Attention All Lightworkers!

You may have heard the name lightworker before, perhaps even wondered what it is, or maybe you’ve never heard of a lightworker. You probably won’t find it in the dictionary, so what does lightworker mean?

Let’s examine what the word light means so we gain a better perspective for a lightworker. According to Webster, light is brightness, something that shines and illumines, the opposite of darkness, and gives us the ability to see. Light can also mean to make or become light, to reveal or disclose, cheerfulness, a form of radiant energy, and even refers to information that allows for understanding.

Light is vitally important for our lives. Not only does it allow us to see more clearly, but the light from the sun helps plants to grow and gives us the much needed vitamin D that our bodies need for health. And for most individuals, their mood is happier when light is abundant and the sun is shining brightly.

By now I imagine you know what light means and what is does for our lives. How does that apply to an individual? A lightworker is someone who assists in spreading light where there is darkness, who helps an individual understand something in their life that is not clear to them. A lightworker shines light in a place of darkness where there is lack of clarity. How does this show up in real life?

Every lightworker serves humanity in some form. In a particular way they are helping and supporting another person to understand, to feel loved, to know someone cares, offering assistance in everything from physical needs to emotional, mental and spiritual concerns. Lightworkers want others to know life can be joyous and full of happiness once they see they are creators of their own life, comprehend the power they are endowed with, and understand their essence of love. So lightworkers are shining light into the dark crevices of people’s minds and hearts so they can open their eyes to the light and love that is shining for them. Of course people have the power of choice so can choose whether to accept the light or remain in the darkness to which they’ve become accustomed. All a lightworker can do is show them the light.

So a lightworker may simply lend a listening ear to another human being, or help them as they travel through a disaster of some sort. Perhaps they can offer guidance as an observer of their life, such as a coach can do. They may be a caregiver and bring relief in the hour of turmoil and need. But let’s take this a step higher and discuss enlightenment as a service of a lightworker.

To enlighten means to reveal great truths and endow with discernment. It informs and gives expanded clarity while freeing an individual from ignorance. It always involves learning and expansion into something greater as it gives the light of fact and knowledge.

An enlightened being is someone not constrained by patterns from past programming or the constrictions placed by society, but rather is eager to expand and learn more as they find their own truth. However, since most individuals have been heavily conditioned with fear-based familial and societal patterns, and have accepted them as truth, they are not aware of the freedom of seeking their own truth and the power they have to create their life as they choose. It is here that a true lightworker can open the prison doors of another person’s life and let the sun in for them!

A lightworker then has a higher purpose as I see it. They are here to not only lead the way by showing clarity and giving assistance to individuals, but to help them rise to a higher level of awareness of their own power. This enables the lightworker to empower people, thus helping those individuals see the light amidst the darkness they have been experiencing on their life journey, a much higher mission.

Many of you reading this right now are lightworkers and may not realize it. It doesn’t require any specific training, just the higher consciousness that comes when you are aligned with love and light, and a desire to serve others while helping them rise to a higher place of understanding and truth.

We are living in a time when lightworkers are so needed, possibly more than ever before. Things are changing more rapidly than in the past, and the shifting foundations are allowing fear to run rampant in a way that makes people feel lost and scared because their reality is changing into something they don’t recognize. They need enlightened leaders, someone to guide them through the changes and let them know all is well. They need lightworkers who will show them the way and support them in their journey while showing them how to simply flow with life’s current rather than resist it.

Are you a lightworker who needs to shine your light?

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