Are You Successful?

How many of you reading this right now are as successful as you wish you could be? How many of you truly believe you could be successful because you have abilities and value to give for the benefit of others? How many of you have tried out various programs and strategies that successful people have shared, but for some reason it never works the same for you? I daresay that many of you do believe you should be successful yet cannot understand why success eludes you, or at least eludes you to the degree you desire.

As the proverbial scholar, in that I am continually seeking new information and answers to age old issues, I often listen to webinars, lectures and continuously read articles and newsletters in which professionals share their viewpoints in their professed fields of expertise. Many times it is the same or similar information with a new angle of reference that helps me or anyone better understand a principle or point, and that might just be what leads a person to achieve something they desire to achieve.

I truly believe all of us have the ability to do great things, but many of us feel discouraged or even depressed because what we’ve tried it isn’t working for us. Although this can be understandable from the world’s viewpoint, it isn’t what brings success to you according to the principles that govern our universe. You know that the vibration you put out to the universe can only create more of that same vibration, so if you are discouraged, an expression from fear, you can only receive more experiences to exemplify that vibration – a scientific law!

Most likely you’ve been guided many times in several ways: 1- To decide what you want; 2- To develop a plan; 3- Put your will power in action until your desire manifests. But what you probably don’t realize is that this “guidance” is a blueprint for failure. Dr. Lipton, a researcher, said that scientific research has proven that you have a million to one chance of actually becoming successful using willpower. Why? Because a person seeking success is operating from the unconscious negative programs that were ingrained into him/her, and willpower cannot break through those programs.

So what is necessary to be successful?

1- De-program. You have to get rid of the “viruses” inside of you just like you do if you want your computer to operate efficiently. It’s not going to work for you until you release all those negative programs that you were taught and continue to hold on to.

2- Re-program. You have to put in new programs just as you would do in a computer with new software. You want to create super success memory, and that takes 40 days to do.

3- Create a conscious plan of action, a new blueprint for your success. But how do you do that?

Ask yourself what it is you want right now more than anything? You have to answer it honestly without filtering. So what was your answer? Great health? A soulmate? A dream job? More money? Better relationships? To be successful? If you answered with one of those answers, you have joined the 99% who answered wrong. The reason it is wrong is because these are external desires. What works for creating true success requires an internal desire.

The internal desires we are talking about are things like peace, joy and love.

External desires don’t last. So you achieve it, then you ask, “What next?” External desires create stress for most people because they are loaded with expectations, and striving to meet expectations creates stress. In fact, expectations are happiness killers! If you don’t achieve your desire, you will become depressed, worried or upset. This is what happens by using your will power, and why it is always a blueprint for failure.

Instead, you must turn your desire to an inward state. If you really go inside, you will probably realize that something like peace in your life, or living in high joy every day, or brimming over with love from what you feel inside is really what you want. By focusing on the internal state of peace, joy and love, you can quickly achieve what you desire. By changing your internal energy patterns, you are able to become the success you wish for. 

All of you reading this undoubtedly have many desires so that you wish you could rub the Genie bottle and bring them to life. Perhaps they are one or more of the ones I named earlier in this article.

When I thought about this question of what I wanted most of all right now, my first thought was vibrant health for the rest of my life, something that is always at the top of my wish list. But I added to that the desire for inner peace, and to be content no matter what is going on around me, remaining in high joy regardless of circumstances. As I pondered the explanation Dr. Alex Loyd gave during his interview, it made so much sense.

I want vibrant health every day for the rest of my life. So I seek to know everything I can about health in all dimensions. Any of you who know me can attest to my search for the top health foods, supplements, therapies, protocols, etc. But as I dug deeper, I realized what can happen as I (or anyone else) seeks this vibrant health: stress, never satisfied I have all the answers, driving myself to learn more, wondering if what I’m doing is ‘right,’ and on and on I could go. So what does that create? It cannot really create success because there are always questions, searches and doubts of what has been learned. Get my drift? However, in asking for inner peace, I am able to work from an internal place of calm – no stress, no doubt, no worry. And amazingly, what will most likely happen, is the very thing I want – vibrant health all through my life – will happen since I am at peace!

I’m not saying there is no need to seek out measures to utilize for great health, but when the focus is on inner peace, there would be a release of the negative idea that one must seek vibrant health because they don’t have it or are afraid they might lose it. Understand?

So there you have it – the real blueprint for a successful life. Go deep inside and uncover what you really want in your life from that internal place of knowledge – the truth in your heart – then go about releasing any programming that doesn’t support what you want. Step out of the external wishes into the internal truths and real desires. That immediately puts you in the space of easy manifestation because you’ve changed your energy patterns to internal rather than external. It really is possible to be successful in your life, and now you have the real answer for creating that success!

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