Some years ago the message came to me from the angels that I was to open a healing center at some point in the future. It was to be called Where Miracles Happen. I had no idea of how or when, just that it was coming. So my life continued believing this dream would manifest when the timing was right; I kept my vision alive.

In 2006 I was told this was the year and I would find the location in September. On September 29, 2006, the building appeared and the rest is history. Everything fell together with ease and I was then given specific instructions for creating the décor. In addition, a certain atmosphere was to be felt as people walked through the door.

It was to be a place of serenity and peacefulness, a place where people who entered would feel love radiating to them, and know they are safe in our place. A water fountain was to adorn the front reception area. A Divine light was being placed over the center in order to attract those who are looking for direction and support.

Having placed an intention for the right and perfect practitioners to appear, one by one they showed up. Every one said they felt drawn to stop and see this place, and a feeling swept over them upon entering so that they knew they should be part of Where Miracles Happen. It was simply the law of attraction at work!

So you see, this was a Divine plan that unfolded because I got out of the way and allowed it to unfold. It was and is totally directed by God and the angels, and the presence of angels is evident in all things. It unfolded with ease.

Every service offered is for assisting you on your journey to a richer, healthier, more fulfilled and happier life. My vision is to continue to expand beyond what is imagined, touching the hearts with healing love, and helping individuals to experience miracles. Although the facility has changed form and is no longer a walk-in business with multiple practitioners, my goal remains the same – to help you achieve whatever it is you want and become an empowered being.

We invite you to visit for more information or to contact.