Activating Your Money Energy Center


In recent months and even the last few years, people have been and still are searching for ways to increase their money supply. Countless webinars and teleclasses have presented a multitude of ways for people to learn how to attract the money they want and deserve.  Many different systems, techniques and protocols have been offered, some free and some with a price tag. Yet, many individuals tell me that whatever they are doing isn’t working for them and money is still scarce, never enough, or simply a struggle to create.

As humans it is easy for all of us to buy into the energy of the world with all the economic chaos, uncertainty and lack present in today’s media representation. But as spiritual beings we are told that abundance is already here for us in a bountiful supply, so why is it so hard for money to flow to us?

You know that everything in our world is composed of energy, which also includes money. So if the energy that surrounds money is stuck or blocked due to your beliefs, it cannot arrive at its destination – your bank account. Although your beliefs begin in your mind, they also circulate throughout your body, including your energy centers, or chakras.

Let’s begin by delving into aspects of your mind. You’ve heard it spoken over and over again, that whatever you focus on is what shows up in your life, and on some level you probably acknowledge that as truth. Yet you consistently find yourself focusing on what you don’t have or what you don’t like, stepping into fear-based thinking that continues to create for you the opposite of what you do want. Sound familiar? Your mind is potential energy and is always changing, so if you change your thoughts you can literally change your reality.

A simple way to figure out what you do want is to envision it with a hand-written list, a vision board, or by scripting what you want each day to look like. In this way you are giving attention to your intention. The attention energizes it and the intention reforms it into your desires. But for it to manifest for you, it must be kept alive with feelings, for it is the feeling that allows for it to become reality. I know you’ve heard this so many times, but possibly have trouble, like so many individuals do, keeping the feelings going. The key is to continually bring yourself back into alignment with those feelings of what it will feel like to actually live as you’ve envisioned, and to remember that abundance and money are your birthright. So you need to consciously intend for the money and abundance you desire to show up.

But let’s talk about actual money now. Did you know that money wants to support you? I’ve often heard it said that there is enough abundance in the world for every person alive to have at least a million dollars, so where is it you are probably thinking? Actually, it is all around you and waiting to be claimed by you. But as we’ve mentioned before, you have to align with that energy to bring it into your life.

Since money is energy, it only makes sense that you must make sure your energy is aligned with the money’s energy. Money wants to support your life and your work and in one sense is a messenger. If you do not have the money you want at this time, money is telling you that you are not in the proper alignment and must make some changes in order to create it. Makes sense doesn’t it? Look over the thoughts you’ve already had today. Have you thought about something you want to do or buy but don’t have the money, so had feelings of not enough? Or did you look at your checkbook and get a feeling of panic because your account is low and you still have some bills to pay? Both of these feelings are from fear, so your only life experience can be one that aligns with that feeling of fear, and that will be more of not enough and panic.

I recently listened to a teleclass about our chakras, or energy centers, and was intrigued by things shared, including an exercise to manifest money in a new way. You probably know we have seven chakras or energy centers, although this facilitator mentioned another chakra called the foot chakra. She talked about how if the chakras are closed or weak, you cannot manifest what you want, thus experiencing unpleasant things in your life. This is true of the foot chakra, which is below your root chakra. It’s a foundational energy center that connects strongly to the earth, so it would be wise for you to learn how to open all your chakras so that your energy flows effortlessly through your being.

But lets talk about your money energy center. The root chakra, which is at the base of the spine, primarily influences your career, money mindset and health. When this chakra is strong you love your career and are continually being rewarded for your efforts. You always have enough money to buy what you want without feeling guilty for doing so. Your health is good and you feel good. However, if your root chakra is weak or closed, you never seem to have enough money and are constantly worrying about creating it. You may fret over spending and suffer from body or weight issues so that you feel unworthy and perhaps a victim. Obviously, it is imperative that this root chakra be activated and open in order for you to be a magnet for money.

But the facilitator of the teleclass shared an interesting thought – that the energy of money is shifting into a new energy in the heart chakra. The root chakra has a lower frequency being it is one of the three lower chakras and is about survival, but the heart chakra has a much higher vibration since it connects to the three higher chakras above it, and they are all about love. If you keep the thought that you can do what you love and be financially supported with an intent of service, that is a higher energy and can create the money you need faster and more effectively.

So I’m going to share a little exercise that can be incorporated into your daily life to help you get aligned with your true desires and be able to more rapidly manifest them into reality. You will be activating the new energy of money into your heart chakra.

Sit down and get comfortable, then close your eyes. Take a couple deep, cleansing breaths to help you calm down and get centered. Think about your root chakra and tune in to where you are with your thoughts – how victimized you feel, the lack you are experiencing, or whatever your thoughts are. As these old programs and beliefs filter through your mind, make the decision to let them go – they serve no good purpose in your mind or life. See the root chakra spinning and spinning those old programs and beliefs as they are released and spin away. Know that money is your teacher.

Now focus on money, realizing it is here for you. Place both of your palms on your heart. Take one hand and in your mind unplug the money energy from your root chakra and plug it into your heart center. Remove your hands and imagine a beautiful green flower opening from a tight bud to full bloom. As your mind sees this, feel the energy of appreciation for money and see it flowing in a current to you. Stretch your right hand out in front of you touching the energy of money and pull it in to your heart, placing your fingers on your heart. With your other hand weave a figure eight (infinity sign) repeatedly out in front of you as you think this thought: I am always experiencing more money flowing in than flowing out. I can now use money in service. Then bring your palm onto your heart center and feel the energy. Take a deep breath and open your eyes when ready.

You should feel some excitement and hopefulness knowing that money loves you and it’s okay for you to love it! Anytime you go back into the feeling of struggle, not enough, or hopelessness, come back to this exercise and again bring money back into the energy of your heart center.

Continually focus on what you want and to help you do this, try repeating affirmations that attest to your desires. Remember that affirmations help you remember that when you change your thoughts you can change what shows up in your life, but you also must add the feelings of what you’re asking for as if it is already here. Here are a few suggestions:

I am a money magnet.

I expect and accept abundance to flow easily to me.

I am unlimited abundance.

Thank you for all the support, supply, money and abundance that you bring to me.

Today I focus on what I want to attract into my life.

Everything I desire is within me.

Repeat them all or simply choose one that feels best for you. As you say and think these affirmations, realize you are a money magnet, you are unlimited abundance, you can create what you want, then allow it to appear in your life. Give money permission to show up for you; tell it you are ready and willing to accept it.

Your life is your laboratory and you are the chemist who gets to put various substances together to create what you want. Using the energy of your body through the chakras can change everything. Focusing on what you want rather than what you don’t like can shift every fiber of your being into a powerful manifestor. Practice opening your chakras to the powerful flow of energy and make sure you align with that energy flow. Become a money magnet!






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