes, and the drugs designed to treat diabetes cause heart attacks. This is Pharmageddon.”

Any prescription medication comes with risks and side effects – we know this – and often a medication creates another situation with your health as referenced above. Continuing to eat the same diet that created the blood sugar imbalance will simply continue to wreck havoc in other areas of your body, including the pancreas where insulin is produced and insulin resistance establishes itself with the blood sugar imbalance. Dr. Hyman has successfully reversed type 2 diabetes in many people in just one week! Dr. Frassetto’s patients lowered blood pressure 30 points in just two weeks with major dietary changes. Changing one’s diet is key since he, like many other professionals, believe food is the most powerful medicine we have. Hippocrates said this many years ago when he stated, “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” It only makes sense does it not, that if you put devitalized non-nutrient dense items into your body, your body cannot function optimally nor heal? Just as oil placed in your car’s gas tank won’t work too well either, because gas is what feeds it properly, not oil.

What has produced the current trend of illnesses? Over the last hundred years there have been three changes that have directly affected our health. First, people are eating too much sugar and high fructose corn syrup. The average person today eats 66 pounds of sugar per year, some upwards of 150 pounds. Every packaged or preserved item is loaded with sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Every snack item or fast food is loaded with one or both of these treacherous health destroyers.

Second, there has been a dramatic drop in fiber consumption. The average individual should be consuming about 40 grams of fiber per day or more, but most people do well if they get 10 grams per day. Third, there is now an epidemic of nutritional deficiencies due to the devitalized, non-nutrient dense foods individuals consume each day. The standard American diet (SAD) is very sad indeed.

So how can you make the necessary changes and get your body back in balance?
1. Boost your nutrition
2. Regulate hormones
3. Reduce inflammation
4. Maximize detoxification

How do you boost your nutrition? Make your food your Farmacy. Load up on veggies, beans, nuts, seeds, some fruit, as close to the way it grows in nature as possible.

Your perfect plate should look like this:

½ plate filled with a variety of fresh veggies
¼ plate of beans, meat, nuts
¼ plate of brown rice, wild rice, quinoa or sweet potato

Use olive oil and coconut oil, perhaps sesame and walnut oils too. Do not eat before bed – cut off eating 3 hours before you retire for better, deeper, more renewing sleep. The only exception might be if you have hypoglycemia, in which case a light protein snack (like 8-12 nuts or some nut butter) before bed is acceptable. Eat three meals per day and perhaps a couple small balanced snacks with plenty of good protein balanced with good oil and carbohydrates every time you eat. Eat real food!

Throw out the following:
Foods in packages
White powders: sugar, flour, regular salt
Anything with high fructose corn syrup
Anything hydrogenated
Oils except olive oil and coconut oil
Processed items
Artificial sweeteners
Omit gluten foods
All dairy

Hormones rule the body, but if not given the correct nutrients, they can go haywire. You’ve most likely heard of adrenal fatigue, a debilitating health challenge for many created by stress, now of epidemic proportion. Stress can be caused from relationships, worry, finances, job dislike, improper diet, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, chronic pain, and much more, but stress from improper emotional responses to life’s challenges tops the list. This comes from negative beliefs and patterns you’ve accepted as truth. The biggest trigger for adrenal issues is cortisol. Many refer to cortisol as the death hormone, for it indeed can create significant imbalances that lead to fatal diseases. Cortisol elevates due to accelerated, chronic stress, which in turn affects every system in your body in a negative way. As it becomes chronic and in a more advanced stage, cortisol may drop to a lower than normal level and present more unfavorable symptoms. Here’s a possible scenario.

A person becomes very stressed. (realize it is self-inflicted) Finances are problematic which creates friction in his marriage, which affects sleep which creates craving for more sugar, feel-good foods and perhaps alcohol; (which converts into sugar in the body) cortisol rises. This in turn creates some anxiety and soon he discovers he has hypertension (elevated blood pressure) and elevated cholesterol. He begins to exercise and make a few changes but also begins a regimen of prescription meds. The stress continues and the cortisol is still out of whack, however he must go on because he has a family to support, a job to do, money to make. He begins to notice further expansion of his belly and some loss of libido, and also notices he is quite fatigued at times so grabs more coffee and sports drinks to keep him going. He forgets things more and his hair seems to be thinning a bit. If the story continued as it is progressing, he would end up with various ailments until he developed full-blown heart disease and/or diabetes, perhaps cancer, or another serious disease.

As I mentioned already, hormones rule the body, and if they become imbalanced, other systems will also become imbalanced, creating health disorders and illness.

Inflammation is always part of every disease, and most inflammation begins in the gut. What we know is that inflammation causes pain as well as distress anywhere in the body, and this is the result of acidity. Acidity is created from too many acid foods – the standard American diet – plus stress. The worst offender is gluten, and it has been stated that 1 out of every 10 people, perhaps as many as 1 out of every 3, have a gluten sensitivity. Inflammation is primarily caused by gluten grains, dairy, corn, soy and sometimes eggs. Since these items are often eaten daily, the inflammation source is hidden, yet causes all kinds of health issues.

Toxins certainly can play a role in imbalance. You probably realize from things you’ve heard or read that we live in a world overflowing with toxic substances in every area of our lives. Chemicals and pesticides create not only high toxic levels in our bodies, but also insulin resistance, which in turn affects the blood sugar, bringing about the same effects we discussed already. This means that toxic build-up in your body can lead to obesity since it creates the same scenario with insulin resistance as elevated blood sugar does.

You may be thinking that getting healthy means taking away everything you like, and that may feel like a negative action. Okay, so it may seem that way, but in all honesty, why would you want to hang onto the same things you’ve been doing that haven’t provided you with great energy, a slim body, and a stress-free, pain-free, healthy existence? So let’s put all of this in perspective. You can continue on the path you’ve been living, with all the aches and pains, the weight gain, illnesses and/or medical concerns, sleeping issues and whatever else is plaguing you, or you can decide to make positive changes so you can live more fully and enjoy your life without the physical challenges you’ve already experienced and will continue to experience if you remain on the same path.

We’ve already discussed what would be better choices for your health, but here are few more suggestions from Dr. Mark Hyman to enhance your journey to vibrant health:

Take time to relax – do enjoyable things – take brief breaks throughout your day
Deep breathing
Eat organic food as much as possible
Drink pure water
Take some good supplements like: omega 3’s, magnesium, vitamin D, multi, probiotic
Replace chemical cleaning supplies with non-toxic ones
Connect with like-minded people for support

Working with others on the same path for support is vital. Most likely you don’t have all the answers and perhaps feel alone in your quest as family members or friends don’t or won’t understand. It is a unique and different journey for each person because we are each a unique being, but there are some common denominators that work for everyone. Seek a coach to help you or a friend who will support you completely, or join a group dedicated to improving health the way you want so that you are supported on your journey of seeking vibrant health.

Won’t you join the thousands of individuals already on the path of vibrant health?

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