An Aptitude for Gratitude

You’ve probably heard the comment of how important it is to adopt an attitude of gratitude as a way of life. We know how easy it is to be grateful for something we like that comes our way, but it isn’t easy to be grateful for challenges or disappointments that appear on our life journey, at least not for most individuals.

Gratitude is born from love and is very positive. In fact, it is impossible to be in a negative state and be grateful. But most people find it difficult to remain grateful all the time, finding that their gratitude ebbs and flows like the ocean tides according to what’s happening in their life. This is of course understandable as humans who have been conditioned most of their life with fear-based beliefs and programs.

An attitude is a feeling or mood, and a way of thinking that shows one’s disposition. It can be coupled with an action as well. But I entitled this article An Aptitude for Gratitude, because I believe it goes much deeper than just a feeling of gratitude.

An aptitude is a natural tendency or inclination that involves a quickness and deep understanding that determines the probability of a person’s success in the desire he wishes to achieve. I see this as a deep-seated desire to appreciate everything without hesitation or thought as it shows up in one’s life. It’s more than a feeling or mood; it’s the inner core of this person and his/her automatic behavior.

Gratitude is a most powerful action and is considered one of the greatest tools of empowerment. As I mentioned earlier, it is completely impossible to be in a negative state if you feel grateful, but is even more impossible if deep within you there is a state of gratitude that is who you are.

I will liken this to a person’s desire for prosperity. If you were programmed from a lack consciousness all of your life, especially in your early years, just saying affirmations for prosperity and thinking in your mind that you deserve prosperity will probably not do much for bringing it to you. Add the feeling of a prosperity consciousness while removing a lack consciousness stands a much greater potential of bringing prosperity to you. However, if you live as though you are prosperous and believe deep in your heart that it is yours, and are grateful for it even before it appears, you are guaranteed to attract prosperity to you.

That’s how it works with gratitude. It must reside deep within your being as being part of who you are. Your entire thoughts and behavior will shift and there will be no place for fear or lack to ever creep in.

So how do you create this aptitude for gratitude? The shift will come when you realize the bounty and abundance already in your life. Imagine for a moment that you only have a few days to live. How grateful do you feel now for being given the opportunity to experience the miracle of existence? Just imagine what the world would be like if everyone approached life with this sense of gratitude. So it becomes imperative to remind yourself again and again of the wonderful free things you already have – the gift of breath, the gift of life in your human body, the gift of beauty all around you, the gift of family and friends. It is then you can receive a broader perspective on life and how much there is to be grateful for.

You can spend days, months and years living in a way that is unfulfilling and completely dissatisfying, getting caught up identifying or personalizing each of your experiences as being about “you.” Most of you are constantly focusing on me, my, and mine and obliterate present moment awareness of the bounty in your life.

Habits and conditioning can be difficult to break through, but the only way to really enjoy life and the freedom that comes with that enjoyment is through achieving an aptitude for gratitude. Being in your human body is a rare and precious gift, so that is a great place to begin feeling gratitude. And guess what else you find in the space of gratitude – amazing joy! It is the simplest form of gratitude to experience.



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