About the Founder, Rev. Dr. Carolyn Porter

Helping people heal and improve their health is a passion I inherited. It actually began three generations ago. My grandfather, Clinton F. Avis, opened the Avis Pharmacy in the little town of Elmer, New Jersey in 1919. The Avis Pharmacy was a primary source for cosmetics, prescription drugs, over-the-counter meds, an old fashioned soda fountain, Whitman’s candies, and even paint and household items. He continued operating that store, serving hundreds of people over the years, until the day he died as the result of an automobile accident in September, 1961. My dad worked in that store before his college years and I too, spent several summers working in the store. Although my main interest centered in the soda fountain where I loved making and eating the sweet treats and serving the teenage boys that frequented the store, nevertheless my roots were established in the realm of health and healing possibilities.

My dad, Dr. Kenneth E. Avis, chose a different branch of pharmacy even though my grandfather would have liked for him to take over the store someday. A brilliant man, who wanted to help many more people, my dad attended the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science in Philadelphia, PA where he earned his B. S. degree in Pharmaceutics, and eventually his Masters and Doctorate. He remained as a teacher at this college teaching pharmaceutics until my graduation from high school at the age of 17. We then moved to Memphis, TN where he became a professor at the University of Tennessee. It was here he developed the course work and raised the money to build the lab needed for teaching industry pharmacists and lab personnel proper sterile procedures for manufacturing processes. His sterilization procedures are still being utilized by many hospitals and facilities across our country and abroad. His courses on sterilization and other aspects of pharmaceutics received worldwide recognition as men and women attended these courses from many countries around the world. He co-authored several pharmaceutical books as well.

In the early years of my life, I had no interest in health or healing other than the usual efforts to maintain my own health and feel good. As the years went by various symptoms plagued my life, so I sought medical advice in hopes of feeling better. None of my complaints seemed very serious to the doctors, so they usually told me I was experiencing symptoms related to stress, yet I felt there was another underlying reason I felt lousy as often as I did. However, I continued my same life patterns of pushing myself to do more so I’d feel better about myself. As a mother of five, there was always a great deal to do. With a degree in music I decided to remain at home with my five children and teach piano lessons in a home-based studio. This I continued for 32 years, teaching hundreds of adults and children while being actively involved in other music venues—accompanist, composer, an officer in music organizations, and a church pianist. Recognition for the proficiency of my students was something I earned over the years.

All of this pushing and striving in addition to raising my children added to my physical symptoms until one day everything seemed to fall apart. It was as if I had a breakdown in one day when I ingested a homeopathic remedy recommended for stress. Little did I know when I swallowed that remedy that I would spend the next five years of my life healing my physical body as well as my heart, mind and spirit. The next three years in particular were the roughest as I experienced horrendous anxiety that created insomnia, adrenal burnout, panic attacks, digestive issues and more. I wondered many times if I’d ever be able to function normally in my life again, but I continued to search for answers. My searching took me into alternative healing modalities after realizing the medical profession had only given me the band-aid approach, and never solved any of my problems. So, although this healing crisis felt extremely difficult to endure, I understand in hindsight that it was one of the greatest gifts in my life.

It was during this time of healing that my oldest son suggested we open a health store. I doubted whether I would be able to function well enough in the store given my health condition. Once again, when I made the choice to move forward even during what felt like adverse times, the experience turned out to be a great gift. I had much information available at my fingertips, so I studied and researched. As I helped the customers, I was also helping myself. After three years of due diligence, all of it came together when I understood for the first time in my life that health and healing involved more than just the physical body. It also included the mind, emotions and spirit. In fact, I now believe that every disorder that appears in the physical realm does so because there is a core issue in the emotional realm. New ways of thinking about life shifted many of my old patterns and beliefs into new ones. There was much work to be done in my heart, which allowed me to shed many tears as I released the old patterns and beliefs that brought me so much pain. Finally, after many years of suffering, I knew I was healing and would be able to help many others. In addition, an awareness grew inside me that my generation was taking health and healing to a higher level than my predecessors.

Amazing changes occurred in my life as I stepped into my own power and made choices that a few years before I would have never thought possible. Over the next few years I became a speaker, life coach and author of my first book, A Woman’s Path to Wholeness. I was propelled into a whole new realm of possibilities unknown to me previously. As I continued to move forward, I was guided to leave my health store and again move into uncharted territory. I worked with a company for a few years as a marketing executive and eventually became a partner until one day, I realized the people in leadership were not who they claimed to be. It was necessary that I detach from the unethical behavior. I continued my journey, focusing my energy on my work rather than someone elses.

Throughout those last few years, I had become aware of incredible things in my life. I was able to hear angels and discovered that the messages they gave me then happened in real life situations. I also discovered the vibrations of the Divine energy that ran through me helped people heal issues in their life and body. I knew this was to be used for the benefit of others as part of my life purpose, and I began performing angel sessions. Another message came, that I was to open a healing center called Where Miracles Happen, and that the timing would unfold with no effort on my part.

Seven years went by during which time I created and presented trainings for speaking, coaching and eventually an angel practitioner training; classes to self-publish a book, find your life purpose, health issues, and many others. I produced two audios—Healthier & Younger and Healing with Color Meditation; wrote and published four additional books—The Realness of a Woman, Healing with Color, Angel Love, and Seven Roads to Glory. Eventually, I received the message that it was time to open the healing center, Where Miracles Happen, and in a few short months it all came together with ease.

So as I look back over my life thus far, I can see how every step was in preparation for the next step. Never in my most imaginative dream did I envision the place I am now. It took miracle after miracle to bring me to this place. So, it’s exciting to wonder what step is next? What miracles will help me continue my journey? Every day is a great gift for which I am most grateful, and I have learned to flow with the current of life rather than to fight it. My desire is always to help others like you realize and experience a joyous life and let go of any struggles or pain you are feeling. So I am inviting you to step into the realm of love and peace that exists with the angels at Where Miracles Happen. You can locate the center at www.wheremiracleshappen.com. We truly believe in miracles and want you to experience them too!