“It is a miracle that I have just finished reading your E-book titled “Everyday Miracles are Magical”. It is with a great knowing that I am here to thank you for what you sent me.” —Sharon, Australia


“I have gone through some of your article on net. These are very inspiring and motivating. Thanks a lot Dr Carolyn! Your advice means lot to me. I used to take print out of your mails and keep them with me while I am at home and read it many times. I get inspiration and feel good whenever I read it. Thank you!” —Herman Khachane, India


“Hi Dr. Porter. Thank you so much for the GREAT article on adrenal fatigue. Your article tonight was right on and I so appreciate it. I will also pass out the information to all my patients via email, mail and office handout if you don’t mind. Thank you for sharing this info. You are making a big difference and saving lives!” —Dr. Will Tickel, MN


“Hi Dr. Porter. Well, when I talked to you last I was in bad adrenal shape to where I couldn’t breathe every month and this would happen to me every 2 months. Well I have been good now for 1 year exactly. Not by accident or happen stance either. I learned from your article what to do and gained a much better understanding of the adrenals and how to feed them as well as what not to do to stress them out and deplete them. I am thankful to you for helping me and my family out. Thank you.” —Dr. Will Tickel, MN


“I want to say thanks for all you’ve done for me. I have made the most progress in my entire life by having your assistance. God really does bring people into our lives when the time is right.” —A. Findley, Dental Technician


“Carolyn Porter is a trustworthy and dependable practitioner in her field. Whether it be supplemental, energetic, or intuitive support, Dr. Porter provides quality healing and reinforcement for today’s needs in wellness and health of mind, body, & spirit.” E. Fungcap, Yoga & TaiChi Instructor, Energy Healing


I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for your help. Reading what you wrote in your article about Abundance and Prosperity was a huge positive affirmation for the lifestyle I’m shaping. I am seeking a contact in the Angelic realm to help me shift in that direction to find success, personal accomplishment and wealth. I’m glad I came across your article. Love & Light, Rand H.” PA


“Carolyn, I was amazed at the information provided in the Know Your Destiny Report which revealed a lot of what has been going on in my life the past 6 months and where I believe I will be headed personally and professionally over the next 18 months. All of the shifts and changes that I have been experiencing were aligned and on target with what the report has revealed. This report has helped me to gain further perspective on all aspects of my life including those “bumps in the road” that we all sometimes encounter. I am destined for a future of doing what I love to do and achieving dreams and living a life full of joy, happiness, abundance and love. Thumbs up to the Know Your Destiny Report! I would encourage more people to invest in this very insightful report. Thank you, Kandi


“This was a great program – Life Skills Coaching Training. Thank you for sharing all that you did!”

Nancy Williams


“This training- Life Skills Coaching Training– truly met my expectations. I did not want to come, sit down and be lectured to received an outline and leave. What I did get was a well thought out curriculum,interaction, demonstration and meeting like minded wonderful people and loving spirits. I am so appreciative and grateful for the experience. This training was not just for learning how to coach and help others. but a life skill that I can use the tools for my own personal life.”

Sharon Reid


“If people could only embrace Carolyn’s message here, the world would change. But maybe it isn’t the world that needs to embrace it; maybe it is only you that needs to. And that is Carolyn’s deeper message; your world is a result of your beliefs and attitudes. When you change from fear of the world to loving it, you are less threatened by it, and others are less threatened by you. You may become a ‘source’ of energy and positivity,  which only attracts more of the same. Make no mistake, in the world crisis we are in, there are many thriving, growing and fulfilling themselves. You can be sure, that these individuals are not doing so in a state of fear. Remember, IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME! Thank you Carolyn for setting the record straight.”

Phil Methot


Article: The Gap Between Your Thoughts

Hi, you may remember me as the integrative gynecologist, and I recently moved to Burbank! (A huge professional and family act of courage to say the least.)

Thank you for the clarity of this article! I am inspired to commit to a daily investment of 10 minutes for the next 21 days (minimum). I am sharing this article and announcing my commitment with my patients. I’ll report back to them with the changes I notice in my life!

Dr. Rabin, California
AdvancedGynecologySolutions com


“Thank you once again for a wonderful phone coaching session. I love the new eBook Adrenal Fatigue, and always learn something new from you. Your knowledge and caring mean so much and I always feel so positive and hopeful after our session. Guiding me through this healing process is really appreciated and I’m very thankful the Angels brought us together!”

Sue, Phoenix, AZ


“The Life Coaching Training was a life-changing and empowering experience! Thank you for your work!”

Jeannie Parker Beard PhD, Rocky Face, GA


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Samantha Welton, Atlanta, GA


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Danielle Pearson, Alberta, Canada


“Dr. Carolyn Porter’s Life Skills Coaching Training is top notch. Now that I’ve added this quality training to my coaching toolkit, I’m better prepared to empower others to live their best lives. I was unable to take the in-person training and was delighted that eh phone option worked out so well.. I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to enter the coaching profession.”


Karen Mode Lightfield, Maineville, Ohio

“The Life Skills Certified Trainer Program was a comprehensive training to provide a Life Coach the tools to train other coaches and healers. Dr. Carolyn graciously gave of herself and provided a printed manual that is full of heart and practical demonstrations. It provides direction and guidance, and I am thankful I invested in it.”

Sharon Reid, Decatur, Georgia


“This trainer program empowered me to assist others in setting goals, addressing emotional blocks and enjoying a positive, loving future. Thank you Carolyn!”

Nora Lee Smith, Tampa, Florida