Centurions Share Insights for Living Well and Long

I recently watched an interview in which Centurions shared important insights for Millennials on how to live well and long in this world today. As I watched and listened I realized how absolutely perfect the information is for all of us living today, regardless of what age we are, so I decided it had value to share with you. I imagine all of you reading this wish for a wonderful, productive, healthy and fulfilling life, and the following wise words from the wisdom of mature individuals may benefit you on the rest of your life’s journey.

There have been many new medical advances that are helping individuals live longer, with more and more people reaching the grand age of 100 or beyond. However, living longer is only good if you are healthy and able to enjoy those longer years. This is one of my personal reasons for relentless research in what it takes for the body, spirit and mind to be healthy, so those expanded years can truly be worthwhile, exciting and fulfilling. While living longer is great, to me it’s only great if I’m able to fully live in it and enjoy it.

The first 100+ year old man who was interviewed stated how important it is to save 10% of everything you make. He said that the younger generation today just wants to buy everything in sight, and that creates mountains of problems all through life when they continuously charge everything and have debt hanging over them like a big dark cloud. People should learn to save, as if it’s a bill they pay to themselves each month.

We all know only too well how easy it is to spend more than we take in; most people have experienced this at some time during their life. But most learn the lesson on how important it is to save for the future or for that rainy day. The problem arises for those who never save, or the ones who only save a little; some indicate it’s because they don’t value themselves enough to pay themselves.


On the heels of saving 10% of earnings, a woman mentioned her belief that people should pay cash for most things and not have debt. Her take is that everyone wants the latest new things, so keeps spending when they don’t really need it. She thinks it gets individuals into trouble all the time because they are never satisfied and keep trying to find something new and better. She said it’s important to be satisfied where you are and not get sucked into debt.

Boy is that true! It is so easy to pull out that charge card and get what you want even if you don’t really need it nor have the money for it then. We’ve heard it over and over from financial gurus – pay cash…debt is bad! Not having debt is so freeing. I’ve been in both places – in debt and debt-free – and I can assure you the latter is so much better because it allows you the freedom to release that heavy weight of debt from around your neck that keeps you sinking lower and lower.

The next centurion who was interviewed said to simply do any job and love it. It doesn’t matter what job it is, but if you learn to love it and give it your best, it will shift you inside so you feel good about life. He said he adopted that attitude many years ago and it always carried him through even in times when it was a job he would not have chosen if he had a choice.

What a great bit of wisdom in our country’s present dilemma in which individuals may have to take whatever job they can find, oftentimes being overqualified for the job, just so they can survive. I remember hearing the story of one man who had a high-paying job in corporateAmericabut couldn’t find a job in his field after he was laid off, so he finally took a job delivering pizzas. He was definitely overqualified for this job, but apparently he put his whole heart and soul into it and kept a positive attitude, loving what he did at that time. This attitude and acceptance of where he was at the time eventually led him into an entirely new line of work that he truly does love and is thriving in.

Another centurion said to work as long as you can. Retiring completely is often the downfall of many individuals. Once an individual feels he cannot contribute anything, he often begins to fail. We as humans need to feel valued, useful and contributors to the betterment of others, and once that is no longer part of our daily life, it can be devastating. It doesn’t mean you have to continue working for a paycheck, unless of course you want to or need to, but it involves doing something, even if simply for fun and enjoyment. Statistics have clearly shown that when someone who has worked all their life, particularly a man, retires and has nothing to do with his days, he leaves this life within a few short years due to boredom and feeling devalued.

Another centurion mentioned the importance of doing good for others, and yet another stated that having an attitude of gratitude in all things helps to prolong your life. Both of these attributes are invaluable for living a happy, fulfilling, enjoyable and empowered life.

We all know how good it feels to do something nice for someone else. Often we are blessed more than the receiver of the kind deed. This takes the focus off of ourselves and makes others feel good that someone cares. Being grateful for everything that shows up in our life is the first step for living an empowered life. You cannot be negative when you are grateful, nor can you be negative when you are actively helping others. So applying both of these longevity tools brings positive results and raises your vibration to a higher level where love, peace, joy and happiness are created.

Some years ago I was honored to fill in for someone at a large business dinner/award ceremony of 1000+ attendees. Awards were going to be presented to an outstanding woman and man in business for their many years of contributions to the community. Dr. Leila Denmark, a pediatric physician, was the recipient of the Business Woman of the Year, and I remember thinking as I sat there and listened to her speak a moment, that I wanted to be like her – productive, healthy, giving to others, and continuing to contribute in her mature years.

She had just turned 104 years old and had retired, closing her pediatric practice after decades of service, helping thousands of little patients over the years. And I learned she promoted eating real food, not preservative-laden, processed foods, and told everyone to eliminate sugar from their diets. She herself mentioned she had not eaten sugar in over 75 years because it is so harmful to the body. She lived to the ripe old age of 114!

So let’s add a healthy diet of real food as necessary for a healthier and longer life – fresh vegetables and fruits, grass-fed meat and free range poultry, nuts, seeds, honey – and eliminate the packaged, processed, sugar/high fructose corn syrup-laden foods that so many people eat, which is causing myriads of health issues and diseases.

There you have it – words of wisdom from the older generation of centurions who certainly understand what it takes to live a full and long life. We would all be wise to adhere to their suggestions so we too can enjoy a long, healthy and fulfilling life, living fully in it.

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