At the Crossroad

We all know that we are living in difficult times right now and are facing many challenges that, for many of us, have never been faced before, and we certainly desire resolution of these challenges. Yet even though the environment in which we live seems chaotic and uncertain, we also know that anything based in fear is illusion.

2012 is a very critical year in the life of our country and world. We are fast approaching the time when we are privileged to select who will run our country for the next four years, and of course that selection has great influence on the rest of the world as well as our personal lives. I had never been one to get involved in politics because I never trusted what politicians said as truth, but in recent years it became necessary to pay attention to what was going on since our country was not moving in a direction which seemed good for our progress, prosperity and freedom. Perhaps these are your thoughts too.

In addition to being a critical year in our country’s life, it is also the end of the Mayan calendar. According to this calendar, the world will end on December 21, 2012. Although some people may actually believe this will occur, many people believe it simply means the world will end as we know it. So this means big changes coming our way, something most of you would agree is definitely needed and desired.

As a life & health restoration coach, I work with people who want to move forward in their life, and often financial challenges are involved which require a shift in the way the individual thinks, believes and behaves. I’ve also worked with financial advisers in my personal life, and never have they ever said to me, nor have I suggested to my clients, that in order to get out of debt you need to borrow more money and increase your debt. It is always the opposite: stop spending so much, downsize if necessary, consolidate, get rid of the unnecessary, and always stop borrowing; many say to cut up all charge cards to alleviate any temptation to borrow. So it amazes me how any leader who advises our country, or any country for that matter, can think that creating more debt can get us out of our debt. But then this is one opinion.

We’ve all seen massive corruption surface in recent years, not to mention unrelenting violence and of course the economic downturn that has affected many of you reading this. But again I remind you, this is illusion. Illusion says it isn’t reality, that whatever is seen is not really truth if it begins with fear. It doesn’t mean that major issues are not present in your life, but simply that the capability to overcome them, perhaps even necessitating a change of course in your life journey, is already within your reach – you simply must see it and step into it. In other words, you are not a victim of any circumstance nor powerless to resolve it. You are greater than any challenge that comes to you and have the ability to literally step right over that challenge, if you decide to. Perhaps a situation came to you as a lesson for your spiritual growth and a strengthening for your own magnificence.

So as we approach this election season, a great deal is at stake; we are most assuredly at a crossroad in where the future of our country proceeds. Perhaps you aren’t sold on either candidate completely, yet you know one will be elected. Maybe you think, “But I’m only one person, a tiny speck in the whole scheme of things, so how can I make a difference in the choice?” Yet you and I both know that it is the individual, one person at a time, who makes a difference in our world. So how do you decide?

I always ask myself this question in every decision that is necessary to make: Which way raises me up and which way spirals me down? Then it becomes an easy choice and I feel good about what I choose. Do understand that different people can receive different answers – that’s because we are each a unique being and often see things differently. It doesn’t make one way right and one way wrong, it simply makes it our choice.

Let’s take these thoughts into your personal life. Every day you have choices to make from the mundane to the all-important. Some are so incidental they seem hardly relevant, yet others can be life-changing. It really is simple to know what choice to make if you always ask yourself “Which way raises me up and which way spirals me down?” I love that song that is sung by Josh Groban, that is entitled “You Raise Me Up.” What a beautiful piece of music it is as its words reach deeply into our being, and such truth is shared.

What choices are you resisting right now? Are you fighting the current in your life? Are you angry with your present situation or perhaps feeling lost and disempowered? What is holding you back from moving in the direction you want to go, or have you given up trying to get anywhere in your life, perhaps fallen in an abyss of hopelessness?

When these situations appear in our life, it simply might mean we have to work a little harder or choose a different path to achieve what we want to achieve. It’s always better to flow with the present current rather than fight against that flow, yet never losing sight of our desire/dream. Often our conditioning makes us choose the very thing that can spiral us down instead of raising us up. Remember what Einstein once said “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it in the first place; you must rise above it”.

So as Election Day nears, ask yourself “Which candidate would fit the criteria of raising you and the country up according to what you feel? Understand that whether or not your candidate is elected, it is as it is meant to be, and there will be a gift in it. You will need to flow with that choice and not step into fearful, negative emotions – be able to accept what is. No matter what the outcome, there is a purposeful reason for it. If we all think from love, spreading love to the four corners of the world, it can overtake anything negative, for love is always stronger than any fear, love and fear being the two opposing emotions that rule the world and our lives. This applies to every choice you make in your personal life too.

Right now there is something we can all do in preparation for this monumental election, quite possibly the most monumental one in your lifetime, and that is to focus on love. Every day, take a moment to feel love and send the energy of love out from you. You know that energy is always in motion, so as you place those thoughts of love and the expressions of love, that energy will radiate outward and continue grabbing more love energy wherever it finds it. If many of us are doing this, we can only grow the love energy and spread it everywhere, and this positive energy can affect the outcome of not only the forthcoming election, but every decision in our life and throughout the world. Never underestimate the power of love, for it can always be victorious over fear!

Love is so needed right now in our world, just as it is needed in every one of our lives. What a wonderful gift for ourselves and the world is we contribute to that energy ball of love. Acceptance is an expression of love, which means whatever the outcome of the election, or a particular outcome in our life, we must accept it and move forward.

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