This year could be an amazing year for you if you know what it’s all about. 2016 will be a year of endings for many things, a completion year. You will have to let go of things that no longer serve any good purpose in your life as this is a nine year in numerology. Add up the numbers: 2+1+6 = 9. In numerology a nine year means endings, completion, change, letting go and transformation – similar to a graduation! But it is also all about celebration – reaping the rewards you’ve been working so hard for.

When you were born it was a one year for you and you began your cycle. The cycle goes from one the first year until nine for the ninth year, then the cycle begins again starting with a one year. This repeats throughout your entire life. Whether you believe in numerology or not, the cycle occurs, and if you know what year you are living in, it usually explains why many things happen the way that they do during that year. It can also ease your mind by giving you insights to what could occur, not only in the present year, but in the next year as well.

Understand that changes are going to happen this year, perhaps many changes – in relationships, job, health, finances, where you live, beliefs, or any number of aspects in your life. As you leave things behind and let go of old, no longer useful things or people, get ready for the appearance of many new things and people. While change is hard for most individuals, I suggest that you grasp the understanding that new things bring new opportunities that can make your life better than ever before. It’s only as we complete, discard and release the old that wonderful new things show up and make their way into our lives. So be ready to go with the flow as changes come, and by all means be flexible.

This year you will be completing an era in your life – the end of a nine year cycle before stepping into the next nine year cycle. This year says to empty your bucket so to speak and prepare for the new coming your way. You are in the final stages of a particular endeavor or period in your life; time to tie up loose ends of any unfinished business. This will help you prepare for the new opportunities so you can step into the next nine years without the pressure of unresolved matters from the past that weigh you down and keep you stuck.

Important to remember is this – when you close out emotions, relationships, business pursuits, beliefs or situations – you allow yourself the joy and freedom of welcoming something new and enjoyable. Nothing new can happen in a nine year unless necessary endings take place. That’s a great consolation as you release patterns, habits, emotions, people and beliefs, that better is on the way. If you strive for something new before you’ve released the old, it will create great resistance in your life and much will evade you that could have entered your life. If you do not release first, you may find your life repeats itself in the next nine year cycle!

This is a year of transformation – change. Take time to do a life review of your journey up to this point and make a checklist of what needs to go and what can stay. Old, unpleasant memories which need to be addressed may be blocking the flow into your life and could prevent you from moving forward into the next cycle freely. Anything that weighs heavily on you is a red flag for needing to be released. Simply accept situations as done and over and let them go so you don’t feed anymore energy into them. This is how you transform your life and step into a new cycle next year, ready, able and willing to move forward. As you do your life review, don’t be surprised if some old things surface, perhaps even things you had forgotten, so they can be released, completed and healed.

This could also be a year in which the fulfillment of one or more of your dreams comes to pass. Remember, this year means culmination, so it could mean you’ve completed a dream. Now it’s time to create new dreams and step into them. As you realize you’ve completed some of your dreams, you can more readily prepare for what’s next.

Whatever you do, do not believe that this year is a “bad” year because you have to let go of things and transform much. This will be a good thing for you in your life and will help you on your forward journey. It was all necessary to get you to where you are now and where you are going, so look at this year as a first step into a new and dynamic future. It can actually be an exhilarating year is so many ways, providing of course, you follow through with releasing and completing first, then opening to the dynamic journey ahead. Although not the year to begin new projects or take new paths just yet, it can be magical as you prepare for stepping into them next year.

Be like the wily coyote – sly, crafty and always observing! This will make your life much easier this year. And always keep your “eyes on the prize” so to speak, and anticipate what shows up for you! You can actually explode your abundance through the magic of this universal nine year!

In the first paragraph I likened this year to a graduation. When you graduate from something, you have completed the work and are leaving all behind in readiness for a new path. View this year in the same light and it will be a good year for you. Graduation is a positive experience as 2016 can be!
This is a quote from AskAngels.com that certainly fits this article: “Tomorrow is a new day…it’s a blank page in the story of your life…write is well and use glitter!”

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