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We have just stepped into a brand new year with endless possibilities, and you get to create it the way you wish. You may not think you have any power over the events and experiences that will show up during 2014, but I’m going to share the reality of just how much power you actually do have for creating the year in the way you would like to experience it. You can change anything if you have the right tools because you have been born with unlimited power to create great health, wealth, success, fulfillment, joy, happiness, prosperity, peace and an extraordinary life.

So are you ready to do this? Do you know how to do it? Undoubtedly you’ve been given many insights for creating your desired life, but if you implemented these suggestions and they haven’t worked thus far, you may be doubting that anything can work for you, perhaps even feeling doomed into the life you are presently living. But there is a way to step into your dreams and all possibilities by changing your frequencies that have prevented you from achieving your dreams up to now.

What would you like to be different in your life; what would you like to change? Perhaps improved health? Better job or just a job? Creating more money flow? Starting that business you’ve dreamed of creating? Finding your soulmate? Then change the frequencies that you produce so you can create those desires! Since you are continuing to read this, I assume your present frequencies haven’t worked. So read on and I’ll help you understand why, and what you can do to change your frequencies.

Let’s address health for a moment. Many of my clients contact me due to health concerns, and I’ve traveled through my own health issues during my lifetime thus far.

According to many alternative health professionals and scientists, disease shows up due to our cellular memories. Dr. Bruce Lipton shares that DNA responds to signals outside of our cells, things like our feelings, environment, beliefs, stress. It is our beliefs that control our stress, whether conscious or unconscious, and so often we are conditioned through negative frequencies. The negative influences include things like abuse, surgeries, traumas, anger, worry, unworthiness, fear.

According to many health professionals, stress causes 95% of all disease, and each person’s stress is unique to them since stressors are different for different individuals. The critical element that creates stress is internal, not external, and is produced through how each of us react. So if you can heal the internal self, you can heal anything. It’s not what pills you take or what is cut out that counts so much, it’s what energy tool you use to heal the internal self.

Dr. Eric Nestler discusses cellular memories, stating that disease and disorders show up as one ages due to cellular memories. He says that when a person’s system works correctly, it is impossible to get sick, but due to such a vast amount of negative programming that the cells keep stored in their memory bank, illness prevails. However, it is possible for the cells to switch from breakdown mode to repair mode if given the right and perfect tools for healing. Dr. Rich Gerber says this: “Spontaneous healing occurs when chaos leaves the body.”

Positive words, images and sounds yield positive frequencies, thus allowing for cellular structure repair. Perhaps you are familiar with Dr. Emoto’s work with water and word frequencies. He demonstrated how words and their feelings affect water molecules to his university class. They were instructed to place the word love under one bottle and hate under another, then freeze the bottle of water. Under a microscope the water molecules in the bottles with the word love showed beautiful perfectly formed snowflake designs in beautiful colors, whereas the bottles with the word hate showed water molecules that were dark, deformed and random in design. This indicated to observers just how powerful a simple word is to cells and the cellular memory.

TheInstituteofHeartmathdid studies on human DNA and found that as an individual held a vial that said a positive or negative word on it, there was quite a difference in how it reacted on the DNA. When holding a negative word, it was observed that the DNA became damaged. We have 10,000 thoughts or images per day and at least half of them are negative. These negative thoughts and images alter our physiology so that we become susceptible to health issues. Pretty scary isn’t it, the fact that our thoughts are that powerful and yet we don’t pay much attention to them! But the opposite – positive thoughts and images – boosts our immune systems and therefore our health, and Heartmath found this true for the DNA.

Positive thoughts and images offer the highest frequency, and it has been shown that the best effect is when positive words, images and sound are combined. The word love has the most powerful healing frequency and has the highest vibrational frequency, which is 528 Hertz. Our daily activities give us around 15-30 Hertz, which isn’t conducive to healing at all.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz says that all healing occurs from vibrations and that 528 Hertz is the most powerful vibration, which is what the vibration of love is. The frequency of love then, is the best force for healing, and is also the vibration for spiritual transformation.

So it seems to me that focusing on love and expressions of that frequency – gratitude, acceptance, joy, peace, appreciation and abundance – would be a no brainer for us to incorporate in our daily lives. However, since we’ve already established that at least 50% of our daily thoughts and images are negative and not from love, then it’s understandable why great health and the other desires of our heart are not showing up as we want them to. It is vital to unlock the underlying causes of those negative thoughts and images so we can erase them from our cellular memory and create new thoughts and images born from love.

What if you spent 5-10 minutes every day, twice per day if possible, and focused on the feeling and image of love and its expressions? What if you said the words “I love you” to yourself as often as you thought of it, but certainly once every day? What if you consciously dug deep for the underlying cause of your negative thinking and made the choice to release it and create something new?

A woman visited her alternative doctor complaining of lots of stress and discord, unhappiness with her spouse, family issues and discontent with life in general. She had developed health problems and really had difficulty finding much good in life, but she wanted to heal. At every appointment her doctor said to her as she was leaving, “I love you.” She then repeated it to herself. Before long her body began healing in amazing ways, and she believes the doctor’s statement of love each visit was the pivotal force that allowed her to heal. This is what he said to every patient and he was known for a high volume of patient healings in his practice.

Every one of us needs love – we cannot live without it – but we must feel it within us for it to help us bring our desires and dreams to fruition. So it must begin with you. You cannot create the life you want unless you are living in a high vibration, which is positive in love. You have to feel love for yourself and then share it with all who cross your daily path. Remember, you cannot give what you do not have, so you must fill up your well of love first in order to share it with others.

But in order to feel love and be love, you must let go of the old, negative patterns and beliefs that have kept you bound to them for months and years, for they are the reason your vibrational frequency is too low to create what you want.

What do you want to step into in 2014? Are you ready to establish new parameters in where your thoughts and images go? It is in your control completely, but it will undoubtedly take some conscious effort to shift from negative to positive. Your years of negative conditioning are deeply ingrained, so it will take some commitment and perseverance to shift your focus so you can actually create the desires of your heart, no matter what they may be. As you have now stepped into a brand new year with endless possibilities, it would behoove you to create a practice of focusing on love and its expressions rather than anything negative. Repeat the words that express love as often as you can, certainly on a daily basis, and watch what happens for the better in your life. You have the power to create a most extraordinary life when raising your frequencies to the higher levels of love!



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