A Tiny Acorn Yet a Mighty Oak Can Be – What Are You?

You’ve certainly seen many acorns over the years, probably stepped on a few, watched squirrels hiding them for their winter treats, possibly were irritated that you had to rake so many in your yard or that the rotting acorns left brown marks on your concrete driveway or sidewalk. However, did you ever take a moment to think about an acorn? Just a tiny, simple acorn and what it could be? Perhaps it’s never crossed your mind’s pathway, so let’s talk about it for a moment.

That tiny acorn has multiple assets and possibilities. Left alone to rot on the ground it basically dies off and is no more. It may decompose into the ground and make some type of mulch for the following year, but that’s about it. Many individuals live their entire life in this way. They exist, following the patterns and molds set before them, perhaps doing what’s expected of them but never venturing off the ground. Years go by and they leave this planet not having made any real difference in the world, except to their families and friends who love and value them. But they never stepped up to the plate and discovered why they were here and what their purpose was, so were not contributing their true potential.

Some acorns are food for animals, like the squirrels who spend much time gathering them and hiding them for their winter treats. They instinctively know the value of those acorns if they want to fill their stomachs during the long cold winter. Perhaps you’ve experienced as I have when the squirrel decides to dig up its store and you find holes among your plants in planters or in your garden, and quite possibly discover your plants have been dug up too!
Some people live their life in this way. They are feed for others and simply give themselves up to the use of others. Perhaps they don’t feel valuable as they are or maybe not capable of something, so they allow themselves to be used by others. They permit others to control their life and simply give in to whatever the other person desires, living more or less in the shadow of others. When their life ends there will be loved ones who feel their loss, but they haven’t found their purpose or lived it in any way.

However, if an acorn is placed in the ground it has the potential of becoming something great. It is only if planted that it has the opportunity to grow, but it also requires sunlight, water and nutrients – to be fed – in order to grow properly or even at all. When given these things, that acorn can grow into a beautiful, spectacular oak tree. But it takes time, lots of time, for the oak tree to grow into the massive specimen it can become, along with much nourishment, and then it can become a beautiful tree with many things to offer.

It can be a haven for insects, birds and squirrels, a place for them to live and play as well as build a nest and procreate. It can provide shade on a hot summer day for humans, pets and many animals. It certainly provides beauty as it simply stands tall in someone’s yard or along the roadside for all to view. It could even be fun for adventurous kids who take on the challenge of climbing that tree. But for these things to be available it must grow tall and expand its trunk and branches.

So it is with all of us. We are planted/placed in our life with the potential to become someone great. We must however continually feed ourselves in all realms of our being with the nourishment we need to grow. As multifaceted beings we must address all parts of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each area must be fed in order to grow and expand, otherwise we’ll not grow to our full potential and appear spindly and weak. The more we take care of all our needs, the faster and better we can grow – it only makes sense.

As we take care of our physical self – real food diet, purified water, exercise, plenty of sleep – we have the energy and brain power to do what we came here to do. Just as oil put into our car’s gas tank stops its ability to perform as it should, putting dead, processed food and chemical-laden beverages into our body won’t allow us to perform at peak if at all. Hanging onto anger, hurt or other negative emotions also keeps us from living up to our potential. Those are negative expressions of our energy that continually attract to those vibrations more of the same; we have to live through love to reach our potential.

Our thoughts create our life experiences so it only makes sense to focus our thoughts on the positive, otherwise we create what we don’t want from a negative place and cannot ever become great. Focusing on love, compassion, appreciation, acceptance, understanding, caring brings us positive outcomes. Likewise, without a spiritual connection to our power source, we cannot expand and become the magnificent being we are meant to be. This could include meditation, prayer, being in nature, calling in the angels, etc. Trying to do it by ourselves will never work and will simply slow down or stop the entire process. The creation of who we are meant to be, because we have become empowered, can only happen when we connect to our power source.

What does it mean to become great? Greatness is about being higher in some quality that’s above the average. It can mean being superior in some way as well as remarkable, impressive or distinguished. Each of us has at least one way in which we stand out from others – something that we are good at, above average in, and impressive in some way. It will not be like anyone else’s greatness because we are all unique, one-of-a-kind individuals. The key is to recognize your value and focus on using that greatness for the good of others, using your inborn creativity.

Greatness resides within you – you are born with it and only have to discover it, then use it. You are planted when you are born into this world – your job is to find your purpose and begin living it so you can be great and exude that greatness. Are you still the acorn, not seeing your potential or nourishing yourself with what is needed to become great? Are you simply going to fade away without sharing your greatness with the world? Perhaps today is the day for you to recognize your greatness and begin feeding yourself with all you need so that you can expand that greatness into who you are meant to become!

  • Kristy says

    Great article. What I struggle with is knowing what your greatness is. How will you know what it is.. Mine isn’t so obvious. Any suggestions? I do want to use my gifts (greatness) and serve my purpose.

  • admin says

    Thank you for commenting Kristy. As to your greatness…each of us has something different within us to share with the world. Many individuals question what their greatness/purpose is and the best answer I can give is to ask God and the angels for clarity. let them know you are willing to step forward, recognize your greatness and then share it with others. The divine answer comes when we’re completely ready to move, so if you aren’t getting an answer just yet, continue to reaffirm your willingness to move with it and go about living your life. When the timing is perfect, you will become aware of what you are supposed to do and share.

    If you need some help finding your purpose or understanding how to hear messages from God and the angels, I have helped many individuals with this same issue through coaching sessions. I’m happy to help you further if you are interested.

    Many Blessing to you!

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