Creating Your Ideal Life

As a life coach I work with many individuals who want to make serious changes in their life, so I often ask them this question: “What would your ideal life look like?” What has surprised me over the years is that at least 98% of the people answer, “I have no idea,” or “I’ve never thought about it.” Yet we know that our thoughts create our life experiences in most cases, so it seems to me that individuals would have thought about what they want in their life.

However, human beings seem to place their focus on what they don’t like in their life, what isn’t working, what they don’t have, and they also focus on what they believe is impossible to achieve. This of course means that their focus is on the negative – the lack, wanting more or different, not believing in possibilities – and this emphasis can only bring more of the same. That is the way energy works – the vibrations of what is being sent out returns in like manner. Perhaps you’re in this place of thinking mostly of what you don’t have or don’t like in your present life experience.

Since it is such a big negative for many people, I thought it a good topic to discuss this month. After all, we are in a year of abundance, but you cannot create abundance if you’re continually thinking lack, don’t have, or not believing you can have.

The first step is actually making the decision to make changes in your life…that you are willing to see things in a new light and will follow through with what you decide, that you’re willing to let go of your old beliefs and patterns that haven’t created the life you want, and that you’re willing to leave your old story behind. This is huge, for many individuals say the right words and think them for a time, but they fail to place them deep in their hearts and take the action needed. Your mind is where the creative experience begins, but it is your heart – the seat of your emotions and feelings – that brings about the creation of what your thoughts conceived.

So right now decide you want to begin creating something new and better in your life – that’s the completion of step no. 1. Step number two in the next paragraph is where it gets to be fun.

Get quiet where no one can interrupt you. Take out a piece of paper and pen or pencil and think a moment about what you’d really like your life to be like if you could pick out what you want. Be sure to dream big – remember…there are no limits unless you put them there! Think about what your career would be, how much income you’d make because you are able to decide that amount, where you would live, what hobbies you’d be involved in, who would be in your life with you, what your lifestyle would be like, how you would help others, and so forth. Put as much detail into this list as you can imagine, and while you are thinking about it, feel what it would be like living in this life! As you are feeling the life you want, go beyond the physical, material realm. Do you want to feel stress-free, peaceful, comfortable, thriving, (no more feelings of struggle), happy, joyful, enthusiastic every day, enjoying your life? Include everything and above all, have fun doing it! After all, what could be more exciting and fulfilling than actually creating exactly what you want your life to be!

You see, that’s the key – you have to know what it feels like to live the life you dare to imagine. Thinking it is the starting point, but feeling it is the creation point. Without feeling the emotions of the life you want, it is difficult if not impossible to create it. This is where people fall short – they think the thoughts and envision the life – but inside of them they still doubt the possibility of it ever appearing. You see, their thought vibration and belief vibration must be aligned.  What does that do? It blocks the flow of the manifestation process because inside of you, where the heart resides, you still doubt its possibility. So that stops it dead in its tracks, and people wonder why they cannot manifest their dreams. That dear friends, is why.

We humans are doubters, worriers, skeptics and unreliable manifestors – no wonder we don’t create what we want and instead live life by default.

Quick reminder: Remember that there are only two energy vibrations in this world of ours. Every thought and feeling originates from either a fear-based vibration or a love-based vibration, and whatever vibration you think and feel, brings back to you the exact same vibration!

But here’s what you can do to change this scenario.  Write down exactly what you want your life to be, in full detail, imagining beyond what you think is possible. I like putting it in a list format for ease of reading. Read it over, then with your eyes closed, feel what it would be like to live this life. The more emotion you put into it, the easier it will be to manifest. Then you put your list somewhere easy to locate or perhaps keep it visible so you can read it over as often as you wish – daily is good – so you remind yourself continually of what you want. You will slip back into old patterns of lack and wanting – that’s guaranteed – but the more you focus on what you want, the easier it will become to create it.

Now you must make a conscious effort to be aware of what you say and think every day. When you catch yourself back in your old story of lack and doubt, quickly cancel the thoughts and switch to your new life dream. You’re right, it may not be easy, and just when you think you’re getting it, you’ll find yourself back in that old story. Don’t beat yourself up. Okay, so you slipped, again. You are human and it will happen. Simply get up, brush off your knees and get going with positive thoughts to manifest your desires. The key is to continually check yourself for where your thoughts are going and change them when they get off track. The more you do this, the easier it will become and your slips will happen less often. Know this… Your behavior is a reflection of what you truly believe and must be in line with your truth if you want to create a new story!

So what kinds of things should you write in your list? If you get quiet and let your spirit guide you, all kinds of desires will surface. To help you get started, here are things I hear individuals mention to me over and over that they want in their life.

            1- A job that they love and feel excited to go to work every day.
2- The ability to be creative in their work.
3- Income that gives them financial independence.
4- A soulmate relationship – either because they are single or want a more fulfilling
relationship with their present partner.
5- That their children are happy and healthy.
6- For good health – many want to know how to improve their present health.
7- To be relaxed, content and happy in their life
8- To help others – to make a difference in the world.
9- To connect better with the realm of Spirit, Angels and their Higher Power
            10- To feel fulfilled and be successful.

One thing I’ve learned on my life journey is this: When asking for something – perhaps a new job or career or if self-employed more clients/customers – mention what it is then say your desire is for ______ or something better. I remember when we were looking for a house last year (and it had been a long process), I put out there exactly what I saw the house to be, but in stating my intention for that house I always said, “This or something better.” And guess what, we got something better!

I know you can create the life you dare to imagine if you can change your thoughts and your inner beliefs, and feel what your dream could be. Once you’ve created your list and begun your new thinking process, surrender it all to God and the Universe this is your power source and nothing will manifest without this connection – and go about your life, in other words, get out of the way! This way you’re handing the details over to God and the Universe, which is the only way you can receive your dream! And remember this as you focus on your dream – you are required to have patience, not something most of us have. Our timing is not always God’s or the Universe’s timing, so patience is a virtue most of us must learn.

Here’s the recap of all we’ve discussed:

1- Decide you want something different in your life and be willing to create it.
2- Envision in great detail exactly what you want – your ideal life – write it down and read
it often.
3- Feel what it’s like to live this life you dream about.
4- Surrender the details to God and the Universe – get out of the way!
5- Learn patience for the perfect timing as your ideal life unfolds.
6- Always believe it is possible!

One more thing…”You are the writer of the script of your life. As such, you hold all the power to create exactly the reality that you choose – Power is the ability to choose”…Linda Larson





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